Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman and Ravan come face to face. All the Gods look on intently. Ravan is amazed as such a small kid killed so many powerful Asuras; defeated Panchfann; drank Lava and even swallowed Sun. You might be blessed by n number of powers but no one can break this kavach of mine, not even nar and vanar! Hanuman asks him who he is. Why were you stopping me? Please hurry up. I have very less time. You don’t appear to be any God of any planet but this teeka on your head indicates that you are a devotee of Lord Shiva. I too pray to him. Ravan says I am the biggest and best devotee of Lord Shiva. I have got lot many boons. I have heard that you too have many boons. You came back to life even after dying. Hanuman smiles. You know everything about me but tell me something about yourself

too. what is your name? Why are you here? Maybe you don’t know. An Asura has lost his mind. He has changed direction of all the planets and is trying to end the world! Now only two planets are left to be freed. You must not delay if you have really come to help me. It is ok if you don’t want to come along. Just bless me and allow me to go ahead. You are a devotee of Lord Shiva like me! Hanuman bends down to touch his feet. Ravan laughs at him. He hits Hanuman on his back. Hanuman still smiles. You gave me a very powerful blessing. Now I will surely succeed. Now I have to go to free the rest of the planets.

Ravan stands in his way. Fool! First meet me. I am your Mahakaal. I am the one who has changed the direction of all the planets. He increases his size as he laughs evilly. I am Lankesh Ravan! No one will be able to stop the destruction from happening. World has to abide by what I say! No one, not even you, can save this world now. You and this world will die. Hanuman asks him what harm the world has done to him. Ravan replies that Narayan is hiding somewhere in this world in the human form. This is happening because of him only. Hanuman says that he wont let anyone die. Ravan says I will kill you before that. He hits Hanuman. Hanuman flies in the space because of the impact f the fall. He avoids colliding with meteors as he flies. Ravan is irked. It seems like this vanar is playing with me. Hanuman stands atop one of the meteors. He lands back before Ravan. Don’t try to stop me way. Ravan stays put. Hanuman does not want to delay. He tries to take a different direction but Ravan holds Sakha. You are so dumb. You did not understand that I have come here to stop you. Hanuman calls out for Sakha. This Ravan ji wont understand like this. Ravan talks about Anjana. I only plotted so she could go away from you to Swarg. What will you do now? You will neither be able to save your beloved mother ANjana nor Sumeru. The destruction is not far away. What will you do kid? He laughs at Hanuman.

Commander tells Kesari that a lot many Asuras have spread around on earth. They are creating havoc and killing people. Kesari orders him to increase the security. Commander nods and leaves. Kesari turns to Anjana (Marjarika). Please get me that mayavi mace that I had gifted Hanuman. I will need it to tackle all the Asuras. Marjarika is tensed. Hanuman dint tell me anything about it. I don’t know where it will be. Marjarika turns to go when Nani comes there. She walks up to Kesari and tells him something in lower volume. Marjarika thinks that Kesari knows her truth now. Kesari and Nani look at Marjarika. Marjarika is clueless what to do now. Hanuman might have saved me but he must be stuck in something. Kesari might kill me.

Hanuman says Ma is still with me in my heart. No one will be able to stop me, not even you Ravan! Ravan takes him lightly. Hanuman hits him with his fist. Ravan surrounds Hanuman with the help of his 9 other forms. Now no boons or your mother’s blessings will save you. You wont be able to free any other planet now. It is impossible for you to get out of my clutches now. I am Ravan! Hanuman thinks what he might do next. He looks at his other 9 forms. Ravan says I even shook Kailash Parvat with my strength. Now I will end you as well using my strength. Nothing will come to help now. You wont be able to escape from here. You wont be able to set the planets right. The world will end, along with it will end Nar and vanar. Hanuman interrupts him. World has not done any harm to you. Ravan talks about Vishnu. That cheater Vishnu is hiding in this world only. Hanuman angrily calls out for him. Ravan points out that maybe he shares some relation with that Vishnu. You are getting so angry hearing it from me. I am so unhappy with that cheater Vishnu! He continues to instigate Hanuman. You Vishnu is Mayavi, a cheater. He is a coward. He attacks by hiding. He calls himself a God but is a nothing but a cheater. Your Vishnu is a liar, and very arrogant. Hanuman shouts at him to stop. He expands himself. Hanuman’s other faces appear. Narad ji is worried if something goes wrong because of this Raudra (angry) avatar of Rudra-ansh. Ravan too follows suit.

Precap: Hanuman attacks Ravan using his Chakra. Ravan’s kavach eventually breaks. Ravan looks on in disbelief.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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