Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 15


Hi everyone……! Sorry for the late update. This is the 15th episode of my ff and it will end soon…. Only three or four episodes remaining….! So don’t miss it… Drop your valuable comments also….

The episode starts with Viplav saying one minute…. Dhyan and Dhaani get nervous. Dev asks now what..? He takes a deep breath and tells he don’t want this marriage. Shalu says Bhaiya this is not the time for joking. Viplav tells No I am not joking. Dadi asks what are you saying..? Tell it clearly. Viplav says I hates Panchi and don’t want to marry her. Everyone gets shocked. Dev asks have you gone mad…? Are you joking with my daughter..? Dev tightly holds Viplav in anger. Viplav says leave me uncle. All of you fixed our marriage in childhood itself. But if anybody asked me I am interested or not? Panchi was never my choice. Dev breaks down. Dhaani cries and thinks No papa I can’t see you in this state….. So I decided to marry him. Dadaji asks then why did you tell me this earlier? Viplav says before I could say anything marriage was fixed. But I don’t want to ruin Panchi’s life so I am telling the truth now. Maa Papa Dadi Dadaji I love a girl. They all get shocked again.

Dev gets up and says come all of you we don’t need to make any relation with these people. He holds Dhaani’s hands Shalu says Papaji wait for a minute I am also coming with you. But before I want to know that girl who changed my Bhaiya a lot.. They all turn. Viplav says her name is Dhaani….. And I love her very much. We met in Chennai. Dhyan looks at Dhaani. Everyone starts laughing……! Dhaani is shocked and happy to hear this. Viplav looks on and asks everyone why are you all laughing..? Dadaji says because you are joking with us. Beta today is your shadhi. Atleast don’t do this fun or masthi today. Be serious. Shalu says Bhaiya you too….

Viplav says I don’t understand anything and my decision is final. I will marry only Dhaani. Not Panchi. Dhaani also starts laughing.. Dhyan comes and asks Viplav to read the board. Viplav turns and reads it…… Shalini Weds Dhyan & Dhaani Weds Viplav. He gets surprised and thinks Dhaani is Panchi….? Dhaani thinks OMG Viplav is Chottu…? Viplav removes mask and Dhaani removes her Ghunghat. And they look at each other……. Dev says Damadji don’t say these kinds of jokes please… Dadaji says now come and sit time is going. They both come and marriage rituals begin. They both recalls the moments they spent together ( Dheere Dheere se mere zindagi mein aana……. song plays )

Panditji says Shadhi is complete. From today onwards you both are Pati and Patni. Now go and take elders blessings. They both take blessings. Dhyan asks Dhaani so this was your lover..? Dhaani shies and pats Dhyan. Viplav and Shalu look at them happily. Dhaani says to Dhyan I never knows that my and Papas choice was same. She thinks Anjali was right. Meanwhile Dev announces to everyone that he and his family is moving to Banaras after a long time from Banglore. And we are also starting a family business with Tripathi family. Everyone claps. All gets happy. Shalu Viplav Dhyan and Dhaani hugs each other and says now we will live together forever.

PRECAP: No specific precap. You can guess………

As I told you my ff is ending soon. So don’t miss any upcoming episodes. Comment your views. Watch IKRS daily. Keep smiling 😀 Love u all……!
And also read other ffs. Love this pic of Viplav very much…..I think u also……..

Credit to: Viplav

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  1. As usual fantastic episode Lakshmi.

    1. porkodi thanks

  2. Lakshmi…..good one dear…but you are ending it….why?

    1. Thanks sujie di…..♥♡because my classes are going to be start:-(:'(

  3. Wow finally they both came to know they are marrying each other, it was awesome please update the next part soon, eagerly waiting for it…

    1. Thanks maria

  4. Finally…they both came to know
    had waited eagerly for this day..!!
    Episode was awesome..
    Waiting for the next one now

    1. Thanks arshi keep reading 😉

  5. Lakshmi it was such a wonderful episode. U nailed it. But why u r ending it?

    1. Hey cutie thanks…… ♡ ♥ there is nothing to write more aftertheir marriage dear…and my classes are reopening…. 🙁 :'(

  6. Laxmi was anxiously waiting for it.awesome but too short. Happy that they know each other n r married but sad as you r ending it. God bless you

    1. Renu di thanks and don’t be sad

  7. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey laxmi even though I didn’t comment regularly I love ur ff it’s always awesome actually I was quite busy this week that’s why

  8. Super yar!!?

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