Sadda Haq 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says within five seconds of this poison I will leave your life forever. In five seconds if you don’t promise me that you will never commit to aryan then you know what I will do. Sanyu says randhir please listen.. He counts 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. sanyu says okay I promise leave it please. I won’t commit to Aryan. Randhir leaves. Sanyu sits there in distress.
Nirman is in lab. Sanyu comes and says sorry sir I was looking for files. Nirman says no no you are just 15 minutes. Oh randhir is here too. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. Randhir says I am sorry sir. Nirman says I am sorry to select you guys.

He says you will tell me what this plant is. Joy says its a plant. Nirman says why you all are so shocked. It is an ordinary plant. He presses a button a gas spreads around the plant. The plant is totally burnt. Nirman says this is not an ordinary smoke. This is most toxic one on mars. If you get infected in 30 seconds. You can say good bye to mars mission. You have to control yourself in this gas. You have to save your partner’s life and you own. You have charge this machine for you, you have to charge it every 3 seconds.
Teams are Joy and Kritika, Sumit and Arjun, Sanaya and Aryan, Randhir and Sanyu.

Randhir is smoking. Aryan says this lighter is so special and so is smoke. If it stays you friend then its okay. you are neither my friend or enemy. You wont want to know what I will do to you when you lose this task. Randhir says I don’t lose but I am tried of winning. So I would want to know how it feels to lose.

Joy and Kritika start first. Nirman says Kritka will go in and faint. Joy will go in with a mask and save you. Kritika won’t be able to hear what joy says because of the mask.
Kritika goes in the chamber. Joy says good luck. She faints. Joy goes in with the mask and makes her wear it. he tries to get her up. Joy says please wake up kritka I love you. He gives her CPR. Kritka gets up. Joy takes her joy.
Now joy faints. Kritika saves him.

Its Sumit and Arjun. Arjun faints first. Sumit saves him. Arjun saves simut too.
sanaya faints inside. Aryan goes in. Sanaya opens her eyes. Next is aryan. He faints. Sanyu prays for him. Sanay says please get up aryan. Aryan gets up and comes out. Sanyu hugs him.

Its sanyu and randhir now. Randhir goes in. He faints. Sanyu goes in. snayu tries to save him. Kritka says come on sanyu. Sanyu recalls her time with randhir. He gets up.
Sanyu is next. Randhir says your life is in my hands. Sanyu goes in and faints.
Randhir’s hand gets stuck in sanyu’s mask. Nriman says I have to keep aryana and randhir both away from sanyu.
Randhir says I won’t let you die easily sanyu. I hate you so much I want to see you in trouble every moment.
Nirman says you have only 5 minutes left. This is your last chance or you will be responsible for her death. Randhir tries again. Sanyu doesn’t get up. Everyone is dazed. Aryan comes near the chamber. he says sanyu please get up. Sanyu is not getting up. Randhir is starting to faint himself. He faints and falls there.

Precap-Aryan comes in and says sanyu please get up. Nirman says get out aryan. He says randhir get up. He gives randhir CPR. Aryan is crying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. richa (titli)

    RD ke charecter k saath kyaa ho rha h?? šŸ™

  2. Now I really want Aryukta only

    1. hi .. long time u were big fan of sandheer now u want aryukta only…koi nhi .. i respect ur choice..u will be wondering who i am…bt i knw u

  3. Aryan helping rd..wooww.
    He is really worried for sanyu. They r spoiling rd character.pls be the old rd.
    Now i want aryukta..

  4. What?? Aaaahhhh….bad episode… Sh is becoming so unpredictable…

    How r u my frnds? Dhruv bro, nishu, richu, karu, sanyu, mayuri, liya, princess, aaliya, bk, shahid, rits, mukti, raj, rochelle..

    Hey revu!! How r u? Luv u dear…missed u sooo much..keep smiling šŸ™‚
    N where is dhruv bro?

    Nishu, mukti, rits, liya, shahid wherre r u all?
    Shreyu di, how r u?

    1. Shivu is also missing..?

    2. I never thought that rd will be shown like this.. Btw they say that Aryan and Nirman are going to leave, when is it happening? Any idea?

    3. Hi Sheena!! I agree, day by day the serial is getting worse. Only 5 more days left and they r showing nonsense like this.. Rd is getting much psychic moron as each episode of SH is getting less…

    4. No dear…almost 1 month is left..the show will go off air after 30th june…so hopefully something good will happen with sandhir till that time

    5. The link clearly mentions 30 May.. Sorry to reveal that..

    6. OMG!! This getting over in one month??
      Then I won’t be able to read the rest of the updates much.
      Stupid classes have started and keeps me busy.

    7. Yaa rochelle sweety…they’ll wrap up the shoot on 30th may but the last episode will telecast on tv on 30th june…30th may will be the last date of shoot but 30th june will be the last day of telecast…

    8. no dea Rochelle …d show will end on 30 June….dey will shoot last episode on 30 may….der z diffrnce btween shotng d episode n telecast d episode….its cleared in det link..dey will wrap up last episode on 30 may….

    9. Oh.. I c. Sorry for misinterpretation:(

  5. What turn do story is taking pls don’t destroy rd character we want a sweet union not a forced one

  6. That is what true love is…..he can hurt her hate her but cn nvr leave her to die….he is just masking his emotions…..if he really hates her,then he wouldn’t hv felt agonised seeing her unconscious
    And why most of the people in Isrc r hell-bent on drifting sandhir….
    This makes me miss Vidarth one can replace them…

  7. Hi everyone I am new over here but only one question when is channel V going to stop all its show ? What is tje exact date

    1. Hi Anastasia ! Dear, all shows of channel V will go off air after 30th june..

    2. But why….????

    3. Coz channel V is turning into a music channel

    4. Not 30th June, its 30th may.

    5. Thank you so much !!

    6. richa (titli)

      June 30 2016

  8. I am fine sheena dear ,i can’nt watch shq nowdays so i am not aware of the current track

    1. Yaa di i understand…take care of urself n ur family..

  9. clap for rd.he can do anything for vangeance

  10. Randhir loves her. He says he hate her that’s because of his ego. Sanyu loves her. She care for him.please clear all misunderstandings and make them together.

  11. Hhhhaa rd gone mad

  12. Everyone say that rd loves sanyu..ya i agree. But drm the bet episode he is becoming villian.he is concorned for her. But he is more doing everythng for revenge. Its not cool.

  13. i wish aryan had given sanyykta cpr

  14. Is it really gonna happen….channel V is gonna stop all its show..? Really…

  15. Now everything is just wierd…I think cv itself is very confuse what to in such a short period….
    I think they should end it in season one only..

  16. Now everything is just wierd…I think cv itself is very confuse what to in such a short period….
    I think they should end it in season one only…….
    Or we need season 3?

  17. I just hate randhir’s character now…hw can he be so negative….dis s not love…dis s psychic….

  18. no sandhir only aryukta!!!

  19. Rd is disgusting why they r making rds character so cheap.sry guys BT I wanna slap rd fr his activities n wicked smile.Aryan reacted fr rd while he was unconscious BT rd hadn’t reacted wen Aryan was unconscious.he is so sweet.rd is doing all this just to win bet its disgusting.Is he a child dont he knw wats wrong n wats ryt? Writers don’t end with incmplt luv story.sanyu must succeed in both her goal n love.Aryan is ryt choice he is sensible.ofcrse rd has luv fr sanyu BT it doesn’t make both of them happy.plzzzzz end with aryukta plzzzz

  20. y writers r spoiling rd’s character… y is it so?? y..? I’ve read dey will end d season 2 with unexpected ending..with luv triangle… after watching today’s episode its clear dey live together n die also together… means dey share a unique bond..unique chemistry… so still hope in d end it will be ..SanDhir …

  21. Oh no!!! Why is it going go off air I was loving red jealous of Aryan and sanyu.but when it is going off air? 30th may or 30th june???????

    1. The team will wrap up the shoot on 30th June, but the last episode will be telecasted on 30th may.

    2. .ohh..dear I think uhhh r little confused …shoot wrap on 30 may
      and telecast on 30 june!!!!

  22. ARYUKTA ONLY. ….. Plsssssss…….
    Hi frndss…… Good mrng…… Sanyu di,,, richu,,,,, where r u ???????

    Richa,,,, for u dear in bengali…..
    Shuvo shokal (gd mrng)
    And ,, Ami(I) tomake(u) valobashi(love) ( I love u)…?????????….

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Gmail aalu

  23. Wwhatever happen s nothing matters till rd is doing or it revolves around him because my only motive of watching the show is his handsome and dashing looks so cvs you can portray him in any manner till he is the protagonist it’s ok or else not .please end with sandhir only
    AND TODAY IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE AS I FINALLY TURNED 16 leaving the silly adolescent behind and entering the much awaited youth and freedom

    1. happy b’day dr..:-) be happy always…

    2. Congrats!!! Kushagra !!!

      Happy b’day to u šŸ™‚ ????????
      And youth is good to enjoy but I m still very far from it šŸ™‚

      Any way happy many many returns of u the day !!!

    3. I mean … Sorry typing mistake …

      Many many happy returns of the day šŸ™‚

    4. Happy b’day kushagra !! Sweet 16 huh..nice šŸ˜€
      Keep smiling n always be happy

    5. happy bday kushagra

    6. Thanks to all the people and wish you all lot of happiness .thanks again

  24. hii sweeties whre r u my frnds???
    i had fever so couldnt now i m fineee n backkkkkkkkk….mayu shenu richu nishu karu shreyu revu shivu shahid raj brother sanyu alu liyu n all so m,any newiessss how ruuu

    in sadda haq stupidity is increasing day by day..
    rd is mentallllllll…….wht the hell yrrr sh2 us very boringgg……rd whole family is realy pschyo mom dad n him…bechari sanyu fas gayii.
    n aryan uske bare me bat nhi karna acha hai..boring chrcter…
    i have stoped watching sadda haq,..
    just come here for u my frndsss
    guys oir tu page is getting bored day by day..lets make it intrestinggg..whts say????

    1. Hiii mint fresh …:-)

    2. Hi mukti! R u ok now? Tc dear

    3. hi dear how are you???

    4. hey how are you dear??

    5. sorry dear double comments

  25. hey dhruv comeback see its becoming bored nowdzzz all new entries..hehe…no no i want our cute sweet family..liyuuu whre r u?????

  26. Yaah!! Guys let’s talk about secrets , sand moments and funny moments …
    Muku , sheenu, shivu, revu , sanyu , aalu, liyu, nishu, Richa, richu , dhruv , raj,karu, shrey u if u can , and everybody else guys

    1. I mean sad moments not sand moment typing mistake again … Sorry …and add memorable moment also


      Lemme start ..
      My memorable moment is when …
      I was very small maybe in 1st , or in UKG …
      We used to play a song or poem and act according to it like there was a word wgeere they say motu Seth kele(banana) ke chilke (peel)pe phisle and we also just fall and everybody just fall in one another it was so so fun and one more when I was in 2 there was a war between girls and boys and litterellay we used to scream like anything we girls used to throw papers and so as the boys and our seats uff !! We used to play , a lot … I really missed those day ….

      And my funny , sad moment after a little break till that time please anybody else šŸ˜‰

    2. so many typing mistakes due to autocorrect guys,

    3. Hiiii mayu, sheenu, sanyu, muku , nishu and everyone …

      Yeah it is a good game …

      Sad moment –
      To tell u truth it is a very weird moment actually when I once attended the summer camp and everybody got selected in one or another activity except me … I was so so angry and sad that u even expressed it directly to dance teacher where I was trying to do my 100% and I was so sad even I started crying … I can’t ever forget that time and it was the first time I ever attended summer camp and after that experience I decided to never do it again next year … ?????

      I really really feel bad when I remembered it but now I m fine and as you know after 8 u r not allowed to attend summer camp and after that now I can’t ever attend summer camp ….

      But now it’s all fine I always go and visit Mumbai whenever my summer holidays r there …

    4. Hey piku!! Cute memories dear!!
      Hi nysha ! Don’t be sad dear…u’ll get better opportunities…
      Keep smiling šŸ™‚

    5. hehehehehehehr..its veryy funny..not tht much..litle..
      when i was small in kg i loved tearing pages frm book….
      n dhruv bhai was in primary school.n he had drwaing exm..he had drwan some 12 pictures n kept his drawing book..n i went their n teared all the pages..hehehe…
      n bhai was so shockedd he was on verge of the drwaings had mam s signature n now he gonna get lots of scolding n above all mrks gone.,…heheheheheh…he was soo angry whole night he cmplted again al drwings n still mam scolded him…hehehe

    6. oh i read ur cmnt now..dii itsss veryyy funnnyyy lloveddd it…coollllllllllllll…bachpan ke suane diinnnnn….
      kg ke din me i only cried bt…hehehe

    7. hahahaha mayu in shool we also did sameee…
      ok my funny moment..hmmm
      it was sari day just last month…n we all were sariss.
      n a new young mam came n she had also weared sarii..n she was asking me abt classes…
      n one of my frnd parh he is veryy funny..he alwz tlks with girlsss like he is flirt bt not baddd.. he saw me with mam n thoguht tht she is some newbie in clgg.n came to us n said to her…ohhh miss u looking so beautiful..dekhte hi apko dekhte rahe gayaa..haha n pls give ur no..n if u want i will show u the clg dear….
      n she said yes afcrse n i will show u prinicpals cabin…
      he was soo shocked ran frm their n nvr attended her lecture…hehehehr
      tht was a very funny incident…
      n sad i will tell later guys now u all share,.

    8. Haha…u r so cute revu !

    9. Now my happy moments …

      There is no one in particular but yes in bunch ….
      First moment -when I was small as u know girls love make up and loves to dress so as me i was so so small small but loves it …

      So what I used to do is that to take my mom’s most new and beautiful saree and wear and used my and my Mom’s lipstick and in place of eyeshadow I again use pink lipstick I was very so I don’t know how to use kajal and stuff still I don’t know how to use ??
      And used to open my hairs and comb it up and use ribbons and hair accessories and then my biggest craziness about my heels .. Uff… I used to wear it and then I used to dance , sing , play and many times my father used to click my pics and I used to lose like I m walking in a ramp and I m a super model and I just love it … Missing my old days ….

      My happiness … I can’t ever forget those times when I with my father and mother used to take a 2 min walk to tell u my father alwyas say 2, min walk but it was never a 2 min walk it was about 1-2 km and I used to enjoy every moment of walk late night in the streets of Pune … And the chilled air , we used to dinner in restaurants and walk and take those fresh airs and chit chat … I m missing those moments ….

      My happiest moment was when I want to see an anime and after watching that episode I was so so happy like if I win the whole world and was jumping and jumping on my best and about to fall and then suddenly I jumped … Uff!!! But I was safe and didn’t got hurt …

      Some more r there but now sad moment …. After a little break … Where r u guys u too comment šŸ™‚

    10. Hehehehe!!! Revu sahi h.. Bichara Bhai.. Usko daat padgayi ….. Waise after hearing all these memories u also used to laugh n… šŸ™‚ cute memories šŸ™‚

    11. It Was the happiest day of life
      Last in delhi many decided to organize mock parliament on parliament day .it was on the no dentention policy according to acc to which students can’t be failled till class 9 .our school was one of it we all were asked to write articles to give our views everybody knew that I am gonna selected as they all know my love for debates and my command on words .we three got selected as leaders but during practice session myideal my sst mam came she said that students are giving speech in english and those who are trying in hindi they are lacking words she saidfeel the topic and how it is related to country and then speak . At that moment I called my partner actually pair were made like one leader in favour and other in against at that very moment I changed her speech in hindi with ryhmes and when teacher called us for rehearsals she just readed yhe paper they were impressed I uttered on the spot what came in my mind with full emotions .they all stood up and started clapping as on the spot I prepared shud hindi speech my teacher proudly said to mother teacher that our children can modernize but they can’t change at heart they are deeply attached to their roots it was something I really feel pride of .on parliament day I wore sari for first time and I was so laud that everybody said I didn’t needed a mick
      That day I realized that we all though get fascinated by western culture but we find real bliss in our culture only .sorry to bore you all but this my story

    12. No dear … It was awesome … Kushagra your parents , teachers , and your team member was surely proud if u … And yes when we say with all our heart it was an essence of jewel of your brain … Everything is true when we speak with our heart … I too wanna listen that speech … Were u against or in favor of not failing policy ??ā˜ŗā˜ŗ??

    13. Yes they all were proud and I supprted failing policy as I we have seen how our class changed from worst to best when 16 cchildren were failed from 50 students in class 9 .MOREOVER it’s better na if a child repea to get knowledge he lacked or else whole country will suffer with half knowledged pilliar as every young mind is the pilliar of the country
      We will never let a half trainted driver to take responsibility of our journey than how we can handover our country to untrained hands

    14. Yeah !! Kushagra dear its true that we can’t let half trained driver to take responsibility but as u know in our society parents always say marks marks (generally) and want their child to pass and some r from village type are where they can not manage everything … So if they fail there will be a lot pressure on them … They might commit suicide or ran from their houses or repeat the class .. It maybe the embarrassment to sit with juniors …. At that age it us very difficult to a child or adolescent to control at that soft hearted time of their life šŸ™‚
      U know what I mean n… And overall we can conclude that a coin has two sides as well as every situation has two sides … True nā˜ŗ

  27. hiiii shenu mayu sanyu alu liyu nishu karu shivu n all my sweetfrnds how r u????????

    mayu i was busy frm last 4 5 days bt now i m fre…i too missed u so much…..howru
    imissed everyone…

    hii muku ya i too thnk there r many new people hre just in 4 5 dayss…bt our shenu mayu sanyu alu diiss r here so i mhappy.
    nishuu dii whre r u???????????missing u..plz come diii..
    shenu dii i m fine..u just litte now freeee…
    n dhruv bro exm strted so he iz nt i thnk he will come tomorrow cz he have holidys in between..

    ritika i dnt kno u..but u just stoped comnting…dear dnt gethurt n share ur heart jst dnt talk abt someone personally cz everyone reads..
    bt u come na..n priya u too came n gone like windd..


    sanyu di whts dis gmail?????

    anywz guyss lvuu tccc
    see u soon lvuyuuu shenu mayu diis

    1. hi revu where r u???

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