Piya Albela 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Guru ji and Naren playing badminton. Guru ji says you shall have more concentration and asks him to close his eyes for 5 mins. Pooja looks on shockingly. Guru ji is about to keep hand on his head. Pooja calls him and disturbs Guru ji. She asks why you are sitting and asks Naren to play with her, says she was a badminton champion in her ashram. Guru ji gets angry and leaves. Naren and Pooja play badminton. Anuj asks Rachel to shift to Pooja’s room and says he wants his room. Pooja’s photo frame breaks. Anuj cries and says he can’t see her hurt. Rachel thinks he is so concerned for his cousin. Guru ji comes again seeing Naren alone and asks for his 5 mins. Naren says yes. Pooja comes there calling Naren. Guru ji gets angry. Pooja gives juice to Naren and asks Guru ji if he

wants to drink. Guru ji gets angry again and leaves.

He again comes to Naren and asks him to sit. Pooja comes and says I have to change the bedsheet. Naren asks her to do it later. Guru ji says no problem and tells that he is going to math soon. Harsha calls pooja and asks her to make tea. Pooja says okay. Harsha tells Neelima that Pooja didn’t show any tantrums and agreed. Neelima smirks. Guru ji comes to Naren and asks him to come near him. He tells that he will feel good with his blessings. Pooja thinks to give tea to Harsha and be with Naren. Rahul throws small marbels on the way to make pooja fall. Pooja is coming towards her. Supriya calls Pooja and slips as she steps on the marbels. Pooja runs to her and helps her get up. Guru ji asks Naren to close his eyes. She sees Guru ji controlling Naren. Supriya calls Pooja. Guru ji asks Naren to appear without clothes, leaves his hunger and forget all relations. Pooja asks Supriya to come to come. Supriya says she can’t walk. Pooja calls Mayank and Harsha. They take her inside along with Pooja’s help. Naren opens his eyes. Pooja sees Naren going to his room in trance. She tries to call him. Neelima smirks. Pooja falls down badly. Malanga Re plays….He goes out of house. Pooja is going out and asks Neelima and Guru ji. Neelima smirks..

Neelima says if this girl reaches him then our plan will fail. Guru ji tells that Naren is not in his control and says says Harish will handover his son to me till evening and your trouble will leave to math. Neelima smiles.

Naren is walking on the road in trance. He hears Guru ji’s words and throws his phone, removes his chappal. Pooja comes following him and is shocked. She picks his phone, chappal. He drops his handkerchief etc. Harish calls Dr. Gupta. Neelima blames Servants for the marbles in the hall. Harish says I will meet Doctor and asks Mayank to bring her to hospital. Naren in full control of Guru ji removes shirt and drops it. Pooja shouts his name, but he doesn’t stop.

Pooja asks him to come home and says Supriya got hurt. Naren brushes off her hand and removes his shirt on road. Everyone stop to see him. People identify him and asks why he is walking in trance as if someone is controlling him. Pooja recalls Guru ji controlling him and neelima. She thinks how to stop him.

Mayank and Supriya come to Naren. They are shocked to see naren walking naked. Supriya is shocked and is in tears.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. guys i am disappearing will miss u love u all will meet soon

    1. guys i am disappearing(may be ) will miss u love u all will meet soon sorry for not commenting yesterday but watching yesterday’s epi now i know u will understand

    2. today’s epi was ridiculous although pooja tried her best but fail in front of neelima and guru g’s evil plans hate them both including rahul and his father
      hey guys what’s up

    3. Hii Ooshi Akbar.. What happens??? Why are you disappearing??

  2. Superfast update..

  3. hi frens…today would be last for me to comment….since only 2 weeks is left for my exam so I have to prepare for that but I promise I will start commenting as soon as my exam gets over….till then take care malangas……✋. ✋. ✋. ….

    1. best of luck for the exams my best wishes are always with u

      1. @ooshi thank u so much….i
        will miss u more…infact I will miss everyone…..

      2. no thanks no sorry remember this always

  4. Story is also moving in fast pace.. Finally Naren is in guru ji’s control.. Lets see how Pooja will handle it.. Hope makers will not drag this track…

  5. Harish please don’t act stupid now.. See the true face on guru ji and neelima..

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

  6. head surf pooja….u tried ur best to save naren…hope u will be able to save him….

  7. noo this cannt happen i dnt like 2days episode hope it will interesting tomorrow epi hope puja saves naren

  8. Interesting to see what happens and how Pooja gets him out of his trance. I guess it will be the children he helped that will play an important role.

  9. Hi frnds.
    it’s ok Ooshi,when will u get free be presnt here.i will miss u to.

    about episode-
    What the hell was that!!!
    I hate u guru ji !!!&nilima family including haardik.
    Plz harish don’t be so foolish.

    I hope puja will save my Naren.

    And i know that harish will balieve in puja when she will reveal guru ji ‘s evil eye on Naren.

    1. check my reply on the end of 22 may’s page

  10. Naren is buck naked…..How grieving and shocking!!! Sad ,?
    Can puja really do anything?…..Who shall believe her? Supriya is already grieving/groaning with pain. Please don’t drag this….I Can’t see….These kinda of tantrik things are to be seriously discoraged

  11. Harish open your eyes n see what guruji , neelima n rahul r doinig by making foolish to u. N take some actions against them.
    @hi sonam, all the best dr n God bless u .
    @ really i miss u ooshi. Bt what hapen dr?
    What is the reason of ur disapearance?
    Plz plz plz come as soon as possible.
    @where r u zoya,devga,roumya? I am waiting drs. Cmnt as soon as possible.

  12. Also Miss u sonam.

  13. Hi mama….u know what…nobody replied 2 my game…yesterday…I’m really upset dr…I think…that I have no value….in this fan page..

    1. zoya sorry but we were not present other were busy and don’t had net again sorry yar when ever i will free i will reply sorry plz. forgive us

  14. Hi gys…I promise u all…that frm nw onwards… I will not play or suggest any game…my purpose was 2 make this fan page entertaining….but…nw its over….I think me nd my game disturbed u all…

    1. sorry yar don’t say this plz. we will not do this again sorry

      1. Its okay Ooshi…or aap hi ne kaha tha na…k no sry nd no thku…so av aapko kya ho gya…nd sry 2 u also…hmne kch zyda hi bol diya…gusse mei…apne cmnts mei…

    2. Catharin

      How to get post notification from this page

  15. OMG how pooja stop naren it was really inconceivable, wating for today’s episode

  16. Devga,Sri,Roumya guys where r u all come back

  17. Mama pkg. will finish any time so…

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