Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shaina says I didn’t tell you one thing about me. Elaichi says what now? Shaina says this is crystal ball. It tells you future and past. I can use this and find my brother’s murderer. Elaichi says we dont believe in such stuff. Shaina twists the ball.

Mishri is in college. she says someone is following me this, guy. I feel so scared. Should i call ajay and tell him. The guy is following mishri. Ajay gets a call from mishri. He says are you okay? Mishri says come to my college, there is some guy he has been following me since so much time.
Shaina says this will show who is the murderer. Ajay says I am coming.
Ajay tells sanjana everything and says i have to go right now.
Shaina says to the ball tell me why my brother fought? She says the ball says because ajay married sanjana and ajju was taking her with him. Sanjana wonders how does she know

Ajay comes to Mishri. The guy is standing in front of him.
Shaina says there is something wrong.
Ajay hits the guy and says why were you following her? Mishri’s passport and ID card falls from his hands. Mishri says how did you get it. He says it fell from your purse and I was following you to return it.
Shaina says the ball tells me shoe number of the murderer. She checks Shreya’s, vinati’s and then sanjana’s. Shaina says the person who killed Ajju his sandle number is 7. Dadi says go in rack and see everyone’s shoes.
Vinati says is she mad. Shaina takes out and says whose sandle is it? Sanjana says in heart thats mishri’s.

Mishri apologizes the guy. He says its okay and every guy is not same. Ajay says to mishri you are so stupid. she says I felt like someone is following me. Ajay says lets go in the college. Someone steps out of plants. Its ajju.
Ajju says now i will ruin your life. You thought I am dead. But I am back.

Shaina says whose sandle is this? This is mishri’s. Elaichi says keep your mouth shut.Dadi says you think we would agree to whatever you say. Mishri considered him her brother why would she kill him. Shaina says sanjana this is mishri’s? Sanjana leaves.

Shaina comes to lounge and says i want answers. Kirlok says we wont hear a single word more. Elaichi says we gave you all respect, let you stay here and you are accusing us. Mishri and ajay come in. Shaina says come, mishri try this sandle.
Kirlok says what you are trying to do wont work here. And all you of you don’t pay attention to her. Shaina says yes go everyone. Who will bring my brother back? No one knows what i have been through. My parents ask me how is ajju? what should i tell them? That ajju is no more here. She starts crying. She says how will i face them tell me. Elaichi comes and consoles her, she says don’t cry. We just wanted you to.. anyway leave it. Shaina says you people wanted proof? I will give you proof. Kirlok says if anyone from this family is involved in the murder i will hand him over to law myself.

Precap-Ajju comes to pethywala house. He faints ajay. Sanjana wakes up. He shows her his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nice episode

  2. Well from the precap, if Ajju reveals himself to Sanjana at least I don’t have to see this stalking thing/murder drag on…..unless he pretending to be a ghost or something…which would be pretty silly if that happens

  3. I think precap is sanjana’s dream

  4. Good, atleast don’t drag this ajju ‘ s case too much like kumkum bhagya

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