Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with jay bhoomi eye lock, where bhoomi slips and falls in jays arms. As they are about to part ways bhomi’s chain gets stuck in jays coat. Bhoomi than feels cold and jay is about to give his coat, when bhoomi says its okay as she likes snow fall.
Ansuba is asking parul where will kishan’s rukmani be and parul gets emotional and ansuba says that they had a condition between themselves that they will not cry and ansuba also suggestes that if she’s missing kishen then why not call him. Parul then calls kishen.
Kishen who is with bhoomi tells its his mom’s call and picks up, and then complains that because of bhoomi’s

marriage they forgot completely about him. He then tells about his project on Indian bridal dresses and parul also pulls his leg and says that even they were talking about his marriage and that he would only design his finace’s dress. Kishan says that he is not in a hurry to marry, but parul asks him what sort of girl he wants and kishen says that a girl who can respect elders, love the youngsters and show the right path to the people of her age, irrespective of her beauty as her hearts beauty is what he likes. Bhoomi who is behind jay listens to the entire conversation and blushes.
Parul then tells that its enough because in this generation, a girl with all this qualites is difficult to get, and kishen replies that his list is only half complete and this was just an excuse to put off his marriage. Parul says that he has become very cunning, and says that whichever girl they search for him he will definitely marry her. Parul also asks him to promise that if he finds any girl of his choice then he must tell her without any hesitation. Jay promises.
Ketki comes and asks what sort of a girl kishen wants as she can bring her devrani of kishen’s choice. Parul then says that, whatever I wanted in my daughter-in –law they same qualities jay also wants in his bride. To which ansubaa says that even if she had not told her then also kishen would have gone only with their choice.
Ketki also aggress and says that she is scared of America’s culture, cause even when the time difference is opposite, then how can kishen maintain his Indian values in America. She then tells that her devrani who is to come, should migle with the family members or else there will not be any peace at home. Parul get distured and ansubaa shuts her mouth telling that in which house there is proper sanskar, they are always connected to the family and any wind cannot just change their attitude
Nani is pacing around telling that its late and bhoomi was talking about some surprise. At that time doorbell rings and she opens the door and sees kishen and aks for bhoomi. Seeing her in bridal avatar nani is shell shocked and is about to faint, and asks bhoomi whats this. TO which bhoomi says the kishen made her a bride. Nani is shocked and thinks that jay and bhoomi got married and bhoomi asks nani how she’s looking. Nani then questions kishen, how did they take such a big decision without informing anyone(she’s referring to marriage)and jay replies that they did not have time and due to the circumstances they had to do this( he’s referring to his work). Jay says that only with bhoomi’s permission I did this. Nani then says that jay dosen’t know her(referring to gayatri) but bhoomi know’s about gayatri and if she see’s bhoomi in this avatar then she will definitely get angry. Bhoomi says that gayatri is already angry with her and nani asks her if gayatri knows and bhoomi says yes, and kishen even convinced her. Nani is shocked that gayatri said yes . Bhoomi then explains that as the model ran away she took her place. Nani then thinks that she was talking about modeling and she was thinking of her marriage. Bhoomi then praises jay and shows her modeling pics. Nani then says that she also wants to see her in her bridal dress. She then asks if she likes kishen . Bhoomi is shocked and sasy its nothing like that. Nani says that even if she denis it her eyes and her smile say a different story.
At that time gayatri arrives and tells bhoomi to changer her costume, nani tells her to let go as it’s a small thing. Gayatri is angry and asks her conversation with bhoomi, and asks nani to come out of her bharati sanskaar and bhoomi will only go by her orders as she’e her daughter. Nani is shocked and argues that she is a Indian and will always remain one at heart.
Nani then apologizes telling that she did a mistake 22 years before by forcing her decision on gayatri, and asks her not to do the same with bhoomi, and that gayatri must do things which bhoomi likes and not gayatri, and if bhoomi likes an Indian then she should be allowed to marry one. Nani also adds that she has seen bhoomi’s love for kishen, and even if gayatri stops then bhoomi will not be happy in her life, and asks gayatri to think of bhoomi’s happiness. Gayatri says that bhoomi is an Indian so her marriage will happen only with an Indian. Nani is happy and bhoomi listens to this conversation and is happy.
Bhoomi enters her room and remembers all her moments with kishen and bahara song is played in the background. She finally says that she loves kishen, then is realizes that she does not know if kishen likes her or not.
Jay is staring at bhoomi’s pic in his laptop, and bhoomi comes and calls him mr.vaishnav and he is startled and says yes mam, and sees bhoomi. Bhoomi laughs and hands him a coffee and says that she was not feeling sleepy and so came by. Jay asks her to sit. Bhoomi then tells that gayatri liked his work or else he would not be in this house drinking coffee. Bhoomi then says that he even created a big problem for her cause seeing her in bridal wear, both her mom and nani are thinking of her marriage. Jay gets confused and asks her marriage. Bhoomi asks whether she can’t get marries and if she looks that bad. Jay says that he didn’t mean that way but as this news is all of a sudden. Bhoomi says that she is of marriageable age and her mom will choose the groom as her circle is quiet big. Jay looks upset and bhoomi seeing that goes on with her marriage talks like even gayatri wants a Indian guy for her. Jay then replies that its good as even nani wanted the same for her and guys will be lined up to marry her. Bhoomi becomes upset listening to jay’s reply and asks if a guy from that line is good, and if she should marry him. Jay then tells that if the guy is really good then she should marry him, (bhoomi looks angry and is about to walk off when jay adds that) but if that guy is of her choice. Episode ends

Bhoomi says good night and all the best to jay ad adds that even he gets a girl seeing whom his heart starts beating. Jay then see’s bhoomi’s photo in his laptop and his heart starts beating. On the other side a new entry is shown.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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