The power of love (Ishqbaaz,matsh,edkv and shakthi) Intro

Guys.. It is me Narendran and Reena!! First time we both are writing combined ff!! So we need u r support! To continue this ff! We both wrote separately more ff… So this is first time combined.. So let us start with intro!..

Malhotra family…

Anika:She is practical girl.. She is simple and quite girl.. She runs a big company.. From which she wants profit and loses!?Which makes her family run!

Soumya:She is siter of anika. She is softnatured girl. She helps her sister on company works.. She is nurse. She works in hospital..

Nimmi:Mother of anika and soumya!

Mahindar: Father of anika and soumya!

Oberoi family!

Rudra:He is cool,hot,youngest.. He enjoys the life! Which is given by god! He used to spend his time in bike ride! He wants his brother shivaay to choose his life partner soon.. Becoz his age is 30!

Omkara:He is second brother of oberoi family! He is interested in artist! He earns more money from it.. He does wanted to carry oberoi tag! He also wants his brother to choose his life partner!

Shivaay:He is eldest of all! He loves his brothers. So much! He runs the business! Successful! He makes friendship and enemitu with same class. And not with low class people!

Vaghela family;

Suman:She is small girl in the family!! All loves her sooo much!! She is naughty in nature. She used to have fun with brothers and sister and friends.. Also. She completed her studies.. And waiting for marriage partner!

Harman:He is brother of suman.. He loves her.. So much. He used to fight with her always.. For time pass.. He completed his studies.. He is working as doctor. In hospital where soumya is working..

Ranveer: He is eldest of all! He loves his bro and sis very much! He used to spend the time with them.. He is arrogant in office.

Amba:Mother of ranveer, suman and Vivian

Kailash: father of them
Parekh family:

Ishaani:She is talkative girl.. So that she always has more and more friends.. She used to me quite at house..

Madhu(Drashti dhami)- She is sister of Ishaani.. She is actress in film industry! She likes drwaing so much.. She used to buy them and hang on wall!

Shravan:He is eldest of all!! He is best bro! He always cares for their sister.. He will beat the boys… Who give love letter to them!.. He runs a company!
Falguni: mother of shravan,drashti and Ishaani.

Harshad:father of them!
So here is it. Harman&soumya! Shravan & suman! Ranveer&ishaani! Drashti and omkara! Shivaay and anika!.. Here is the pairs.. For rudra we are thinking best pair.. So we will tell it soon.


So pairs are also revealed.. Soon we will post first epi.. If u like pls comment.. So that it can encourage us! Pls.. Comment. So till that bye from reena and narendran!

Take care guys.. In this ff.. Epi will be in scene wise.. So it will be big.. 3epi.. A week we will post! Keep reading with big smiley???????????

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Good work waiting for the first episode

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx shraman sangel!! For the comment..???from. Narendran

    2. Reena_Narendran

      Thank you for the comment!!? from reena

  2. Reena_Narendran

    Oopps mistake.. Anika. Earns profit and loss.and not she wants.. Sorry for mistake.

  3. Prettypreeti

    It was nice

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx pretty preeti for the comment.. Hope u liked it???from narendran!!!

    2. Reena_Narendran

      thank you preeti dear! ? from reena

  4. The intro was awesome ?. Keep writing both of you. Waiting for the first epi

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx sakshi for the comment! From:Narendran????

    2. Reena_Narendran

      thank you sakshi! i am happy you liked it and we will try to update soon? from reena

  5. Alisha

    This is getting way too crazy… First Nusz and Fatarajo and now two other writers Narendran and Reena, but seriously I am loving this…
    The intro was superb! OMG! Soumya and Harman as doctor and nurse, working together, in the same hospital, that’s gonna be interesting to read. I am super excited!
    Keep writing guys. Best of luck! Waiting for the first episode.?❤️

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx Alisha for the comment.. Hope u liked it. From narendran.

    2. Reena_Narendran

      thank you alisha dear! i happy that you are excited about this!! we will try to update soon ?

  6. Marie

    Damm awesome intro yr!! 😀 plzzz continue

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx Marie for the comment.. Hope u liked it… U r DP is superb!! I loved it..

    2. Marie

      Thanks dear…..!! 😉

    3. Reena_Narendran

      thank you marie! ?? from reena

  7. Nice Reena dhii n narendran bro it was just superb.. waiting for first epi dears…

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx radhika for the comment..hope u liked it!???????from narendran!

    2. Reena_Narendran

      thanks radhika dear! we will try to update soon ?? from reena

  8. pwincess pari

    Superbbbb … Love it ????

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx pwincess Pari!???????????from:Narendran!

    2. Reena_Narendran

      thank you dearie!! ☺? from reena

  9. Hey Bro and Reena nice start plz post your1 epi

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx duva.. For the comment????Hope. U liked it.. I mean loved it!

    2. Reena_Narendran

      hey duva! i am happy you liked the intro!! love ya dr? from reena


    Hey guyss….really it was superb intro…..want to know WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT …..I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE…….really a lovely intro………and ya it is really a superb combine pair… both are awesome writers……..amazing guysss… u Reena sis….and really mind blowing intro Naren……

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx dhruva for the comment!!????from narendran;

    2. Reena_Narendran

      arey dhruva dhi!!! i missed you sooooooo much yaar!! and i am happy that you liked the into!! and btw you are also an fantastic writer!! love you dhi!! ??? from reena

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow naru bhaia and bhavu awesome and all four shows I love them a lot I cant wait for the first epi

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx fatarajo Akka for the comment!! Thnx for commenting

    2. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx fatarajo Akka for the comment!! Thnx for commenting!!!!

    3. Reena_Narendran

      i am very happy that you liked the intro Joyee dhi!!! we will try to update soon! love you dhi!!

  12. Hi Naren and Reena it such a great introduction and I think this story gonna be to great I am very much eager to read the episode ?

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx neelam for the comment..????????

    2. Reena_Narendran

      hi neelam dhi!! i am happy you liked the intro!! miss you dhi but the second i get free, we will have to chat!! love ya dhi!! from reena

  13. Wow so many characters …intro was fab!!!…just waiting to read deir luv storys…should be interesting

    1. Reena_Narendran

      thank you shiny dr!! i am happy you liked the intro!! and yeah there are a lot of characters?? from reena

      1. Reena_Narendran

        Thnx shiny.. There is lot characters..???happy that u liked. It…

  14. Khushi

    Awesome awesome awesome…. Totally loved it….omkara and dhrashti will make a good pair…..and u have included all my fav serials how can I resist….it was amazing u both are awesome yr…..plz post the next part soon….
    Hey what about sanaya as gunjan for rudra…he is a loud guy whereas gunjan a soft and shy person…. I hope u don’t mind that I m giving suggestions just this thought came into my mind so wrote it down…. No offence

    1. Reena_Narendran

      thank you khushi dear! i am very happy you liked this intro!! we will try to post soon!! and thank you for the help!! we will try to see if we can add her or not!! thanks dr!! from reena

    2. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx khushi I am glad u liked it.. Nice idea.. We also discussed it.. But we will take it.. And tell the pair for rudra in next epi!!

  15. Awesome work naren bro and reena di… Its interesting to know more… Waiting for the first epi… Keep smiling

    1. Reena_Narendran

      thanks maya shelly dr!! i am happy you liked it!! we will try to update soon!! and you also keep spreading positive vibes?? from reena

    2. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx Maya Shelly for the comment hope u liked it..????from narendran

  16. Woww good u both r writing together but really it possible. Glad to see this. I am very happy that u guys r increasing ur level day by day to starting so my ffs.☺?. Awesome starting keep going on like this.
    I really wish that I also write ff with u friends ( together ) . ?? but late it be. But this hope is always with me.
    & conggo for ur new ff.

    1. & give me ur new ff names also.

      1. Reena_Narendran

        Sizzling love story..,love can be measured? That and Matsh and kkb and enjoy the life.. On matsh alone..

    2. Reena_Narendran

      hi mariya dhi! i am happy you liked this intro.. maybe in a little while we could write an ff together!! i really love your ff!! and thank you! love you dhi!! ??from reena

      1. Hi reena dear & thanks my sissy for liking my ff. Really glad for it. & ya sure dear we will write. Love u a lot. Keep smiling always???.

  17. Nikitha

    Hey ppl… Can u help me out by saying how to write a ff…

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Go near tu icon and come near menu and click near one.. U can see submit article.. With it. U can post.. From narendran.. Sorry for aye late reply…

  18. wow nice intro Reena & narendran!! waiting for the start…

  19. Reena_Narendran

    Thnx batool!! For the comment…

  20. Nandana

    first of all sorry for the late comment because now only i saw this and i really liked it as ur combined writing is so nice and update the next soon 🙂

    1. Reena_Narendran

      It is OK nandana.. Thnx for commenting! From narendran

  21. Nishu

    Superb reena & narendran…… Wait for 1st epi, update it soon…… Again omkara & drushti pair that’s ?

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