Roshni 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying she will stay with Sameer, to take care of him. She says the way he cried and collapsed, I don’t want to leave him. Nick looks on. Mona asks are you sure. Roshni says yes. Rajat says fine, I will send food by canteen. They leave. Nick talks to Doodle at home and asks was this necessary for Roshni to stay there to attend Sameer. Doodle says Roshni has worked with Sameer. Nick says I don’t feel this right. Doodle asks him not to think much.

Rajat says its shocking that Sameer got a stroke. Mona says its because he could not bear his father’s death, we don’t know how much will he take to recover, hospital is bearing his treatment charges, but we have to hire someone else in his place. Rajat says you are sweet and caring, but you are cold blooded corporate. She says I don’t mix family and hospital. He says such strong minded approach, very few people have this talent. She smiles.

Sameer gets conscious in morning. The nurse informs Roshni, who was sleeping at the side couch. Roshni asks Sameer is he fine, he fainted yesterday, so she got him here, he is fine now. He asks how is my dad, he will be worried for me, make me talk to him. She gets shocked. She comes out of the ward and calls Rajat. She says Sameer got conscious, but he is asking about his dad normally, how is he, can he talk to him…. Rajat says what. She says she will consult Dr Dixit. Rajat says I will come hospital. Roshni meets Dr. Dixit. She tells about Sameer’s behavior. Dr. Dixit says his brain right side got stroke, so he may have lost short memory, a span of 3-30 days, I have seen the scan, I hope he recovers soon, I will check him. Roshni talks to Rajat and Mona and tells about Sameer’s short term memory loss. She says we can’t tell Sameer about his father’s death, else trauma can get high.

Rajat and Mona meet Sameer and compliment him for giving good training to his assistant. They ask Sameer to take rest. Sameer asks Roshni to go home. She says you don’t fall ill daily in ICU. He asks her to call his dad. She says later, I spoke to him, he is fine, have medicines first. She helps Sameer in getting up. Nick comes there and looks at them. Roshni introduces Nick to Sameer. Nick says I have heard a lot about Sameer. Sameer praises Roshni and talks to Nick. She asks Nick not to tell Sameer about his father’s death and goes. Nick tells Sameer that he and Nitin have joined Leela, as they wanted to be here in Bhopal. Sameer says that’s good.

Mona meets Sharad. Sharad says Pintu wanted to talk to you, and Pintu tells some deal to him. Pintu says he will take unclaimed dead bodies to give to colleges, so that they can earn by it. Mona refuses for this deal and asks them to focus on getting clients. She goes to Rajat. Rajat asks why is she so happy. She shows the growth chart and he jokes. She says she hired Pintu Ghosh, he takes 20% commission, but he promised to get patients here. Rajat says strange name, make me meet him. She says sure. She tells his proposal and Rajat agrees to meet him.

Sameer gets up and Nick helps her. Sameer says he wants to walk. Roshni stops him and Sameer calls her strict doctor. She gives him medicines. Nick looks at them. Roshni checks Sameer’s eyes.

Nick asks Roshni did Sameer come in his life. Sameer cries and says he will talk to Roshni tomorrow. Nick asks Roshni to say is she feels special for Nick. Sameer comes there and hears Nick scolding Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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