Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th February 2013 Written Update

Gayathri enter the house, and nani asks her to get fresh and come for dinner, to which gayatri replies that she ate. Nani’s upset and says that atleast during her dinner she can talk with her. Gayatri replies that they spoke for half an hour in the morning, and nani replies that even she should have kept a record of all the times she spent for gayatri and her daughter. Gayatri then asks her as to what she wants to talk about, nani then tells her to sit and talk.
Nani and gayatri have a conversation regarding bhoomi’s future and how gayatri does not have time even for her daughter. Nani tries to make gayatri understand the importance of relation, and that its high time she gets married.

She also adds that she will take bhoomi to India and get her marries. Hearing this gayatri is shocked and says that bhoomi is an American and she will marry and American and not an Indian. She also mentions that once a mistake was done marrying an Indian guy, and if the mistake is repeated then its no longer a mistake but foolishness and nani is shocked
Jay is shown working on some designs and says that he has to make a lot of designs and thinks of taking a second decision from bhoomi. That’s when he hears gayatri screaming that bhoomi will not marry an Indian guy, nani tries to pacify gayatri, and nani is also firm in her decision and says that it is not necessary that whatever happened with her, will happen with bhoomi also, and she will marry only an Indian guy, who is brought up with good sanskar. Gayatri is furious and says that because of this false sanskar her life is ruined and she has a lot of hurt in her, and she tells her that bhoomi’s marriage decision is only her and asks nani not to interfere. Nani then tells that if her life was destroyed then it does not mean bhoomi’s life also will be the same. gayatri is furious and tells that her husband let her with her child to suffer on her own 22 years back, and is angry on nani for telling all this is a mistake. Nani also feels upset and realizes her mistake.
Bhoomi and jay witness this.
Gayatri locks herself in her room and remembers her mom telling about her marriage and asks him to meet the guy whose from Gujarat, and he also wants to settle in America, which is also gayatri’s wish. Then she remembers her marriage, and thinks that she will never forgive that deceit. She then plays the piano in pain.
Nani thinks of the past.
Hasu is shown bringing ankit from jail. He then advices him to at least change now and compares him to kishen. He get irritated and tells that he is delivering really good dialogues and asks him what movie he saw last night. Hasu tells that because of him his life has become hell as everyone at home is asking about ankit and if he had called. Ankit asks if everyone missed him so much, to which hasu tells that he made up stories telling that in his collage phone is not allowed and even in hotel he studies for a long time, hence his phone is switched of. Suddenly hasu gets a call and moves from that place and tells to the person on the phone that, that persons money is safe with him and asks him not to worry. Ankit looks at him and taunts him indirectly.
Bhoomi is upset and in the backyard and jay comes to her and drapes a shawl around her, Bhoomi thanks jay for being with her and tells that with him being with her she gets some confidence. She asks him if he will not ask anything about what happened inside, to which jay says that anything which brings sadness in ones life is better to be forgotten, and that he is happy that she’s alright. She then wants to open up to jay telling that her nani and mom also fight about her marriage, hence she may have to marry a marsian. Jay is confused and asks her what is a marsian. Bhoomi replies that a citizen of mars. Jay then ask why is gayatri herself being an India hates Indian men. Bhoomi tells that something wrong happened with her mom before her birth, and her parents separated before her birth, and she had to face a lot of hardships in her life. Jay then questions her if she has ever seen her father. Bhoomi says never and tells that she wants to meet him once and question him why he did this to her mom. Her mom has not been able to forgive him till now and that she expresses her pain by playing the piano, and her pain is felt in the music.
Jay says that she’s a strong lady as she played both the dad’s and mom’s role in bringing her up, and he’s proud to have her as her boss. Bhoomi says that she also has respect. Jay asks on whom, she replies on her mom. But jay says that she should have on kishen and bhoomi looks up, to which jay says not up but him, or else she would have become snow man in the cold. Both of them share a laugh.

Gayatri calls jay and bhoomi into the cabin and says that it’s a short notice and cannot help it, jay and bhoomi look on.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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