Pavitra Rishta 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Doctor treating Naren. Shirish says, he got hyper in court. Sunanda scolds Shekhar for risking Naren’s life for saving Raunaq. She asks, why did you flash on his face. Media was unaware of his health but now everyone knows about it. Shekhar says, I am not happy to do it. It was needed for the case. I was doing my work. I did it to save Naren, family and Raunaq. Sunanda asks, how Naren is related to the case. Shekhar says, Naren is the weak string of this case. Naren thinks that it is a misunderstanding. What will happen if court see their love. I am taking the case in the right direction. I wanted to prove Ankita wrong. Court didn’t see their love but have seen Ankita’s greed. I wouldn’t have done it. I am doing this for Naren.

Arjun is in the hospital. Purvi asks him to open the eyes and cries. She says, I can’t love anybody else. I just love you. She says, I love you……She recalls Arjun confessing his love. She recalls Ovi saving them. She recalls about Pia and Ovi’s sacrifice. She thinks of Ovi’s words about the clot in Arjun’s brain and about Arjun loving only her. Purvi thinks, why did you hide with me? Why did you think that I will leave you. We can’t be seperated. We are one.

Doctor tells Sunanda that Naren’s condition has worsened because of their carelessness. She says, Naren is very serious and asks her to take care of Naren. Ankita comes and says I will take care of him. Kinnari thinks, what she is doing here? Ankita says, he is my responsibility only. I will take care of him. I won’t leave him. I will take care of his health and will see that no one hurts him. Sunanda asks, how dare you come here. There is no place for you here. Ankita says, then throw me out. You said I married Naren for money, then give me money. Sunanda asks her to tell about the price.

Ankita asks, how much penalty you will pay for his condition? She says, I was wrong to leave him here. You can stake your relations for your reputation and I was concerned about my relations. You proved me wrong. He throw me out of the house because of his family but you have done. He is not mad but you all are mad. I don’t give you right to called him mad. I won’t give right to anyone to call him mad. I will take care of him.

Ankita sits beside unconscious Naren and says I will never leave you. She says, I will win the case and will prove Raunaq to be rapist. She says, if you don’t agree then you can leave and shows the door. Sunanda, Shirish and Kinnari are shocked. Kal Ko Bhoolun Naa…….Plays…………..She removes his shoes and caresses his face. She hugs him and cries.

Purvi holds Arjun’s hand and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Pia comes and asks about Ovi. Purvi says, I will tell Police. Pia says, mom has sacrificed to repent for her mistakes. She gives him tickets and asks her to take Arjun to Melbourne as Ovi talked to the doctors there. Purvi says, I can’t leave Ovi here. Pia says, I will take care of mom’s case. I will free her. She holds herself responsible for their seperation. Purvi says, you are not at fault, it was in destiny. Pia asks her to take Arjun to Melbourne for the operation.

Purvi says, you are like my daughter. I will never forgive your favours. Pia says, I am happy to see you together. She holds Arjun’s hand and says I always love you and will always pray for your well being. She says, Doctor has arranged a special plane with medical facilities and nurses. She requests her not to tell anything to Archana, Manav and family as they will get worried. She says, we will inform them once he is fine. Purvi asks her to take care of herself and Ovi.

Ankita feels herself responsible for Naren’s condition. Naren wakes up and asks Ankita to leave as Raunaq is facing embarrassment because of her. He says, I will leave. Ankita says, I will go. Naren closes the door and asks her to go. Sad music plays……Sunanda asks her, what you will do as Naren doesn’t want to see you. She asks her to leave. Ankita says, I won’t leave.

Sunanda asks Kinnari to tell Ankita to stay in servant’s quarters. Ankita comes to the servant’s quarters and asks, can I sleep here. They ask her to sleep on the bed. Ankita feels bad as she recalls about Naren’s words.

In the court, Mansi shouts he is Raunaq. Light comes, Shekhar shows the person and says Raunaq is standing there. Mansi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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