Sadda Haq 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says within five seconds of this poison I will leave your life forever. In five seconds if you don’t promise me that you will never commit to aryan then you know what I will do. Sanyu says randhir please listen.. He counts 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. sanyu says okay I promise leave it please. I won’t commit to Aryan. Randhir leaves. Sanyu sits there in distress.
Nirman is in lab. Sanyu comes and says sorry sir I was looking for files. Nirman says no no you are just 15 minutes. Oh randhir is here too. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. Randhir says I am sorry sir. Nirman says I am sorry to select you guys.

He says you will tell me what this plant is. Joy says its a plant. Nirman says why you all are so shocked. It is an ordinary plant. He presses a button a gas

spreads around the plant. The plant is totally burnt. Nirman says this is not an ordinary smoke. This is most toxic one on mars. If you get infected in 30 seconds. You can say good bye to mars mission. You have to control yourself in this gas. You have to save your partner’s life and you own. You have charge this machine for you, you have to charge it every 3 seconds.
Teams are Joy and Kritika, Sumit and Arjun, Sanaya and Aryan, Randhir and Sanyu.

Randhir is smoking. Aryan says this lighter is so special and so is smoke. If it stays you friend then its okay. you are neither my friend or enemy. You wont want to know what I will do to you when you lose this task. Randhir says I don’t lose but I am tried of winning. So I would want to know how it feels to lose.

Joy and Kritika start first. Nirman says Kritka will go in and faint. Joy will go in with a mask and save you. Kritika won’t be able to hear what joy says because of the mask.
Kritika goes in the chamber. Joy says good luck. She faints. Joy goes in with the mask and makes her wear it. he tries to get her up. Joy says please wake up kritka I love you. He gives her CPR. Kritka gets up. Joy takes her joy.
Now joy faints. Kritika saves him.

Its Sumit and Arjun. Arjun faints first. Sumit saves him. Arjun saves simut too.
sanaya faints inside. Aryan goes in. Sanaya opens her eyes. Next is aryan. He faints. Sanyu prays for him. Sanay says please get up aryan. Aryan gets up and comes out. Sanyu hugs him.

Its sanyu and randhir now. Randhir goes in. He faints. Sanyu goes in. snayu tries to save him. Kritka says come on sanyu. Sanyu recalls her time with randhir. He gets up.
Sanyu is next. Randhir says your life is in my hands. Sanyu goes in and faints.
Randhir’s hand gets stuck in sanyu’s mask. Nriman says I have to keep aryana and randhir both away from sanyu.
Randhir says I won’t let you die easily sanyu. I hate you so much I want to see you in trouble every moment.
Nirman says you have only 5 minutes left. This is your last chance or you will be responsible for her death. Randhir tries again. Sanyu doesn’t get up. Everyone is dazed. Aryan comes near the chamber. he says sanyu please get up. Sanyu is not getting up. Randhir is starting to faint himself. He faints and falls there.

Precap-Aryan comes in and says sanyu please get up. Nirman says get out aryan. He says randhir get up. He gives randhir CPR. Aryan is crying.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Mayuri

    Guys I posted my happy moments above … Did u like it … And it is truly true and from my heart :)??

  2. rits

    guys why i cnt see cmnts????
    1st i opn n saw 90 cmnts n whn i go back to older cmnts i see 84!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dhruv

    hey raj bro even i lost my best frn 1 2 months befor in acident..its sad n i miss him a lot bt…
    hey shenu mayu alu sanyu even my life is messed up..
    i lost my frnd n my granmodr infront of my eyes…n tht two when i was in 6 haunts me evn today….
    n i live alone frm 10 class…n dsometimes its just moms love n hug n care….its really sad..thts y i m so close to my guitar..its my best frnd dad mom everything..
    n happy moments r alwzzzz in cl home everywhre..whn u hv joker as sister hehehe n hitler as gf hahahahahahah….

    • yogiraj

      yes bro I can understand ur situation….bt u r so cool u can handle anytng…it’s nyc to meet frnds lyk u,mukti’,Nisha,Sheena,rits,Karina,mayu,aishu,richu…n all SH u all

    • Mayuri

      Thanks Bhai and yup daddy’s girl … I always do adventures with my father and loves my father a lot 🙂

      • Mayuri

        Thanks sheenu .. I too wanna become a doctor not because of deaths but to help one whom I love my family my papa and mumma and me also … I always get sick so easily … So sometimes I think out of curiosity that after becoming doctor I will cure myself first .. I got so many diseases but still very careless ?????

        And yup I have a lot happy as well as sad memories but happy memories always win and made me forget all the sour memories 🙂

  4. ritvik

    i m silent i wanna join u all
    dhruv i too have suffered a lot..seen death 2 times by my eyes..n also lives alone..i kno how u feel…n i m too its football bro…whnvr i am going through this darkest dz i play football….u r lucky to hv a sister so sweet.i dnt evn hv a one just me n my tanhaii..nwhen i read ur cmnts i felt it..the happiness is fake u show n care for everyone..i too do the same…
    by the way guys thts y i watch sadda haq cz i can connct to randhir..
    can i join u..n ur moments r tooo funnnyyy..cute….

    • dhruv

      hey bro i can bro its not like tht i mean u got me wrong i m not sad or i dnt live alone like tht..just cz of stds..n my hapines iz not fake bro…
      n bro chill life is meant for living n u come here alone n leave alone so u can live alone….so chilllllllllll….n welcmmm to funny peoples family.hahaha

  5. Sheena

    Hi ritvik ! Welcome here…!

    Guys, even i have seen many disastrous things in my life…i’ve seen some bad deaths…some of my close ones n some deaths of unknown ppl….death scares me….maybe thats why i wanna become a doctor…i once lost my loved one due to a doctor’s mistake…n that doctor is so called asia’s best doctor…still he was so irresponsibke regarding the treatment… I wanna become a good, rsponsible n talented doctor…thats why my idol is Dr. Gregory House from the english series House md…althogh its a fictional character but i still idolize him…coz he maybe sarcastic but still, he cures everyone…
    N guys, i’ve seen ppl dying, ppl taking their own lives…n thats why i’m always gateful for whatever i have right now…a good family, good facilities, caring frnds n frnds like u…so i always try to keep smiling n i compose myself in difficult situations…coz if i’ll not act strong, then my frnds n family will become weaker…

    Sry for that emotional speech huh…

    Keep smiling always…may god shower u with his blessings…!uv u all

  6. Suhana

    it seems like death is haunting many peoples..!!
    Hey..Dhruv n Ritvik..!!
    When I read your comment,I felt a very deep sadness in your life.Most of the people say they understand the pain but at the end of the day,you are the one who is suffering. I too have a tragic story but it is nothing infront of what you guys are suffering.
    But guyz..its not the end of life..Life gives us both happiness and sadness.It depends on us whether to drag the sadness throughout the life or simply accept it as a past and move on.Welcome the life with open arms and warm hearts or it will be a punishment for you…Yeah..I am no one to say but its just an advice..
    Best of Luck guyz..!!

  7. Rd is gettin a lil mad i think.
    Either he’s making us puzzled or is on his own puzzled…

    He said he hates her but still luves her…
    Wanted to save her but stil put her life at a risk…

    Dont kno whats wrong…
    Luv aryan….but Sandhir tooo…

    Offffff confusion confusion…

    Dead like this only…

    Guysss take care…
    Luv yu

  8. sorry 4 not being active, really i am not in a mood to reply, upset :(. Sorry, but I LUV U ALL.
    I am upset bcoz 2day i came 2 know that sh is going 2 end. After a month i came back 2 see u all. But pack up ka news was shocking.

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