Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman continues looking around Ashok Vatika, but gets restless when he still isnt able to find Sita. then he starts going into self victimisation mode, that he is such an idiot, that he cant find sita, and do this petty work, and looks around the heavily guarded gardens. he starts blaming himself again and again, but then remembers that it isnt him who has to search for sita, but that he should wait, while she agrees to bestow her blessings on him. he decides to get into meditation. he sits in meditative pose, and prays to sita, that he should be blssed with her blessings, so that he can fulfill the work rama has bestowed on him, and be pivotal in uniting them together. the entire area lightens up, as he opens his eyes. In the immense

light, Hanuman continues to lure around in the gardens, and then finally, finds sita sitting under a tree, tensed and restless. he is overwhelmed as he eyes the lord’s ring and then sita sitting, peaceful, calm and composed. he is ecstatic to have finally seen him, and is extremely thankful that his task is over, and that his restlessness is gone, his disappointment changing into hope, and that he is the most blessed right now. he folds his hands in gratuitude, as he stands in front of her, tears welled up in his eyes. he is apalled to see her condition. rama is overhwlmed as he feels that hanuman met sita instinctively. he thinks that he has to tell sita, this very instant, that he has beemn sent as Rama’s messenger to her. he flies, the demons notice the change in the winds. he perches atop a tree stealthily. he thinks that it isnt right for him to be with her, when the demons are around and decides to wait for solitude. Meanwhile, a heavily ornamented lady arrives and identifies herself, as Vibhishan’s daughter. she says that her mother got to know of her confinement and hence she has sent fruits. hanuman thinks that vibhishan’s daughter is exactly like him. sita refuses. but anila comments her to eat something and sita refuses saying that she wont till rama comes. hanuman is apalled to know that sita has sacrificed grains, for the past ten months, just in wait for rama, and is overhwlmed with gratitude at such sacrifice and folds his hands in gratitude. sita says that she merely waits for rama, as her body belongs to him, and she shall not intake even a single grain, till he doesnt come here and raavan is punished. one of the demons ask her to behave and talk about Raavan with respect. anila asks her not to say anything, as Raavan can come anytime. He talks to himself, seeing sita, who is visibly tensed and apalled, crying uncontrollably, and explains how gratifying it is to have finally gotten to meet her and seeks her blessings.

Meanwhile, the demons ask sita to accept Raavan’s desire, and she shall rule Lanka. Meanwhile, an egoist Raavan arrives with his ladies, and confronts sita, while hanuman watches from a distance, thinking that his grandeur shall not be able to hide his crimes, and that wealth and luxury shall not be able to waive the divine sita. raavan asks why she turned away, and asks her not to be scared, as he merely wants her to be the queen. he is enraged, as raavan eyes her viciously. he says that he isnt at fault, but her beauty, her beautiful eyes and her luscious body are at fault, in the attraction of which, the supreme Raavan gets tempted near him all the time. hanuman thinks that he is nearing his death. raavan shows her the beautiful girls, that he has brought here for her, including even Mandodari, to be her maids, if she wants, and asks her to say yes once. he says that she has been refusing his offer for the past ten months, and he keeps upping the ante, and keeps thinking about her day and night, having gone totally crazy in love with her, and asks her not to disrespect his love like that. hanuman is enraged, thinking that he is lucky that rama didnt allow him, or else he would have taken his tongue for having attempted to say this. raavan says that he has sacrificed everything for her, and that he loves the Ashok vatika, but still it isnt as precious as she and her soft body herself, which deserves to be in the royal palace, and asks her to remember, that the time past, and beauty and youth once lost, doesnt come back. hanuman thinks that raavan crosses all limits of heinousness, being so knowledgeable otherwise. sita covers herself so that he doesnt see her. Raavan tells her to look at her ordinary condition, and says that he can change it all in an instant, and give her all the luxuries and grandeur that noone can even dream of. he asks her to think over it once. he asks her what she ever gotten from her jungle dwelling husband, except for sacrifice and torments and asks her to forget about him, and throw him out of her heart. hanuman gets enraged hearing this. Raavan asks her to accept the love proposal, and reject such a life with rama. she chants lord rama’s name, and rama is overwhelmed, as he too cries out, Sita. ram asks hanuman to find out about the security system of lanka. she continues chanting. The screen freezes on the garden’s area.


Precap: Sita tells Raavan, that by committing this heinous crime, he has ignited such a fire, which shall burn down his entire Lanka, like wax. Raavan is enraged and asks her to stop, having heard enough. Hanuman is enraged, while the ladies are tensed of his ire.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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