Sadda Haq 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to ground, Randhir smiles and holds her hand. He places his finger on her lips. Randhir kisses her hand and holds her by waist. They dance together slowly. Randhir kisses her cheek. Suddenly he realizes it was his imagination, sanyu is standing at distance. He says you look so good, sanyu says thanks. He says where are you taking me for date? sanyu says come in will tell you. The hold hands and start walking.

Vidushi is in canteen. Parth sees her and sits on the other table. Vidushi coughs due to spices. Parth gives her water. He sits with her. He draws a lady on paper.

Agarwal comes to anju and says sign these property transfer papers. Anju says what? He says I am naming this house and factory to ankit. Anju says why so abrupt? Agarwal says the girl’s family

fears that sanyu might ask for her right in property. anju says you should talk to sanyu. He says i don’t need to tell her anything before taking decision. ankit is the son and he has right to have all this. sign and give me these papers. anju signs them.

Sanyu and Randhir come to a cafe, sanyu slips. Randhir holds her. sanyu says thanks. He says don’t taunt. Sanyu says your reputation is like that. that waiter is watching us. randhir says i am like that. He says to waiter what are you watching is it some circus? Sanyu says two fresh lime juice. randhir says i don’t want fresh lime juice. sanyu says okay one fresh lime juice and.. randhir says fresh lime soda. Sanyu says isn’t it the same thing. Randhir says soda is different. When the order comes, randhir drinks her juice and she takes the soda.

Vidushi says why are you staring at me? she is about to leave. she slips, parth holds her. Guard comes and says this is canteen its not for all this. vidushi says what you mean? guard says go to your room. vidushi leaves.

Sanyu says i think dream team will be made, we need to find a good mentor. He says we aren’t here to talk this rubbish. Sanyu says then? He says you look so beautiful today. The other couple in cafe goes for dance. Randhir says the guy is a complete cartoon. why is he dancing when he can’t. sanyu says maybe the girl wanted to dance.

Vidushi is asleep. Someone comes and places hand on her mouth. Its parth. He takes out vodka. vidushi says what are you doing here? and are you drunk? He says no its just vodka. He says please stop fighting i love you. Vidushi shoves him. She says you think you can do anything? He says i can do anything for you. I wont listen to you. He comes closer to her, and kisses her forehead.

Randhr stands up and takes sanyu for dance. The song ‘khuda jaane’ is playing. The dance slowly and recall their moments together, sanyu says what is what we want is different than what we need. I need you and i can’t bear this anymore. He says maybe our need and want is same. Maybe we want each other and we still want to fight. sanyu hugs him. SAnyu says i love you randhir. he says i love you too. A waiter hits sanyu. Randhir says can’t you see? the other couple’s guy says such a rude guy he is? He doesn’t know how to behave with a girl? randhir sas mind your own business. Randhri starts hitting that guy. sanyu sas stop it why you have to fight all the time. he says why you have to taunt me all the time. sanyu tries to stop him, randhir shoves her. sanyu falls on floor. Randhir holds her, she has a bruise on forehead she leaves in anger.

Precap- sanyu says is this your love? you are so aggressive that you can’t control yourself for a moment? he says yes i am but did you ever try to know why this happens? Sanyu says you almost killed my dad and still i am standing with you. He says go tell him i will see what he can do. sanyu hits him. vidushi comes and stops them. sanyu says you don’t know what love is.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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  2. sara

    can u guys wait til 8pm act I am goin to my aunts hse she is in nxt strt nly plz plz plz wait fr me guys

  3. yaa..[email protected]

  4. Tami

    I seriously feel like these two have so many problems that need to be sorted out. I agree with Sanyukta, that Randhir need to learn how to control his anger and keep it low a little.
    As much as bad as this sounds but I don’t want sanyu to forgot him just yet. He let his ego win and it shows a lot about him..

  5. Tami

    He loves her indeed.. but he proved that if its love or ego.. his ego will win.
    Anybody here watches prison break, game of thrones or breaking bad?

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  7. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    I am simple girl sara I think I am looking special due 2 luv that I get 4m my frnds may be @sara

  8. carron

    this sandhir is soo complicated …randhir has hurted sanyu a lot in the past and i wonder how sanyu still loves him ..i mean how

  9. Nutz

    Hi jaya, randhir, sweet, queen, sara, carron n every1! Guys its my first tym on dis pg, can i b frnds wd u guys?

  10. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    Your already my frnd and I am sorry dear I nvr told my name [email protected]

  11. Tami

    @jaya oh god yes! Dey r so freaking amazing. Nothing like these indian shows too b honest. The shows have a great plot with so good twists and turn that I really at one point had a mini heart attack out of excitement. U should try it.
    @randhir bbye v never really talk but m assuming u r a fun prsn.

  12. Kyy membrs here??
    it looks lyk tu is a cntry n respctv shws r cities or states n we keep visitng diff places

  13. carron

    anyone saw 2day’s match , it was amazing r8 ?? i felt really bad 4 south africa i mean always this happens 4 them they played really well and also nz also played well…
    wow now nz for finals hope india also gets there

  14. Tami

    @jaya whats your age again? If its nowhere near 17 then I dont think you should watch
    @carron hey πŸ™‚

  15. carron

    guys how r u all and this question is not 4 sana ,sara,bhai and didu (i already know u how u all r)but 4 others

  16. Max

    queen kaha ghayab ho jaati ho. muje tumse baat karna h. vo baat type karne ke liye bahut tym lagta. plzz reply karo

  17. carron

    okay then i am going , i seriously think i am bad luck i cum and people go …just joking i know i am good luck ..again joking ha ha..okay guys i am going bye i have lots of work 2 do i have 2 see kyy,shq and mdg c lots of work ! i left randhir and sanyukta in halfway so let me go and c them ..
    till then bye everyone bye bye and best of luck bhai πŸ™‚

  18. shenaz

    Sanyukta mujhe kuch nahi hua hai acc my grany is in hospital from last10 days it was her dinner time n she was crying bcoz her legs were paining n I being d only 1 in hospital has to take care of her so I told u bye nothing chill

  19. shenaz

    Max really not fair ha tum aaye aur sab ko apne saath kyy keep TU par le gaye ha ha ha just kidding u guys enjoy aur mujhe bhi koi bata dena waha kya hua as I won’t be able to cum dere see u guys after some time bye guys.

  20. shinning star

    Hi shenaz mere xam Chal rahe the n 20 ko khatam huie n 4 ko mera iit mains ka xam h so tabhi online nahi aie me
    Darling I m fine how about u

  21. annu

    awesome couple… love their chemistry…. I love the serial as it shows how the girl have to handle all the taunts of the society.. and prove the guys around that no girl is less than them in anyway… love u sanyu… you rock..

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