Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th March 2014 Written Update

Akshit, Arpita, Raj and Avni are in the Holi celebrations. Avni makes video of everyone. Arpita requests her not to film her video while eating. Akshit feels the spice and runs for water. Avni places the handy-cam on the table and leaves behind him to get him a qulfi. Jiji comes to Raj and tells him to confess his love in front of Avni. He says they have just make friends, how can he tell her now that he loves her. Jiji tells him that Avni’s father is finding searching a proposal for her. This gets taped in the recorder. Raj gets shocked at the revelation. He asks again “Avni’s proposal!”. Jiji tells him that until he tells her that he loves her she would neither recognize his feelings nor her own attractions towards him. But he says that he will not tell her now. He will

wait for the time when he would see love in her eyes as well. Whether she lives with him or not, he’ll always have a place for her in his heart. He will wait for her.

He turns around to see Avni was listening the conversation. He moves forward to tell her not to misunderstand her. Jiji also defends Raj. Avni starts laughing. Jija comes to Raj and tells him that someone mixed the plain Qulfi and the Qulfi with bhang in it together, and Avni ate the later. Raj was relieved. They all see Akshit climbing up a stair; he also had the same Qulfi. He behaved like drunk and everyone started convincing him to come down else he will fall. Arpita calls Raj to do something about it. He takes Arpita along and calls Akshit that he is kidnapping his wife. Akshit agrees to come downstairs. He goes to help him. As he comes down, he runs after Raj to fetch him. Akshit receives a call. Seeing Akshit’s state, Arpita hands his phone to Raj. Raj attends the call, tells Suket that Akshit is nowhere near, he can give his message for him. Suket tells them to come back home soon. Arpita is worried how they will manage Akshit if they go home. Akshit and Avni were still drunk, pretending to drive and enjoy a parked car. Raj comes from behind. Arpita asks him for help. He manages to get Akshit out of the car. Arpita drives the car while Raj and Avni sits at the back.

Bhawna was shocked to see her children in such a state. She asks ‘what happened to them both’ Arpita explains. Bhawna is worried what their father will say if he sees them. Papa calls from inside. Bhawna, Raj and Arpita struggles to hold them as Suket arrives. Raj and Arpita manages to hide the other two behind the bushes while Bhawna keeps Suket busy in the lawn. When he was about to go back onside, she asks him to have a cup of tea with her. She makes him sit in the lawn while she herself comes back and tell Arpita that she only has ten minutes to take them to room and make them sleep, while she tries to keep Suket outside.

Raj takes Avni to bed-room. He asks if he consider him her friend then she must listen to what he is saying. Avni is in fun mood. She says her room is swaying in circles. He tells her that her room is tired, she must sleep her room will feel better. As he was about to leave, Avni holds his hand and stands on the bed again. She tells him she enjoyed today’s Holi a lot because of him. She lays on the bed and falls asleep. Raj thinks he want to spend his whole life with her.

Bauji asks Bhawna he heard the voices of children, where were they? She tells him about the situation. He tells her he’ll take care of Suket and she must not worry. Suket comes inside and reminds Bhawna she had forgotten bringing Tulsi leaves, he hand her over. He tells her to send her tea in room. As he turns around, he sees colour on the floor, gets annoyed and asks who did this. Raj comes inside and says he did this. He came to wish them Holi and the colour dispersed on the floor. Arpita agrees him. Akshit asks about Avni and Akshit. Arpita tells him that they are taking bath. Dauji tells Raj to go home and take bath too.

Jiji and Sheru ji discussing about Avni’s proposal. Jiji tells him that Avni forgot her handy-cam and Raj will get another chance to meet her. He should not worry, but Sheru ji wants to act upon something now. Raj is watching the video on handy-cam. He falls asleep when the part of recording is being played.

PRECAP: Jiji n Jija watches the videop of recording on laptop. They are worried and asks where the recorder is. Jiji tells that Raj has left to return it to Avni. There Avni is holding the cam-corder watching video while she goes inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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