Sadda Haq 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 24th February 2014 Written Update

Quick update for today..

So FITE students are upset as they worked hard and their project is better than CITE, but still the sarpanch will choose CITE as winner.

Other hand, Parth is praising FITE’s project. Kabir stops him and says that this is his problem. You don’t treat your rivals like that. He gets a call from Vidushi. He goes on a side to talk to her .Vidushi tells him that she did her job and now he must give her what he promised. Kabir says his team didn’t win because of her and refuses to give her anything saying he doesn’t like those who are not loyal to their teams.

Vardhan comes and cheers his students up. He says they are winners for him no matter what the result comes tomorrow. They won’t see today, but it’s their project

which will change the life in village.

In morning, before the village leader leaves, he sees the ladies in his house are also suffering from the smoke.

Everyone gathers and the leader announces CITE’s team as winner. FITE students cannot believe it. All villagers support FITE’s project which makes the leader change his decision. He thanks and praises Sanyu for making him realize that the village cannot progress without women’s help. FITE students celebrate. While they celebrate, Sanyu and Randhir almost hug each other. They see each other and then they stop and just say congrats. Vardhan quietly leaves from there. Kabir gets mad and leaves from there with his students. He says in his mind, there are many other ways to take revenge, Vardhan. So what if you won this competition?

Everyone searches for Vardhan. They see him on his bike and he then leaves from there.

FITE’s students are welcomed by other students and professors. The Dean praises FITE’s team. Sanyu and Randhir give credits to Vardhan. They look for Vardhan. The dean tells them that he doesn’t like celebration, he must be in his room so don’t worry about him.

Vardhan talks with Niharika that his students fulfilled her dream and wherever she is, she must be very pleased. A peon comes and tells Vardhan that someone sent a bouquet for him. There is a note with it. It’s from Kabir. Vardhan reads it and it says that Kabir never shared one thing with Vardhan and it’s time to reveal that. The note reads Vardhan misunderstood that Niharika loved him a lot, when the truth is, she never ever loved him. Vardhan says rubbish. He readers further and Kabir has attacked another note from Niharika. Vardhan reads it and gets mad. Sanyu and Randhir come to his room, but before they get in, Vardhan closes the door.

Precap: Vardhan resigns from the dream team competition. The Dean tries to convince him, but in vain. Sanyu hears their conversation and the Dean mentioning Niharika’s name. She decides to find out about Vardhan’s past and Niharika.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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