Sadda Haq 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan is working. Sanyyu gets a call from Agarwal, she asks how are you papa? Vid says I am good papa but this world is selfish. sanyyu says why are you calling from his phone? She says you didn’t pick from mine. Sanyu says I was busy researching. vid says on how not to get me in? Found any solutions? Right now I am going to Dubai. If you don’t find a solution, you know what will happen. You, ISRC, Randhir, history, drama. You get it right? Sanyu tells Aryan. He gets a call and rushes out.

Arjun is in gym. He snatches towel from Kiritka’s hand and shuts the drawer. It cuts her hand. Joy comes running to her.
Sanaya sees randhir playing darts. He recalls his spat with sanyu. Sanyu says I didn’t want to hurt you and I didn’t want you this way. I wish

I could hug and calm you but you wont forgive me.
Sanaya says something to Sumit.
Kritika and Joy are sittin. She says sorry I was rude to you. He says its okay, if you need anything I will always be there. she says when arjun is weird, I feel weird. Joy says I feel weird with him too. Kritika says I think I like him. Joy drops his glass.
Sumit comes to randhir and says can you give this med to sanaya? She was sounding low and had fever. He runs. SAnaya recalls what randhir said. She plugs in headphone. Randhir sees her and says when will you grow up? He leaves.

Sanyu asks whose call was it dark shadow? Why are you so tensed? Tell me. Whats the new mission? He says old drama. Sanyu says I am not dumb. I will help you. He says no. She says okay. He says everything is okay don’t worry. Sanyu says don’t do anything stupid. He says in heart I can’t involve you in this dangerous mission.
Randhir burns his hand, kritika says you okay? should I bring first aid? He says no. She says excel is the person who rests properly and works efficiently.
Sanaya asks kritika is he okay? She says yes. Is everything okay? sanaya says no was just asking. Randhir comes, sanaya changes the topic. Kritika says you should apologize if something is wrong. She says he will be so mad, if I say sorry. If I don’t say sorry then he will fight again. Kritika says you are weird and mad.

Aryan says to sanyu they have both fought. They hear a blast. Arjun says what was that Nirman comes in. He says you know that all achievers had a common trait. They had control over their reactions. You all were scared of a recorded sound. To make sure we will there is no accident, we will have 3 stage test. People who pass will take off for mars, rest will wave them.
Sanyu says I am so excited. Nirman gave me a task. Sanyu says he gave me a chance. If I make a mistake, he will throw me out. He thinks I a non deserving. I will change his perception. He says I am fan of your fighting spirit. Sanyu says I will company you in space ship.

Everyone is enjoying pizza. Kritika says gives arjun a slice, he leaves. Sanaya says guys lets eat. She says I wish I pity those who call this unhealthy. Sumit gives slice to sanyu and says nirman sent it. Randhir says did you even think what this is for? nirman is not so impressed. Joy says is there something wrong? Randhir says maybe he wants us to feel lathargic. sanaya says he is right. Announcement: report to workshop.

When they come in they are all attacked by balls. They try to defend with chairs. Randhir says sanaya come here. Nirman says if you can defend yourself, do if you dont then it can cause you serious injury. The table suddenly falls from randhir’s hand, Aryan holds it.
nirman asks them to come forward. Nirman says our scientists, its a piece of cake for them. You have to protect yourself with help of these shields.

Precap-Nirman says you will face 10 balls and in pairs. Who gets 10/10. You will know who your opponent is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Every guy is falling for sanyukta..parth..randhir..n aryan but sanyukta has something else in her mind MISSION MARS.

    1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Parth didn’t fall fr sanyukta…randhir fell fr sanyukta n parth fr vidushi..

  2. sanyukta singha

    hmm.seems all the people in this show r in complete confusion….
    hope that it goes on like this
    and btw.
    sanyu and aryan and randhir triangle is gonna b worth to watch

  3. I wanna badly see sandhir scenes

  4. Randhir dint fell for Sanyukta it was. sanyukta who fell first. nd propose randhir.

  5. Dark shadow dies ………. Bye bye sadda haq….

    1. WHAT !!!! NO………… !!! I ♥ sanyan … plz don’t say this !!!

  6. i just love sanyu Aryan story… hope ash continue d show,,,,, cz warrior high is coming soon… m watching sadda haq only for his nd sanyus chemistry ….hope he stays

  7. loving sanyukta+Aryan Day by Day…………Awesome… but d way Rd looks at her,don’t like it at all

  8. No ,Sayed…randhir fell 4 sanyu in first..when he fell 4 her sanyu don’t even knoe tht & considered him as a friend

  9. love Aryan +sanyukta

  10. Yes firstly randhir realize his love for sanyu than eventually sanyu to.
    Love sandhir… Aryan is good but can’t replace Rd…
    I think persons who watch sadda haq 1…. Can only understand the equation between sandhir.
    Anyone who can get a chance to see sadda haq 1. Please watch it. It’s really superb…
    Sandhir can’t be separated.
    Just watch season 1…….

  11. Randhir is heart thromb arayan can never ever replace him. May black shadow kills arayan then sandher seens will be enjoyed very nicely with onut him

  12. Aryan can never take over Randhir. Yes he’s nice to Sanyukta but Parth was more better than Aryan.
    Randhir will remain the best, you can find many weirdos Aryan out there but u can’t find many Randhir because he’s anthentic he’s special and his love is also unique and special, one of its kind. So stop comparing Randhir that weirdo Aryan and this is not a fairy tale love story that a woman has to be with a man who always follows her around like a maniac!!
    Sandhir for ever!!! They are the most beautiful couple

  13. What a lines yaar

    hey guyz how r u all suru karu richu dear I read nice dp oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh same same

    Loving u forever.

    hey karu where are you . Nice to see you suru. Active.

    Loving these lines Interesting difference between sanyukta and sanaya for randhir

    hey anu, sanyu , sanakhi, shreya

    love u all.


    missing these old gang a lot sometimes.

    new gang doesnt; have the potential to bind the audience.

    Somehow the side characters doesn;t be able to make the potential to bind audience.

  15. I love sanyu’t pout in the pics

    what you like

  16. These days I just say its ok ok types

    sadda haq episodes because there is less sandhir romance

    thandi fight between aryan and randhir.

    I miss sandhir scenes.

    parth vids scenes

    yoyo laughing

    vardhan especially scenes. Now I am sure that even this nirman cannot takes the place of amentor , he is not even near to any respectable mentor

    vardhan is just remearkable

    somehow I accept even ranawat sir, he is also ok.

    But this nirman is just eating the screen space , and sanaya is ok but I don’t like her scenes , less potential .

    Let see what we gonna see upcoming days or else less interest in sadda haq .

  17. Hey Nisha im here…was a little busy
    Thanks for the pic dear.
    Hey guys im so happy that someone started an ff on sadda haq here on TU 🙂

  18. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hey karina,cn u give the link??


    1. Dear its posted here on the same page as the written updates…just give a refrash to the main page 🙂 i ll give u the link too 🙂


      This is the link dear…but the ff is posted right here on the same page as the WU 🙂 try to give a refresh to the main page to see if it appears to u too…and if not let me know and i ll give u the links of the next chapters when the person who writes the ff will post them 🙂 enjoy reading dear

  19. When will that old rd return……miss him…

  20. Sanyukta rathor

    Nice episode, love to see you again aryukta

  21. Sanyukta rathor

    Love you too dear nishu good to see you again

  22. It is going worse by worse every day.
    Sanyu only worried about her dream.her dream is also changing.
    And ya she only wants to prove I m better than other.
    Aryan is worried about her but she literally worry about her.
    In previous season also it was dis only.
    In previous she want become part of dream team bot later want to become leader and captain.
    In this also same will happen. First part, then want to lead the team.
    Over ambitious . Rd was right about him

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