Sadda Haq 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu asks the worker whats the rpoblem in machine? He says its not working, its sparks when we start it. Raghu says okay i will see it. Mishra comes to raghu and says this is big opportunity for you. if you do it you will go to germany. Kunal calls his pal and tells him about machines, he asks him to mail the code of machine. Randhir comes to kunal and says you so called genius? did you come here with a bribe? you can’t hack a german manufacturer’s server. And even if you do, they don’t know the fault of their machine. Kunal says i will find another method. why don’t you mind your own business. Randhir says i wanted to make it a fair competition. I wont like to win so easily and go there.

Parth calls his friend and asks did dealer call you? He says

no what rubbish. He asks different boys but no one says yes. Vidushi calls him but he declines. She texts pick up the call. Parth opens his laptop and tries to find whose number that is. He hacks the number dealer has called. The most dialed number is of yoyo.

sanyu is working on machine. she says it looks so complicated. he reads different manuals and says there is no manual of this machine. Anju calls her. sanyu says dont talk to me. Anju says how is everything? sanyu says so good. A competition i going on. If i win it i will go to Germany with papa. anju says are you happy there? sanyu says yes i have been waiting for this day since so long. anju says i will pray that you win. sanyu says mishra is coming. okay bye. Sanyu asks mishra where is the manual? he says only ankit has its manual. sanyu goes to ankit and says i needed machine’s manual. He says i wont give you. sanyu says mishra said i can get any book i want. He says okay then ask mishra i am not going to give you anything, now go. Sanyu hops in his room and looks for the manual. Randhir comes and says you are looking for it? he has manual in his hand. sanyu says give it to me. He says no matter how hard you try you are never going to get that cabin. Ankit sees them fighting.

Ankit goes to agarwal and says you are having tea here. And sanyu is there with randhir. Why dont you kick them out? Agarwal says i have thought something before appointing him. ankit says if sanyu don’t give up i will have to give her my cabin. Agarwal says that cabin is your now go from here.

Randhir gives the manual to sanyu and says i brought it for you. i was just teasing you you. He snatches it again and takes out the lighter. He says i will burn it. if you want it back tie my shoe laces. sanyu ties and takes the manual. Randhir falls on the floor. sanyu says so smart you think of yourself? now keep lying here and i am going to rectify my machine. He laughs and says you can never rectify that machine.

Parth goes to yoyo. yoyo says don’t you listen the music? Come and dance with me. parth says i dont take drugs like you i dont listen to any music. Parth says that dealer has been calling you since 2 days. yoyo says they are blank calls. I am so confused about it. parth says if you know anything about that dealer do let me know, yoyo says you are doubting on me? parth says because of the same drugs jiggy lost his life. Yoyo says i am happy with whatever i am. He leaves. Parth gets a text if you want to know about me do ask me. stop annoying others, meet me today.

Sanyu is working on the machine, randhir is sitting on stairs and eating something. Agarwal comes there. randhir says its still some hours till evening. worker says to mishra we have put that oil in the machine, it will spark. mishra says make sure it doesn’t blast? worker says yes it wont. sanyu recalls when vardhan used to solution is with in the problem. Kunal comes to her and says i will call you from Germany just be ready, sanyu ignores him.

Kabir comes to vardhan’s cabin. He sees that pin drive on the table. Kabir says you are working on those files? Just give it to me. Vardhan says its just a piece on junk. He sets the drive on ablaze. Vardhan says i dont know what you are talking about. Kabir says i know you inside and out. vardhan says what you came here to say? Kabir says nothing important but stop playing these games. He leaves. vardhan says i know you kabir. i will always be one step ahead of you. No one can trace the files.

Scene 2
A man gets a text go to class room you will find the peddler there. He is a admin, when he enters the class room parth comes in. Admin says so its you. parth says dont you feel ashamed because of you jiggy died. Parth grasps him by collar. Rana comes in with PKC. Aditya says i didn’t do it. Parth says you even texted me that meet me here. Rana says this is why you didn’t want me to search. Rana takes out a packet from aditya’s pocket. He says what is it? He recalls when he put it in his pocket while searching the rooms. aditya says i am trapped. Rana says now i will tell you how it is in your pocket. He calls security and asks them to take him to cops. PKC says to parth what are you doing here? Parth says i wanted to know about the dealer.

Sanyu, raghu and kunal are working on the machines. Mishra comes and says everyone stop. Agarwal and ankit come there. Mishra says your machines will be tested. you will near machines until we test it. first raghu starts his machine. He says the cylinders are nit working, i cant take that risk, i back out. second is kunal, he starts the machine but it sparks. Agarwal says its started but how it turned off? Kunal says there is problem is alignment. agarwal says at least you started it, well done. Next is sanyu.

Parth recalls what happened with aditya. Vidushi comes and says i know you are hurt but i didn’t cheat. I wasn’t sure. He was my ex-husband. Dont make me feel guilty. you and i were not in a relationship back then. He says I started loving you. Vidushi says tell me what to do? should i jump off a building? Should i kill myself? she breaks a glass and is about to cut her hand. Parth says have you gone mad? He says give me some time. if you are hurt i am hurt as well and calm down now. i will talk to you tomorrow. He leaves.

Sanyu is about to start her machine, mishra says there will be a little sparks and you will be out of this factory. his workers put in the oil, so does randhir. randhir says to agarwal time for action. The machine sparks. its on fire. Agarwal says it will blast. Mishra wonders how did it blast in such less oil. Agarwal says sanyu move from there. sanyu faints. randhir picks her up and takes her out. Raghu says to mishra i saw you talking to raju and bablu. what if something happened to her> Didn’t you feel ashamed when you did this? Mishra says i know what i am doing and why. sanyu gets up. agarwal says are you happy now? or do you still wanna do something? you don’t care about us at all. now get first aid. sanyu is in tears. randhir says to agarwal is my internship fixed? Agarwal says i have signed it. go and take your papers from mishra. Agarwal says you went to save her when you saw her in trouble? He says i only think about myself. i will be happy when she will be out of this factory. Agarwal says join company from monday. Randhir says sanyu now i will destroy your every dream.

kunal comes to randhir and says have you wasted money in passport? you are not going to Germany. randhir says you degree is wasted and i wont the task i had to. sanyu comes in and takes her bag. Randhir holds her hand.
Randhir says before you say to me anything watch your face. i would have completed that task in 10 minutes. kunal says there is a difference between doing and would have done. kunal leaves. Randhir says my focus is something else.

Mishra comes to agarwal and says you would have said this in my face rather than doing this behind my back. Here is my resignation, it was my responsibility. you trusted that your boy over me. there is not value. agarwal says if you had no value i wont have asked you but you couldn’t do it. take your resignation you are not going anywhere. mishra says i will only come back after this internship. He goes out. raghu says what you did? Mishra says yes i gave years to this factory and they don’t need me. i will come back after internship, you should focus here on your internship.

Doctor dresses sanyu’s bruise. Randhir comes with his burnt hand as well. doctor says your hand is burnt too? randhir says stop asking me questions and dress it. sanyu says thanks you came on time. mishra wanted to send me to God. Randhir says you think mishra did that? i can hate you that much only. i burnt that engine and i will burn your dream and passion too.

Sanyu goes out and says this is what papa has hired randhir for? He paid him to burn my dream. she sees vardhan writing question. vardhna says you stepped back sanyu? you are not the sanyu i mentored. she used to face all the challenges. now you will say everyone is against you. why don’t you just give up then? look at your self? this is how you gonna fulfill your internship? you have disappointed me, this is my mistake that i expected so much from you. i feel sorry for myself. He leaves. sanyu solves the equation, she says i can’t give up on my dream. this is my right and i wont give it to anyone.

Precap-drugs are being made in the lab. parth comes there. someone hits him from back. Randhir comes and hits nikil on helping sanyu. sanyu says why you feel bad when someone helps me? randhir says i wont let you take that cabin. sanyu says i will take it. you cant stop me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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    @kasturi its nt about just max..yar its a public website..just to share ur views on serial not a chatting site…
    everything u guys r sharing about urself is actully being read by so many user all over the wrd…
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    Tat hug is nt 4 pleasur. Tat hug is d symbol of luv. Tum har luv ke baare main bolti ho bt u dont knw d real meanin of tat. Shazu is my sis. I feel vry pity 4 u tat u r unaware of brotherly r sistrly affction.
    Shazu is brainless. Par afsoz ki baat yeh hai ki ur heartless. Shame on u Mr.max.

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  69. {☾♛☽}

    Max i knw u did dis cheap thing. I dont knw max y u behave lyk dis? Whenevr u behav cheap , i wil keep track of ur cheapnes limit. Bt evrytym u brak tat limit nd wil cheaper d most. No words explain ur cheapness.

  70. Max

    I think ur applyin ur pscology too mch in ur lyf. Thoda dil se bhi soocho ki main ye ghatiya harkat kar sakta hu. Bt y me for dis mattr. Sab inzaam muj pe he lagao. Ur doin al dis becaus u knw i wil nt ques u. Plz evrythin has a limit. & dis is it.

  71. {☾♛☽}

    Mr. Max agar ye joke tha. I m sayin it ws nt funny at al. U r sayin tat i shld think abt u frm heart. Bt in reality I dont evn want 2 think abt u Mr. My 6th sense is sayin tat ur plannin sumthin cheap again. Bt i wil challeng u it wil nvr happn.

  72. Guys this warning nt given is by TU team. I’m 110% sure coz whenever they post any warning or anythng else there is always a logo at the end of it. So der is ntng 2 wory about.

  73. Baisali

    i’m sure sanyu randhir ko handle kar legi. shes very strong. that randhir will regret his actions. btw guys why are you fighting? 🙁

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