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Sadda Haq 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is working on her seat belt. She says i will sync it with alarm app. Vikra comes and says its not that easy as you think but the idea is awesome sanyu says that is why i am checking the feasibility. He says good going. Sanyu says I was a software that will trigger it automatically. She starts looking on internet. Agarwal comes and says vikram told me about your project, keep it up. sanyu says thank you sir. She is glad.

Sanyu calls vardhan and says sir how will i integrate it. SAnyu says you have done same kind of work before when you made insulator injecting watch. Vardhan says yes, you can use it in your seat belt as well. SAnyu says thank you so much sir. Randhir comes and says i know it must be your stupid seat belt project. This is a complete flop idea. sanyu says i

don’t need your advice. He says i am really impressed. you will fail in everything and in this as well. sanyu says i can fail in a relationship but not in my dream. He says all the best and leaves.

Yoyo is worried in his room. He says what should i do? He gets an MMS, Aister’s video. SHe says you wont be safe. Rana says to her there is a bomb under you seat. yoyo is shocked.

Sanyu comes to her room and says vidushi please switch off the lights i am so tired. Vidushi says do whatever you want i don’t care. She switches off the lights. sanyu recalls what randir said. she says isn’t he mush chilled out? is he making some bigger plans?

Scene 2
Next morning, parth says to randhir you woke up so early today? you have your presentation in factory? sanyu told me. randhir says let me do what i am doing. Parth says what are you doing? Are you planning something against sanyu? Randhir says stay out of it and stay away from her. I will take care of her.
Sanyu gets up, she says i couldn’t sleep whole night. Vidushi’s mood is off. sanyu says after her break up she has become rude again. sanyu looks at her family photo and prays. She says help me God i have to impress papa anyhow. Vidushi says sanyu, and hugs her. she says sorry. sanyu says its okay. Vidushi says all the best for your task. don’t sleep there. Sanyu says i wont and thanks. she leaves.

Yoyo says what should i do? He gets a call from rana. He says you have few hours left. you have to kill him before 6 otherwise the bomb will blast. Aister is crying, yoyo says please don’t harm her. I will do it before 6. Rana hangs up. he says to aister you live him so much, you made an animal like him a human. yoyo picks up the gun.

Ankit says you have to declare sanyu fourth, agarwal says we will make her 1st no matter how her project is. ankit says this will boost her confidence. Agarwal says don’t tell me what to do. Vikram comes and says the interns are ready. Agarwal says i am coming.

Vidushi calls parth and says where are you since many days? i am worried for you. parth says i can take care of myself. Vidushi says are you in that rana things again? Parth says i can’t stop. I will catch him. someone shoots him from behind a wall. PArth falls down due to pain. He has got bullet in his shoulder. yoyo goes from there.

Scene 3
Agarwal and ankit sit for the presentations. all the interns come. ankit says this is the last competition. Lets starts this. Raghu shows us your presentation. Raghu says i have designed solar power charging battery. He says this is like a solar heater. She shows the prototype. vikram says where will we install it? Raghu says on roof of car. Agarwal says ideas like these are not practical we cant implement them. Raghu says to kunal it was impractical that is why i showed it. You know what to do. Kunal says i have a few ideas but i couldn’t complete them. Vikram says this is not a brainstorm session. Kunal says i want to design an app that will make cars auto driven. Vikram says when is this going to happen? We will use your idea when our country reach that level. Vikram says sanyu you are next. randhir says this is your last chance there wont be any engineering in your life after this.

Sanyu says i have made a seat belt that will record heart beat and pulse rate of driver. It will blare and alarm when the driver is about to sleep. Randhir says is this practical? sanyu says i have made a prototype. Agarwal says we will demonstrate it after we are done with presentations. randhir is next. He says i have designed a turbo charger, It will minimize load on engine. we can install it in any car. Ankit says his idea is good we can’t ignore. Randhir says this is eco-friendly as well. Agarwal says raghu and kunal are eliminated already. randhir and sanyu your ideas were so well. The who comes with preparation has to win, sanyu has brought prototype as well. everyone starts clapping. Agarwal says she has not won it yet. The best intern trophy will go after demo. are you ready? sanyu says yes sir.

yoyo says to rana i have done your work. i shot him on shoulder , i was not experienced. I was worried for aister, i will kill him in medical room. rana says you will get aister back in an hour. yoyo says is she okay? rana says yes. he gives yoyo money.

Agarwal says to randhir only few minutes are left. you have not told me your plan? Randhr says i will drive the car when you do the demo. i will make sure i wont work. Agarwal says it will be operated from a mobile app. randhir says her coding wont work because of my virus. this is crash the car. agarwal says this will risk your life. randhir says this will hurt me and sanyu will leave engineering after that.

yoyo goes to parth i medical room. yoyo says you were right, rana is stuck now. Our plan is successful. Parth recalls when yoyo came to him and pointed a gun at him, parth said you will kill me? Put it down we can talk. yoyo said i will kill myself. parth takes the gun. He says are you taking drugs? Yoyo says yes, parth says have you gone mad? yoyo said i work for rana, i was depressed after jiggy’s death. I took help from drugs. He told parth everything. He said i don’t know what to do. aister’s life is in danger, parth said don’t worry rana wont be safe we will send him to jail. shoot me. yoyo said i can’t do this. parth said you will shoot me on shoulder, yoyo said i can’t do this. parth says this will stuck rana.Parth gets atext from aister, he says parth aister is in her room. Parth says go to her she needs you.

Sanyu installs her seat belt. agawal says where is the driver? Ankit says his phone is off, sanyu says anyone of us can drive, randhir says i will drive it. sanyu says in heart you can’t ruin in, i will handle the software. sanyu says okay. She gives him the sleeping pills and says you will sleep in 10 minutes and car will stop. agarwal says since its sanyu’s project, i will do the test drive first, randhir is shocked. agarwal says to randhir i know that sanyu might love you but she loves me more. My accident will shock her the most. He takes the keys and goes towards the car. Agarwal sits in the car, sanyu sits with laptop. randhir says sanyu wait. Sanyu says not now. sanyu says to agarwal you will be connected to me with this walkie talkie the car will slow down when you sleep, randhir says in heart shit what i did. SAnyu says start the car. agarwal starts driving the car. He is sleepy the car slows down a little, agarwal says in heart randhi said car will slow down. suddenly the car starts going fast. vikram says sanyu the car is running so fast. Everyone is in a shock. sanyu is worried. THe car hits a tree and crashes. sanyu screams papa. everyone is dazed. Agarwal is fainted.

Precap-they all take agarwal out. Ankit come to sanyu and says you risked your life for your dream. everyone taunts her. anju hugs her in tears and says what is happening sanyyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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