Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara eating pickles and thinking what is happening to me. Ramila asks Dipika to have food for the baby’s sake. Dipika says its a sin infront of the world, who will accept it, its good if I die, for whom should I live, everyone are angry on me, if dad comes to know about this, he will hate me. Ramila says time will heal everything. Dipika cries and takes her sympathy. Ramila says Jai has broken your trust. Parul says Ansubaa is not coming for lunch. Lily tells about pregnancy symptoms and how Ansubaa used to find out her pregnancy. Lily says we should be happy for Dipika. Why did we see any of the signs in Dipika. Dhara thinks. Ketki says no, she told me that she is feeling tired and vomits also.

Lily says but why could Ansubaa

not tell. Dhara thinks she is having pregnancy symptoms, does it mean she is pregnant. She gets tensed. Dhara makes an excuse and leaves. She comes to her room and thinks what is happening with her. She thinks about Lily’s words. She says this can’t happen, is my fears true? I have to find out the truth, but how. She says I will go to doctor, but no, then everyone will come to know. She thinks of Avni telling her about pregnancy test kit. Dhara says I will do that test and goes to Avni’s room. She gets the pregnancy test kit.

Dhatra does the test and is shocked to know she is pregnant. She says what will I tell everyone, this can’t be true. Jai asks what. She turns and looks at him shocked. He asks what happened to you, are you fine. he says lets go to doctor. She says no, I found out. He asks what. She says our love symbol, I m going to become a dad. He says what are you saying, we did not…. She says you think it was you and Dipika, but the truth is I was with you. Jai asks really? He says it means I did not do anything with Dipika. He hugs her and thanks her. Dipika sees them and is shocked. He says I will tell everyone I did not do anything, thanks. Dipika shouts Dhara and says you have cheated me.

She says you promised you will not tell Jai and you have taken my Jai from me, you will get punished. Dipika breaks a glass and kills herself. Dhara shouts no and its her imagination. Dhara says its good I did not tell Jai anything. She thinks she can’t tell Jai. She lies to him. Jai talks to Dhara about accepting Dipika’s child. Dhara thinks what about our child. She cries. She says your decision is right, you should support Dipika. He says its because of you, thanks for supporting me. She leaves. Everyone come for dinner.

Hasmukh says Parul went to the temple to take some answers from him. Ketki says lets see what answers she gets. Hasmukh asks Dilip about money. Dilip says yes, its in your drawer. Hasmukh says fine. Hitesh hears this and wants to steal it. Ketki tells Jai that Ansubaa won’t eat with us here. Jai goes to talk to Ansubaa. Ansubaa is angry on him. He says punish me, but don’t turn, beat me, kick me out of the house. Ansubaa says who am I to punish you. Jai says you are more than a mum for me.

He does sit ups holding his ears and says I will do this till you stop me. Ansubaa says stop it, I wish this mistake was small. He says give me big punishment. She says your situation will punish you, not me. She says you will lose Dhara, thats your punishment. She praises Dhara and says I was going to apologize to Jiten that we will not make Dipika our bahu. But now I won’t do this, after 15 days, Dhara will leave you and you can’t do anything, you will marry Dipika.

Chandrika comes to Ansubaa with some people. Ansubaa asks whats all this. Chandrika says I came here to talk what Jai did. She says I came to show you the mirror as you are the sarpanch of the village. She says how can you hide a sinner in your house. She says I will not listen to you, you are supporting Jai and lost the sarpanch rights. Everyone are shocked.

People ask Ansubaa to resign from sarpanch post. Ansubaa agrees for it. Chandrika smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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