Roshni 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nick teasing Doodle. He asks Parvati to take Doodle in dandiya night. Doodle smiles. Nick gets a call from Malhotra and says fine, I will be there. Doodle looks on. Nick signs him. Sharad asks Malhotra does he trust Nick. Pintu says he is Roshni’s friend. Malhotra says he is like us, there is no risk, Nick will be blamed if we are caught. Rajat talks to Roshni and asks her not to feel bad of Mona. Roshni says I was saying about unethical standards. He says your ethics are very high, even I have family values, but I have to run successful hospital, heart says you are right, but mind says Mona is right. She apologizes.

Nick goes to do operation. He says he will get confirmed that Roshni is not coming. He makes a call and tells Malhotra that Roshni is not coming. Nick asks for 30% cut. Malhotra agrees and they laugh. Nick does the operation, Malhotra asks him to remove kidney. Malhotra goes out to Pintu and says Nick did not remove kidney. Roshni comes with her staff and police, and asks whats the hurry. They get shocked seeing police and lawyer Anuradha.

Malhotra says we did not do anything, Nick is doing operation. Nick says he has all the evidence. Anuradha says your phone records proof your crime. The police arrests them. Roshni thanks Nick and Doodle. Nick says Parvati wanted to tell you. Roshni asks how did Nick take Malhotra in confidence. Doodle says Nick played smartly. Nick tells everything about sending fake client to Pintu, Parvati arranged that fake guy. Mona calls Roshni to Rajat’s cabin. Roshni goes to meet Rajat.

Rajat is furious and asks Roshni why did she do this activism, a legal notice and then this matter came in media, well done, this sting operation and police, do you know what you did. Roshni says this is good news, we caught the bad doctors. Rajat says people will see just kidney scam in Leela. Roshni says she is not illogical. Roshni argues with them and asks them to run hospital ethically and straight forward way. She leaves.

Nick, Doodle and Parvati talk about Roshni. They wonder what would be Mona’s reaction to this. Nick says even he was scared of Mona when he came here. Roshni comes back and says she will talk to them later. Nick stops Roshni and apologizes to her as he told her about sting operation at final minute. She tells about Rajat’s reaction. Nick says we should have informed Rajat, I will talk to him. Roshni stops him and says she will talk to Rajat at home.

Its night, Roshni comes to Rajat and talks to him. She apologizes and he argues as she wanted to become hero. She says no, I just wanted to do good to Leela. If you feel she is crossing line, she did not mean that, she will just do her job. He says they will argue if she feels she is always right.

Doodle tells about Parvati’s mum getting a heart attack. Parvati asks Roshni about the total cost. Roshni says around 10 lakhs. Parvati gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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