Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman remarks that nothing can stop him when his Ma will call out for him. He expands himself in size. I will save the world and fulfil my duty. He escapes from the cave

Ravan has caught Devguru Brihaspati in his energies. He clears it to Ravan that he can kill him in one second using his powers but he is waiting for something. Ravan replies that he is going to kill that very person soon. He asks the other planets to stoop down before him like Devguru. You all wont be able to stand before my powers for too long. They reason that Devguru has pitied him in reality. He can kill you in a second. The Gods of other planets are unable to use any of their powers. Ravan gets happy that now no one can kill him. Earth will be finished. It will mark an end to that vanar and nar who

are on earth just so they can kill me one day. He catches them all under his spell. You all are my slaves now. Now there will be only destruction!

Mother Earth requests Mahadev to do something or everything will be finished. He says natural and unnatural disasters do happen regularly. Don’t worry. Just wait for the right time. She leaves.

Hanuman comes inside the palace looking for his mother. He thinks that she must be praying in the temple in this troubled time. He is surprised not to find her there. She might have gone to help someone. I will go and check in the room first. Marjarika relaxes on the bed. Everything will be finished now! Marjarika is not happy to see Atibal coming in. I had sent you after Kesari so you can attack him by sensing the right opportunity. Atibal keeps his hands just like Hanuman. This confuses her. He asks her who she is. Marjarika asks him if he has lost his mind. Hanuman comes to his original form. Marjarika looks at him in shock. Hanuman says I know everything. I have seen everything. Flashback shows Hanuman overhearing Atibal and Marjarika’s convo. Atibal is going after Kesari. He advises Marjarika to be careful. Hanuman is very strong and mayavi. What if he comes here? Marjarika comes to her real form. Hanuman is an obedient son. He wont get up till I call out to him. He will die in that cave only. Flashback ends.

Marjarika comes to her real form. You got up without hearing your mother’s call? He denies. I got up only after hearing her voice. Where is Ma? She tells him that his mother had to go to Indra Loka as she was compelled to do so. Now I will kill you. She attacks him but he fails all of them. The earth shakes. He holds a pillar when it is about to fall on her. He yet again addresses her as Ma. Move aside or you might get hurt. Marjarika looks at him in shock. Hanuman places the pillar back in place. He folds his hands before her. Don’t be scared of me. I have seen my mother in you. I will treat you just like my mother. Marjarika thinks of how sweetly he had behaved with her all this while. She is teary eyed. I had come to kill you after taking your mother’s place. But you are still respecting me even after knowing my truth! I attacked you yet you saved me. I am your culprit. I am not worth calling your mother. He requests her not to say like that. A mother is a mother after all. He hugs her. She cries. Hanuman says it might be the one who gives you birth or the one who raises you up. You took care of me for a few days too. Please tell me why my mother went to Swarg Loka. Marjarika tells him about Anjana’s previous birth as Punjisthala. She was an apsara in Indra Loka. She got cursed by a rishi. She took birth as Anjana to live that curse. The duration of the curse ended after your birth so she had to go back. I have full faith that you can bring her back to Sumeru.

Hanuman decides to go right away to Indra Loka so he can bring his mother back. Marjarika falls as the earth shakes again. Hanuman holds her with concern. Are you alright, Ma? Marjarika knows that he needs his mother but the world needs him at the moment. He wonders why all this is happening. She shares that a powerful Rakshasraj has got all the planets under his power. If we don’t free earth from his clutches then everything will be over. Hanuman is in a fix. Now you only tell me what I should do in this situation? Marjarika wants Hanuman to think what Anjana would have said if she was here. He thinks of his mother. She had always told him to protect the world first. You have to choose the world, mother earth before your own parents. Ma would have asked me to save the world first. But what if she is in some big problem? Hey Mahadev, please save my Ma! He closes his eyes and imagines Mahadev. Mahadev shares that a mother’s say is the final word, God’s word for any kid. Hanuman nods. Hanuman decides to save the world first. Then I will go to Ma. She will be happy. Marjarika is glad that she loose before his mother’s upbringing. Hanuman requests her to take care of everyone in the palace till he is back. You will have to take care of them just like Ma used to. Marjariks promises her. She takes Anjana’s avtar. Hanuman takes her leave. Marjarika nods tearfully. Hanuman flies out of the window.

Precap: Rahu and Ketu appear before Ravan. He asks them both to kill Hanuman. He has come to rescue Chandra Dev from my clutches. End his story today only!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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