Randhir n sanyu r in the hospital when the doc says -we will operate he after one month as she has low blood pressure n needs one month’s course of medicines to bring it bach to norma ,you plzz take care of her n give her time to time medicines you may take her back now. sanyu is about to get up from the bed when randhir comes n lifts her. sanyu-“yeh kya kr rhe ho randhir everybody is here”.randhir-“so what u r my legal wife n remember you had soo many injections u must be having pain in your legsn not a word after this,okay.” sanyu-“ok baba”

sanyu n randhir reach ISRC hwere nirman sees them Nirman-randhir n sanyukta you both u tried to hide bt i know sanyu your not physically fit to be a part of the mars mission you n then you must jst get eliminated rght???” randhir-“o hello nirman i know all your secrets you n menka rght you paast n also that you r a fraud agr yeh sb maine ISRC mein kisi ko bta diya toh pta hai kya hoga ,well i think you r not that dumb that you don even know this so jst get away” He takes sanyu away from there to her room.

he makes her sleep there n puts a blanket on her n when she sleeps he goes from there to his room.randhir was trieing to sleep but could not as he was thinking about sanyu he went out n thought of going to see sanyu.He reached her room but did not find her there n was worried.He starts finding her here n there when he suddenly sees smoke coming from the lab he rushes in and sees sanyu inside the lab he rushes towards her n brings her out of the lab n sanyu what the hell were you doing there heh! sanyu says -are rd tum bhi na neend nhi aarhi thi isliye. Randhir holds her hand and says acha blast hi krne ate hai tumhe bs FITE mein bhi yhi krti thi tum aur yha bhi. Sanyu says-haan yaad hai ek bar haath mien lgi thi k bari blame tum pr aaya tha aur ek bar doosri team ne kiya tha aur main behoosh ho gyi thi aur tumne bachaya tha. Randhir-yes aur yad hai sanyu mere us step brother ne bhi tumne kidnap kr liya tha bomb wali car mien aur mere mom dad ne tumhe kidnap krvayaya tha na aur tab bhi amine hi tiumhe bachaya tha. sanyu-haa haa bachana hi tha tumhari gf thi na.Remember the day when i came to the college hiding from my mom at midnight to spend time with you what a good deal of time we spent (flashback-randhir playing with sanyu’pony in canddlelight n then hugges her from back). then randhir says-yes how can i forget thet ur mom got to know about us that day only n do you remember when we wrote sandhir on your house wall while painting it n i still remember ki tune mujhpr paint faika tha. sanyu satrts giggling sanyu- Achha randhir meri na kurte ki zip kholo.randhir-yha na cameras lge hai room mein chlo .SANYU-ok i wnt to how you something lests go.

in sanyus room randhir opens her zip n sees randhir written on her back ,he recalls the day he first time saw it n then recalls their shower moment n hugs sanyu and says-you stil have it. sanyu-kya kru it is permanent could not remove and gives a kiddish pout. randhir sanys chalo ab soo jao come n makes her sleep in his arms

precap-sanaya n kritika see randhir n sanyu sleeping together n start teasing them kritika-“are you both should have a private room should talk to nirman sir about this”

so gyus hpe you liked it yup it was long but i have been posting this after soo long so sorry n m very sad that our sadda haq might end.

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