Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with father saying to all the heads that wake up shatanand ravana and go and take revenge of ravana’s death and kill everyone.
There everyone says jai shree ram, jai shree ram. Hanuman says I am mesmerized by seeing you both come together my lord and I have only one wish, is that this happiness stays forever and never ends. There, father says get up shatanand ravana and take revenge of ravana’s death. Father says my visit here will not go waste and I will use my mayavi powers to awaken shatanand ravana. Father becomes big in size and then says get up shatanand ravana and you have to take the revenge of the death of your brother dashanand ravana. In palace shatanand ravana is sleeping and he hears it, father says remember your mother and your brother

dashanand ravana and he is dead now. Wake up shatanand as you have to take the revenge of your brother’s death. Shatanand wakes up and he remembers him learning sword fight with ravana. All his heads wake up. Father is shocked and scared. A huge head appears and says tell me who this ram is? And why should I take revenge? Tell me quick otherwise I will kill you here. Father is scared and he says ram is the killer of your brother dashanand ravana. Shatanand says my brother? Father says yes and says ram is the prince of ayodhya and he with his monkey army destroyed entire lanka and terrorized it. he killed all the sons of ravana and dashanand ravana too. That hanuman cheated when ravana and meghnad prayed to the gods and ram and laxman killed them. Shatanand ravana is very angry. Father says ram is the reason for your younger brother’s death and you have to take revenge.
There hanuman is singing ram siya ram. Suddenly everyone hear the voice of shatanand ravana screaming loudly. The earth starts shaking. Everyone is scared and sugreeva says this sound doesn’t seem good and something bad is about to come. There shatanand ravana says those who killed my family members wont live until I am alive. Father says yes. Everyone on earth listen this and hanuman says who is this? From the sky a voice says this is shatanand ravana and he is the elder brother of ravana, he now knows about the death of ravana and he is coming to take revenge. The voice goes. Hanuman says who is this shatanand ravana? There shatanand ravana says I will kill everyone and only my anger is enough for everyone on earth. The earth trembles and there is lightning, volcano and storms and all natural calamities. Devi sita says I know who shatanand ravana is and the story goes before I and lord ram were married. Everyone listen. In heaven all gods listen to the voice and are shocked.
Sita says once before our marriage, my father gave me the duty to serve a rishi who had come to our palace for some days. When the rishi was about to go, he was very impressed and he blessed me and said daughter sita you will be the reason for ravana’s death in the future and you will also be the reason for the death of a more powerful and maha Shakti demon shatanand ravana. Sita then says he did not tell me how they will die but shatanand ravana is the lord of power. Hanuman says it does seem he is. Sita says yes he is as I also know the story why he was sent to deep space and not stay on earth. Sita says when shatanand and dashanand were young they used to fight each other to learn powers and tactics and at the young age they became lord’s of mayavi powers but shatanand was very strong and once when both were fighting, ravana screamed and he showed his 10 heads then and his power but shatanand ravana then said dear brother I am still powerful than you even know and he screamed and got hundreds of fiery heads and ravana was thrown aback. Then their mother came and she saved ravana from a tree about to fall on him. Hanuman says maybe that is why queen kaikesi the morther of both the brothers sent shatanand ravana to space. Sita says yes, shatanand ravana then said mother I was showing my powers to ravana and teaching him to be more powerful as I cannot see that my brother is not very powerful being that I am so powerful. Their mother said shatanand this vanity on your powers is not good and you attacked your brother too today. Shatanand said mother I was being protective and making my brother powerful. Mother said I gave birth to both of you so that you willo continue the legacy of demons but ravana would have been killed. So it is my order that you will go and stay in space until ravana’s rule on the world ends and until someone calls you. shatanand said I will accept your order and go to space and not come to earth unless someone calls me to earth. Then shatanand ravana went to space. Hanuman says he is very powerful. Sita says yes ravana was the lord of mayavi powers but shatanand ravana is the supreme lord and demon of powers.

Precap: shatanand attacks pointed rocks on earth and hanuman breaks them and destroys them as more come. Shatanand says this monkey and his army neutralized my attack but I will kill everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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