Sadda Haq 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi sits with parth and caresses his arm. she says why dont you speak it out, i can’t see you like this. He says don’t see me at all. Leave me alone after what i have done. it was just an accident, namit and i stole a car, we were drunk. Namit was rash driving, suddenly we met an accident. we were scared. We ran away from there. Vid says what happened to the victim? Parth says the accident was printed in paper, no one inquired though. He got handicapped. After days, he.. he died. Vidushi is dazed. Parth says I feel the guilt, i was i had gone to jail. Vidushi says we can’t change what happened but you realized your mistake and regret it. You should forgive yourself. Parth says it haunts me. Vid says you have to pardon yourself. Everyone deserves to be forgiven. She hugs

him, parth is in tears. They come close for a kiss.

Vid stops sanyu and says where were you? A reporter has been looking for you. The reporter meets sanyu. She wants to take sanyu’s interview. Reporter says i am writing an article on young entrepreneurs. When i got to know about you i had to take your interview. sanyu says thanks a lot. This is not such a big achievement. she says how you manage all this together? Reporter gets a call and goes out. Cameraman wishes her luck. He says don’t discuss anything about your personal life. They make stories out of it and publish them. She has nothing to do with your success. don’t tell her about your bf or anyone. sanyu says but how can i lie? He says i told you what i know. The reporter comes in. sanyu feels confused. randhir comes there guard stops her. Reporter asks sanyu how you manage all this? sanyu says i keeping reminding myself my dream. reporter says we cant keep everyone happy? So what have you prioritized. sometimes you ignore friends for family, someone must have been bugged. sanyu says when you give everyone an equal share, no such thing happens. Reporter says are you serious about your career? sanyu says this is my company i am serious about it. She sees randhir and says someone special is here? is he your bf? She says your chemistry with him is special. sanyu says he is the most important member of the team. she says nothing else? Sanyu says my focus in my career. reporter says he is low in your priority list right? Randhir leaves in anger. He cuts his hand with a glass and says everything abut you is fake. your concern your love. he starts working on the machine.

Renuka sees sanyu’s interview and how she ignored randhir. Renuka says randhir as no importance in her life?
Vidushi sees parth exercising, he puts on his shirt and tries to go out. She says whatever happened was not wrong. don’t feel guilty. you always say live in present not past. Parth comes closer to her, she hugs him. He kisses her neck.

sanyu calls randhir but he doesn’t pickup. He is hitting the punching bag, randhir recalls how she said there is nothing like that between them. sanyu keeps calling again and again. randhir’s hand bleeds.
Ankit and agarwal see her interview. Ankit says she will ruin everything, Agarwal says you should keep quite, ankit says she will rot the company. agarwal says nothing will happen. I have a plan. He takes the phone. sanyu calls randhri again but he doesn’t pick up. Vid comes in the room and sleep. sanyu says are you okay? vid says yes i am fine. Sanyu says i am going home. Vid shuts the windows down. Someone knocks, vid says how many times are you gonna come?

parth comes in vid’s room. She says what if the warden sees you? he says you said you will never go away from me. She says go i am scared. Vid hugs him, Parth says you don’t need to be scared of anything from now.
sanyu gives arti to agarwal, he ignores her and leaves. sanyu recalls anju saying dont ever leave your dad. sanyu says i wot give up maa.

The driver stops the car. sanyu says what is it? He says the engine is broken. sir’s car is comingy you can go with him. agarwal stops the car and opens the door for her.

Precap-sanyu says to randhir what you guys think? girls are always dumb? Randhir recalls harsh saying that girl will ruin your life. A new girl enters the college.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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