Service Wali Bahu 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal telling Dev that she is very happy today as her loan is sanctioned and soon they can pay Phool’s debt and get back their house. He smiles. She asks him to sleep now as he will also have to attend job in the morning. Dev gets nervous and says he will sleep on sofa. Payal sleeps on bed while he nervously tries to sleep unsuccessfully.

Gulkan tells a story of cunning wolf’s story to her children. Children say just like cunning phool singh grabbed their house and ask if they have become poor now and will not go back to their house again. Gulkan asks them to stop thinking much and sleep. Ayodhya thinks he has to do something and get back house from Phool singh.

In the morning, Payal finishes breakfast and asks Dev to have sweet curd as a good luck for his new job. She then leaves for her office. Dev gets Phool’s call who tells that Ayodhya came to kill him, but his goons overpowered him and hit him red and blue, he is now lying on floor half-dead and he can come and pick him up, else he will…. Dev asks what will he do. Phool cuts call. Santoshi asks what happened to Ayodhya and even Natru asks. He tells them what happened and leaves home with Jugnu asking Natru to be at home.

Phool asks his goons to throw Ayodhya out and says when he does not give his dirt, how will he give him bungalow back. Dev brings Ayodhya home with Jugnu’s help.

Payal is busy at office. Her boss commissioner gives her important file to check. Dev calls her and informs about Ayodhya. She rushes home after taking permission from commissioner. Satish tells commissioner that she must be tensed due to phool singh. Commissioner says he spoke to his superiors and will find some solution.

Doc nurses Ayodhya’s head injuries and tells this night is very critical for him and if he does not wake up, he needs to be hospitalized. Gulkan starts crying. Doc says she does not have to worry much and should give prescribed medicines. Payal consoles gulkan and asks to come and have dinner. Gulkan says she will sit with Ayodhya. Payal takes Santoshi and Natru to serve dinner. Santoshi continues crying. Payal says we are going through a bad phase of life. Santoshi says she did not lit lamp in her home temple , so it happened. She requests Dev to take her to prasad nivas and lit lamp. Payal insists Dev and they all 3 leave.

They all 3 enter house silently in dark. Santoshi gets emotional. Dev asks Payal to take Santoshi in soon and perform pooja while he guards outside. Santoshi sees dilapidated house and starts crying. She sees goons going to a room to enjoy alcohol and movies and silently lights lamp in front of idols. She prays god to forgive her and protect her family. Ayodhya opens eyes immediately after that.

Payal finds mortgage papers in cupboard and is shocked to see terms written in it.

Precap: Payal tells Dev and Santoshi that she read mortgage papers and it is clearly written if they clear 80% of debt, they can get 10 days grace period. They will have to gather money soon and not let Phool know about the clause.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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