Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra Dev shifts as he is left with no choice but to give in to Ravan’s demands. Mahadev does not look happy.

Hanuman’s friends are playing in the jungle. Their ball lands near the river and then disappears in the water. They all notice the water level rising. What’s happening all of a sudden? They look up and see balls of fire falling towards earth. They are the same meteors which Ravan had hit. They and the rest of the people of Sumeru rush to cover.

Hanuman is playing with his mace in his room. His Nani brings laddoos for him and he is all tempted. She knows that he likes them a lot but I wonder what has happened to Anjana these days. She does not make them. Hanuman thanks her. He is about to eat one when he hears people asking for help. He looks out

of the window. He notices the balls of fire in the sky. Nani asks him to eat laddoos. She is unaware of what is happening outside. Hanuman apologizes to laddoos. I will eat you all later. Everyone is in trouble. He flies away. Atibal and Marjarika think of ways to stop Hanuman. He might create problems in Ravan’s work. Hanuman promises that he wont let these meteors fall on earth.

Hanuman’s friends are relieved to see his friend in the sky. Now no problem will befall us. In the sky, Hanuman expands his size. He blows air at them. He also hits a lot of them using his hands and mace. Marjarika, in ANjana’s disguise, and Kesari look at him from the balcony. Kesari is concerned for him. Marjarika talks nicely about Hanuman. You can handle the state without worrying at all! My Hanuman is the saviour of Sumeru. Kesari picks up his mace. Marjarika asks him if she said something wrong. He walks out holding his mace. Nani joins her on the balcony. Kesari joins the citizens down on earth. Hanuman keeps hitting the meteors back towards the space but more appear. Hanuman asks Sakha to help him. They are great in number. The citizens of Sumeru are in no worry as their Yuvraj is there to take care of the meteors. Hanuman hits all the meteors but there is one meteor which is heading towards the palace. Kesari brings his attention to it. Hanuman thinks that his Ma and Nani are inside the palace. He flies towards it. I wont let anything happen to Ma. Marjarika looks scared. Sakha extends itself. It hits the meteor in time. Kesari and everyone are proud of him. They all cheer for him. Marjarika smiles. Hanuman gives his Ma a hug. I wont have liked it if anything had happened to you! Marjarika thinks that Hanuman loves his mother way too much. I will engage him in this only till Ravan succeeds.

Ravan forces Buddha Dev (Planet Mercury) to abide by his words as well.

Marjarika brings Hanuman to a very old cave. He is curious as to why they are here. Marjarika says whoever has done tapasya here becomes successful. You too have to meditate here to increase your powers. He reasons that he already has enough powers. She nods. Your recent attack might have troubled Asuras a lot. They might have increased upon their powers. He assures her that he can tackle every problem. She insists that he has enough powers but he will only find out through meditation how to use those powers; how much and when. He says he can meditate in the palace but she has brought him here for his benefit only. He makes a sad face. She hits him on the right nerve. You have started not to listen to your mother says. Why will I live in Sumeru then? He stops her. I will meditate. He sits on one stone. Marjarika smirks. I have to use this weakness of his to the fullest. If you are doing it on my askance then do remember it that you wont break it till I ask you! Promise me. Hanuman keeps his hand in her hand. I promise you. I wont get up till the time you call out for me. She says maybe the evil ones can try to break your concentration but you shouldn’t lose your focus. She leaves from there. Hanuman closes his eyes to meditate.

Precap: Devguru Brihaspati thinks that the effect of Ravan’s wrong acts would have shown an effect on earth too. Earthquake comes in sumeru. Kesari calls out for Hanuman but he is busy meditating. Marjarika smirks thinking that now Hanuman cannot disobey her words.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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