Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 12) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Episode 11

Recap: pragya’s birthday celebration.

Epi starts with pragya.
Sarla & Mahesh: happy bday beta…..
Pra: love u mom n dad.
Mahesh: sarla do u prepared presentation for todays meeting?
Prag gives a killer look.
Sar: u don’t get angry beta…ur dad is kidding.
Pra: haan (anda bayam irukatum)
Pra: haan where is bro, bhabi n my cutie…?
Sar: vo..beta…their visa has some prob…so….

Pra: on my bday he cheated me na..i wont talk to him.
A voice: wont u talk to me??
She turned n smiled after hearing that voice. But got more angry to see that. (actually dad made her to talk on skype.)(that voice is none other than purab)
Purab: plz…my pyari behan na…maf kar do na beta.
Water drops tried to escape from her eyes.
Bul: see u made her cry.
Purab: hy what I did?
Bul: sup…
A cute soft voice: vo..thono ko chode de je….happy bday…. She kisses.
Pra: oh meri pyari APPU… u r soooo sweet. (ya appu is rabul’s daughter. Her role is played by pigu from bade achie lagtey…. Don’t know the serial name ya….ullam kollai pogudada meenu)
They all talk for some time.

Screen shifts to hostel.

HR: hi dear..whats up….
Swa: don’t talk to me…..u r….
Lak became tensed. Hey what happened? What I done wrong.
Swa smiles. n thinks I want this expression from u….she txted: y r u avoiding me to meet u? r u doing wrong?
Lak: u want to meet me na? ok fine tmrw we can meet. Is that ok?
Swa is superb happy. Ok ok I’m waiting. How can I recognize u?
Lak: don’t wry abt that…I know u na…I’ll come to u my self.
Swa: bye…I’m so happy. Meet u tmrw
Lak: sure.
Lak in mind: ya too cant wait anymore…..i’m coming to propose u swara….. I love u…. he closes his eyes n dances duet for suno na sange marmar.

Next day

Utt’s home

Fine morning

San is thinking deeply. Ya got idea.
Every1 present in hall. San coming down by holding his head.
Parvathi dadi: kishan what happened to u?
San: vo dadi ma…. My head is aching….. I’m feeling feverish too….
Sujatha: we all have to go temple na….we only arranged for pooja….what to do now?
San: ya mom….we cant stop this pooja…it will be absagun sooo….u all go I’ll be here.
Parineetha: but temple is in far away na? we will back tmrw ni8 only….how u eat?
San: haannnn
Dadi: ok…we all have to go we cant postpone it. Better I’ll call urvashi to cook 4 him.
Suj: haan good idea maa.
Then priya passes on street. Suj calls her in.
Dadi: priya teel ur mom to cook 4 him.
Priya: but dadi is not well.
Dadi: always excuses…but want salary on time….ok ok inform to rag.
Priya nods yes.
All leaves from there.

San in room
San: sanky… u r really amazing actor dear…. U deserves more awards..
Just then rag enters. San acts as sleeping. She checks his temperature by touching his forehead with her soft hand.
Rag: omg….he has high fever… she feels sad.

Screen freezes with worrying face of ragini.

Sry for not showing precap scene. Relatives came to home so I cant type anymore so I’ll post balance part tmrw.

Precap: abhi caught by Mahesh. Swara is waiting for her heart rob. Ragini taking care of sanky.

Plz support me. tmrw I’ll show more abhigya swalak n ragsan scenes. By urs loving AASTHA.

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