Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord Shankar attacking spells from his trishul as hanuman is hurt. Mahadev stops, parvati sees. Hanuman says why did you stop mahadev? I will bear your attacks as your blessings. Lord Shankar says I will not stop hanuman. Lord Shankar attacks hanuman more and hits him with his spells and weapon. Hanuman now falls on his knee as all gods are shocked and shatrugan says I am the commander of the army, I have to help hanuman. Hanuman now is weak and looks at lord Shankar. Lord Shankar says yes hanuman you don’t have any other option but to fight, get up and fight. Mahadev disappears. Hanuman gets up and goes near a mountain and stands as lord Shankar stands tall in front of him. indra dev says mahadevs attacks have forced hanuman to fight. There lord Shankar says

hanuman fight now. Hanuman says no mahadev, I will not, attack me, your attacks will save the soldiers as the mountains will hold your attack. Mahadev says hanuman you have to fight me. Hanuman says no mahadev, just like a drop of water wont do anything to an ocean and a sun ray to the sun, even I am just a small ant which can not do anything to a huge tree like you. I will not attack you. Mahadev says then this means you accept defeat, hanuman says no defeat means the defeat of my lord ram. Mahadev says then I will only kill you. Mahadev takes his trishul and calls for the power of trilok. He then attacks hanuman with those spells as hanuman is hurt.
Sita says lord ram do something, hanuman will be killed otherwise. Lord ram says I am forced just as you are forced to sit here. There shatrugan says I cannot see this and I have to fight mahadev and save hanuman. Shatrugan stands and takes his bow, he then prays for a weapon. There are huge tornadoes and storms now. Hanuman is hit by mahadev’s trishul. Hanuman sees the tornado and says this is the sign of the brahma astra being called, this will be destruction. Shatrugan calls the brahma astra and aims at mahadev. Hanuman sees and says no shatrugan brother, don’t do this. Parvati sees and says this battle’s results had to be destruction only and we sit here forced looking as an audience. Shatrugan says no hanuman ji I will not stop this is a battle where everyone is forced now. Hanuman says no shatrugan brother, I pray to you do not attack the brahma astra it will mean the end of the universe. Shatrugan says then let the universe be destroyed, what is the use of such a world where a father is forced to fight his son and a teacher is forced to fight his son and kill him, an egoistic disciple and a disciple who is innocent and still being killed. Hanuman says please shatrugan brother please. Shatrugan says no, as it is impossible to stop lord Shankar it is impossible to stop me too. shatrugan attacks the brahma astra. Hanuman says no! lord Shankar looks angrily. Brahma dev says I am forced as I cannot stop my brahma astra. Brahma astra goes in the space and takes the power of all planets, hanuman lies and then becomes huge and stands in front of the brahma astra. All the gods are scared and lord ram is shocked. Vayu dev says hanuman wont live from the attack of the brahma astra. Shatrugan says the brahma astra will do destruction. Lord Shankar suddenly pushes aside hanuman and then stands in front of the brahma astra, he is angry. Hanuman says why did mahadev remove from front? Mahadev now gets fiery and opens his mouth wide. The brahma astra enters mahadev’s mouth and he closes his mouth. Vayu dev says mahadev who is the neelkanth has gulped the brahma astra but it will burst at anytime. What will happen now? Virmani is scared. The brahma astra bursts and everyone close their eyes. Then they open and see lord Shankar standing on one leg in a very huge size on the half of earth and stands in his form of tandav. Everyone see and vayu dev says har har mahadev, mahadev even lived the attack of brahma astra. Mahadev’s third eye then starts trembling. Indra dev says mahadev’s anger has increases and reached its highest point, his 3rd eye may open which will cause the destruction of the entire universe. Hanuman says no mahadev’s 3rd eye will open what do I do to calm his anger? Shatrugan says what have I done? I made mahadev angry, shatrugna falls on his knee and says I am sorry mahadev, it is all my mistake and punish me, kill me but please calm down, the universe will be destroyed otherwise.
There lord ram and sita see and lord ram starts praying and says a mantra. There as everyone try calming mahadev, lord ram’s form appears and he stands down and lord ram says the mantra, lord Shankar is angry but opens his eyes and sees lord ram, he now becomes small and smiles. Lord shankar’s anger calms down and everything comes back to normal. Lord ram smiles and says pranam mahadev, you are the god of all gods. Indra dev and vayu dev say only lord ram could calm down mahadev’s anger as lord ram stays in lord shankar’s heart. Lord Shankar there smiles and says prabhu ram, I am happy to have your darshan. Lord ram says I am grateful mahadev. Virmani thinks how did lord shankar’s anger calm down from seeing lord ram? Lord Shankar says prabhu ram, tell me if the war shall stop now, it will stop now. Virmani says no mahadev, it cannot stop you promised to protect me and fight for me. If the battle stops, it means my bhakti is waste. Lord Shankar smiles and says what do you want now maharaj virmani? Virmani says I want you to kill the horse of ashvamedh yag so that it all stops now. Mahadev says okay virmani I will do it but first tell me where do you see lord ram whom the horse belongs to? Virmani points at lord ram but then he suddenly sees lord Shankar in him. lord Shankar says is he lord ram? Virmani then sees hanuman and sees lord Shankar and lord ram in him, then he sees lord Shankar and sees lord ram in him. lord Shankar says if you see from a disciple’s eyes then you will know that we all are the same, shiv and ram are both the same and hanuman is my ansh and lord ram’s too. he is both of us. Virmani now has tears and joins his hand and cries, everyone smile. Lord Shankar says now let go your ego and stop this battle virmani.

Precap: hanuman and everyone is tied by a electric rope. Vayu dev says hanuman who could not be harmed by any weapon of mahadev is now tied with this simple bond? How is that? shatrugan says before the last kingdom, i think we may have to face another battle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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