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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Marjarika walks out of the cave. Atibal is happy with her move. She says love for mother can move anyone. Hanuman is a kid after all. Atibal doubts what if Hanuman gets out of this love of his. Marjarika denies. He has promised his mother. He is an obedient son. His meditation wont break until I call him. She takes the box from him. It contains Ravan’s gift. Some energies surround the cave as soon as she opens it. She smirks. Now Hanuman would be stuck here only. This shield will not let you come out even if you want to. Atibal asks her what she has thought about Kesari and Nani. Marjarika can easily kill Nani as she is old enough. I will plan something for Kesari in such a way that he will etch his path for death on his own. No one can stop Lankesh!

Indra Dev decides to

fight with Ravan to stop him. Devguru Brihaspati reasons that he wont be able to defeat Ravan as he is safe because of Brahma Dev’s boon. Narayan in his Nar avtar can only kill him. I will try to put sense in him. Indra Dev is not certain that he will win but nods.

Ravan continues to fight with Buddha Dev. Devguru asks Ravan to stop. You wont be able to do so Lankesh! The Gurus of other planets refuse to abide by his orders. Ravan is still arrogant. I will make you all my slaves in one go. Devguru says I haven’t come here to fight with you but to make you understand things. Ravan is not interested in it. Understand about my strength. The Gurus fight with Ravan. Devguru Brihaspati thinks that the effect of Ravan’s wrong acts would have shown an effect on earth too. Please help people Lord.

A soldier updates Kesari that no ill effect could be seen anywhere after the meteor incident. Yuvraj’s timing was apt. Earthquake comes in Sumeru and strong wind blows. Kesari is clueless as to what is happening since last few days. Kesari calls out for Hanuman but he is busy meditating.

Indra Dev approaches Mahadev to seek his help. Devguru has asked me not to interfere in whatever is happening.

Hanuman too can fell the earthquake. What’s happening? I can hear people shouting for help. I cannot concentrate and neither can I get up. I have promised Ma!

Mahadev says love for mother is good. A good person will be bound by it. This is why good hearted Sankatmochan is caught in this web.

Hanuman thinks that something is indeed going wrong. What should I do?

The people of Sumeru are scared. They cannot see Hanuman around. This worries them all the more. Hanuman’s friends decide to look for him. They all join hands together and walk forward.

Kesari is looking for Hanuman. He asks Anjana but she says he must be helping someone. You too should be with citizens of Sumeru at this moment. I will also come with you. He is proud to have her as his wife as she is always with him in times of trouble. Stay here. I will go outside. Send Hanuman to me as soon as he is back. We both will protect our people till the last breath. He leaves. Marjarika smirks thinking that Hanuman will die in the cave because of suffocation. I will kill all the others here! Lankesh will surely be praised all around the earth now!

Anjana is in the temple. She notices the change in weather. She greets Devi Shachi. What’s happening all of a sudden? Why do you look so worried? Devi shachi shares that this is all happening because of Ravan. He has changed the direction of all the planets. All the planets / Indra Loka and SUmeru is in big problem. Anjana has faith in her son. Nothing can go wrong till my son is in Sumeru. Devi Shachi looks dubious but hopes Anjana’s words come true. Anjana sits down to pray. Hanuman, wherever you are, go and save the world. You (Hanuman) are the Sankatmochan of the world. Save people from this disaster. Hanuman can hear her. Seems like she is calling me. Anjana keeps requesting Hanuman to stop this problem. Come fast and save everyone. Hanuman opens his eyes. He picks up his mace. I am coming, Ma! Marjarika’s shield stops him from going out of the cave.

Hanuman tries to break the shield but in vain. He thinks of Brahma ji’s boon. He can change his form anytime he wants to. It is time to use that particular boon! Anjana keeps requesting Hanuman not to delay in his duty towards saving the world. Come fast and fulfil your duty. Hanuman takes a step back. He expands himself in size.

Precap: Marjarika is not happy with Atibal for he dint attack Kesari. Atibal asks her who she is. Marjarika asks him if he has lost his mind. Hanuman comes to his original form. Marjarika is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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