Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Paritosh coming to Dhara. She sees him and ge goes closer to her. Dhara runs away and he follows her. He says you run today till you can, then see. jai comes to give money and sweets to Dhara. Aarvi says fasten up, we have to meet Dhara. He says lets look for her address. Aarvi finds Dhara’s house. Aarvi asks Dhara to open the door. Anku opens the door and asks whom do you want to meet. Aarvi says we came to meet Sita Didi. Anku says there is no Sita here, my Didi lives here. Aarvi says she is not here, where would she be. Dhara is running and Paritosh is after her. He chases her and laughs.

Aarvi says Sita Didi lives in a small house, shall we give money to Anku. Anku says my sister asked me not to take money from anyone without

working hard. He says I will work hard and earn money. Aarvi says where is the power here. Anku says my sister said she will bring money today and will have the power back. Aarvi plays with Anku while jai looks on. Paritosh asks Dhara to call her Kishan ji and lets see whether he comes for her help. Dhara gets tired and falls on the road. Paritosh says this is Kalyug, what I want will happen and no one will come to help you. Shara throws mud in his eyes and runs. He says I won’t leave you. Dhara thinks of going home.

Anku shows Aarvi the toys that Dhara made. Anku asks Aarvi to play with her and they go together. Dhara asks someone to help her. She throws eggs at Paritosh. Dhara runs and comes home. She calls out Anku. She is worried thinking where is Anku, did Paritosh did something with Anku. jai comes to Dhara. She tells him about Paritosh. jai says it means Paritosh wants to take revenge. Paritosh comes there and sees jai. Paritosh says whats jai doing here. Dhara closes the door. Parotish gets Chandrika’s call. She asks about Dhara. He says the Sita is here along with Ram. Chandrika says who Ram. He says Ansubaa’s jai. She says don’t do anything, do what I tell you.

Dhara tells jai that Paritosh won’t leave her. Paritosh telsl Chandrika that jai is with Dhara inside the house. Chandrika gives him the idea and says jai should not see you, tell me after the work is done. Paritosh says see jai what I do. jai tells Dhara that Paritosh will not do anything, as he is here. Dhara says you won’t be with me always, where did my Anku go. Aarvi and Anku are playing. jai tells Dhara that the kids are playing, look at them. Dhara says if Paritosh is there then. jai says he won’t be there and takes Dhara. Dhara holds jai’s hands closing her eyes. jai loosk at her.

jai asks Dhara to open her eyes. Dhara sees Anku playing with Aarvi in jai’s car. She smiles. She says thanks a lot Kishan ji. Ansubaa tells Parul that its because of Aarvi, jai came out of his room. Parul is tensed. Ansubaa asks what are you thinking. Parul says jai did not come out of Bhoomi. His past is not letting him move ahead. Ansubaa says what can we do. Parul says we can do it. Ansubaa asks what. Parul says shall we get jai married again. Ansubaa looks on and says I thought this many times but I don’t have the strength to tell this to jai. Parul says we have to tell it to him. Ansubaa says we should get someone who would replace Bhoomi. She says there is someone for sure and we have to find her out who would bring happiness in jai’s life.

jai tells Bhoomi that I could not give you the money that day. Dhara is shocked to see the money. Paritosh takes their video. Dhara says this is a lot, I want only Rs. 100. jai says you saved Aarvi, take it, its your right. Dhara says no need, only rs. 100. jai says I don’t have Rs. 100. Something falls and Paritosh hides. jai and Dhara looks on.


jai and Dhara look out and Paritosh hides.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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