Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shatanand laughing and the darkness sucking the life out of everyone. On earth sita says my lord will be safe from the thread that I gave him and it will always protect my lord.
There the thread starts shining and then it sucks the darkness coming over everyone. Everyone see and are happy and lord ram smiles. As the thread sucks darkness, indra dev and narad muni say devi sita’s pureness has been cast into the thread which will defeat any difficulty coming over lord ram. The darkness goes and shatanand gets angry. He says how did my dark attack fail? Hanuman and everyone say jai shree ram!!
On earth laxman tells sita that mata sita I think brother ram needs help and if you think, allow me to go and fight with him. Sita remembers how when laxman

went, she was kidnapped by ravana. She tellks laxman that lord ram has kept him here to protect them and last time when she sent him, she got kidnapped. Sita says lord ram must have kept you here for protection so that something like before doesn’t happen and I think you should do what your brother says. Laxman says you are right Bhabhi sita and I will stay here.
There shatanand again brings back his forms and they head towards everyone to fight. Father says see monkey hanuman, shatanand is very powerful and he cannot be killed so easily. He will now kill each one of you easily and your lord ram too. Hanuman says you are talking too much, hanuman takes his gadha and throws it at father. Father bends down and the gadha hits one form of shatanand but it rebound back after hitting his chest and the form laughs. Hanuman gets angry as father says shatanand cannot be defeated. Hanuman runs towards father with his punch, father dodges and disappears and hanuman then punches the form of shatanand and it gets hurt and as it gets hurt all other forms get hurt on the same body part too, the form gets back but does not die. Hanuman thinks this form like the others did not die and it got hurt and is In pain. Hanuman thinks in this form shatanand himself is there and maybe the solution now is if shatanand is killed all his forms will go. Hanuman fights the form and beats shatanand and kicks him. The form gets hurt and all other forms get hurt too. Hanuman then kicks shatanand and he falls on his stone throne, then hanuman goes behind him and holds him. Shatanand throws away hanuman with his power and hanuman gets back. Then shatanand brings all forms together and says so hanuman you know I am in this form but I will again go in some other form now. Shatanand brings the forms together and goes in some other form.
There lord ram attacks arrows on the forms. Vibhishan says hanuman when you fought shatanand did you see that mayavi monster mayasur? Hanuman says no. vibhishan says then mayasur and shatanand in reality are hiding somewhere in dark and they have to be found. The forms come near. Hanuman says we have to fight them but killing shatanand is the only solution to getting rid of these forms. Hanuman then gets an idea and tells lord ram that lord shatanand like ravana is a disciple of lord Shankar but if you pray to lord Shankar for a solution then we can defeat shatanand. Lord ram stands on one leg and stars praying om namah shivaay. Hanuman fights the forms.
After a while as lord Shankar gets impressed he says I have to appear in front of lord ram. Lord Shankar goes and there a bright light comes and the forms of shatanand get difficult to see. Lord Shankar appears and lord ram says lord Shankar I am very thankful to you for showing your presence. Lord Shankar says you shall pray to all the 9 gods of the kundli so that they provide light from which shatanand is weakened. The 9 gods bright light may help you.

Precap: lord ram listens to lord shankar’s solution and lord ram says he shall do that solution so that they get help to defeat shatanand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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