Sadda Haq 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth says sir its impossible their life is in risk. ranawat says i don’t need you to give me permission. PKC says but he is right. ranawat says they are smart enough. Renuka comes in and says why you devised such risky task. Ranawat says why would i give you explanation. She says he is my son, he is my life. He says you said he is the best. She says yes he is, he wont give up but I wont let him do this, you better cancel this. Renuka says I am the sponsor. Ranawat says you just had to give money. I have to decide tasks. She says I can withdraw as well. ranawat says go, you are more than welcome. She leaves.
PKC says why are you doing this? Ranawat says there is some back up. PKC says why didn’t you tell me? Ranawat says the pully will fall but not on them. I am glad

everyone came but not sanyu and randhir. they want to win this. Now breathe PKC. Rishab overhears this.

Rishab goes and changes the direction of pully so it will fall on sanyu and randhir. He says now, sorry randhir. this will fall on your head.
Renuka comes to sanyu and you must be stressed. I just came to say all the best. I am proud of you both. SAnyu says thanks. I am trying my best, we dont have another option. Renuka says there is some option. This is important for you. If something happens it can be fatal. Wont you want randhir to be safe? sanyu says i wont let anything happen to him. Renuka says thats what you think right now. Sanyu says i will face the crisis before him. Renuka says back out from this competition, this is fatal for your life too. Sanyu says I can’t back out. I waited whole life for this. Renuka says i know you abilities. I don’t want you to regret all life. sanyu says i i back out randhir will feel worse. If randhir wins i will be the happiest. Renuka says i had only one option to save him, it was you. Sanyu says till i have strength and i am breathing i wont let anything happen to him. She says you brother akash came to me and he wanted to sell some auxilary company. It was very cheap rate. If you need any help i can help you. Sanyu says i appreciate this gesture. But I wont back out. Renuka says i will wait for your deicison. Renuka says I am just a concerned mother.

Randhir hugs sanyu. He says all the best take care of yourself. she says wont you be there for me? you will save yourself too . I know.
Parth and yoyo wish them luck. Ranawat shows them the pullies and says if you wanna back out now is the time. They say no.
Ranawat says okay then 3 minutes, repair the engine and take care back. He says get tools, your time starts now. Sanyu and randhir starts working on the cars. sanyu says i need another pannel. Ranawat says you cant get it now.
randhir gives his panel to sanyu. The pully is going down on sanyyu. Randhir says sanyu please take a side. Ranawat says are you both one team? I told you this wont be allowed. get back and you will get 10 seconds less. step back now. sanyu says please sir. He says be thanks I haven’t disqualified you.

Precap-Sanyu says the weight is coming down there is something wrong. The weight falls, sanyu runs to save randhir. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Gud epd,hyy di h r u?

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