Sadda Haq 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu sucks the blood from randhir’s finger. She applies something on. She says you can’t use a knife and try to become engineer . He say I am not becoming thug that I should know how to handle a knife. She says you mean I am a thug ? He says yes now go and sit while I cook. She sits on a side and randhir cooks. Meanwhile he watches the video in which he said I love and sanyu said I love you too. He says when did this happen ? Sanyu says place the phone aside and concentrate on cooking. Randhir recalls how he was lying out with her and she fell saying I trust you and he caught her. He recalls saying her I love you sanyu. Randhir serves the meal in a plate/ SAnyu says lets start. He asks how is it ? SAnyu says its very nice.
Randhir tastes and spits it. He says why you

lied ? Sanyu says its okay have some water. He says even dead people won’t eat it. Its too sweet I added sugar instead of salt/. SAnyu says I heart I wish you keep smiling and I could tell you the truth. He says in heart I know the truth now.

Yoyo says to his pals i haven’t talked to kaustuki since jiggy came back. Just seeing her from distance. His pals say why don’t you watch a movie with her. Yoyo says she busy she won’t go out. His friend says watch the TV premier of the wolverine on TV> Yo yo says that’s good she like action movies.

At night randhir is in his room searching for something on his phone. Sanyu says I don’t know why can’t I sleep. He says if everything stays well I will tell you whats in my heart.

Scene 2
They all wake up next morning. SAnyu wakes up kaustuki. They check how many likes they have got. Jiggy asks randhir and parth to check. They are so happy.

Yoyo sits with his men. his pals show him that this video is made my dream team. Lets go and wish the all the best. Yoyo says just go and increase the likes they will get the wishes.
Randhir looks for sanyu and wonders where she is. SAnyu comes in with kaustu. Radnhir says we are looking the response for video. Sanyu says its no viral we have not achieved the expected response.

Vardhan comes in and says well done guys you have done something I expect from you. sAnyu says we have not got the expected response.
He says you should be appreciated with this video. But make sure this video doesn’t make a hurdle for you. May someone else reaches before you. He leaves. Randhir says he meant maya.

Maya watches the video and says so dream team made this.

Parth says no one knows will media come or not. Randhir says we are stuck. Sanyu says now we will find a way out we will give our best. Lets get ready for sponsors.
Maya gets a call from a sponsor he says that my team is so impressed by the work of your team. Our representatives are there. Vidushi sees the video as well. She goes to maya and says ma’am you know.. maya stops her.
They see vardhan giving the introduction to the stick. He says we have achieved this only by support of our dean maya rai chand. Maya comes on the stage. The video plays. Jiggy says vardhan was right. Randhir shows them that they have got 50k likes. Maya says thanks vardhan for your speech. Maya says whole FITE is a dream team all our students are the best engineers. The invention of this stick show the caliber of FITE and you should support the entire pupils of our college. Media persons ask what you think about dream team ? Are you inventing on them ? Whats their next plan ? Are you investing in them ?
Vardhan says the credit of this invention goes to maya. Randhir says that was master stroke vardhan sir. Vardahn says if she hadn’t supported us we won’t be able to achieve this.

Vardhan says she believes in power of all the students. He says she thinks every student should get equal chance. FITE is known because of its students. Right maya ? Maya smiles. Vardhan says lets listen from her what she thinks ? Media asks how you found these people ? Whats your next plan ? Maya says that’s my point every student should get equal chance. one sponsor says we like this idea and we would like to invest in it. When will the main project of dream team, the car prototype will start ?
Maya is shocked. Vardhan goes to library and says this is the prototype design that is going to the international competition. He inverts all the photos on library wall. Mayya recalls assigning them task to clean. Vardhan says this is the design my team has tracked. He takes the cloth off the prototype car. maya is shocked. He says this is our goal, vision and dream. He invites the sponsors to check. He says the technology used in its engine will use the output as input. This will increase the efficiency. A reporter asks what challenges did you face ? He says yes so many challenges. Dream tea is made to face challenges. Reporters ask him to invite the team. He says I won’t show who they are I want them to perform well in the international competition. I want them to stay away from lime light. Yet if you want to know their capability ask maya. she knows very well.
Maya says yes they have made I after a lot of effort. Maya says they have not missed a lecture I am lucky to have a team like them. A sponsor says we are investing in it but we want you to lead the team. Vardhan stares at maya.

Precap- Randhir writes I love you sanyu on a card sheet. He brings sanyu in with her eyes closed. She says this so much of suspense show me what is it. He asks her to open her eyes. she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Ranyukta

    wo ho ho vardhan sir is back as official mentor n maya won’t b able to o anything against it.. I think ha…

  2. game changer

    kisi ne sadda haq ka new promo dekha?jis me ye bataya gaya hai k sandheer k life me romantic twist….it means sanyukta is also falling for randheer

  3. game changer

    yar i dnt know watz wrong wid cvs kisi bhi especial episode ka precap dikhate hai aur phir use pura week drag krte hai………..itz really irritating

  4. telly

    Guyz ter is a poll in telly the poll is about which is the best youth related show and sadda haq is the 1st among them the sad news is ter is only 4% difference among sadda haq and dil dosti dance….so I know tat u guyz would want sadda haq to win in 100% so go to telly and vote 4 sadda haq..I have given my vote guyz so wt abt u????

  5. Yeah I also sw it too it ws gr8 😀 sanyu also fallen in love with randhir I think 😀 2days epi ws awsme maya can’t do nothing abt DT anymore…. hehe 😀

  6. Yeah I also sw it too it ws gr8 😀 sanyu also fallen in love with randhir I think 😀 2days epi ws awsme maya can’t do nothing abt DT anymore…. hehe 😀 also 2days epi Vardhan Sir ws wow… 😀

  7. Meera

    I HAVE A BIGGGGG DOUBT.. 1) yoyo was shown clean shaven y/day… tdy he appears with stubble… overnight me…….??? another blooper of SH!!! ha ha!!!! 2) Parth is shown as a dimwit now… usse dekhkar lagthaa nahi ki woh DT k CAPTAIN hai… always Sanyu….. Pls do some justice to other characters also…. in fact Kaustuki’s rank was 299 when Sanyu was placed 300th…

    • nid

      Yes meera i ws confused yr,raat me clean shave karaya subah me shave wapas aa gyi,shaving cream lagayi ya chawanprash,lol 😉

  8. game changer

    are meera ye serials me kuch bhi ho sakta hai.tell me one thing poore clg me cameras lage hai right to jab sanyukta aur randheer ek dusre k room me khidki se entry marte hai to kisi ko dikhta q nahi wen sanyu kissed randheer in the lab kisi ko dikha q nahi?

  9. game changer

    most popular scene of hindi serials girl falls guy catches in his arms pefectly……guyz ye scene saari hindi serials me kabhi na kabhi hota hi hai ………….real life me agar hum kisi girne wale ko aise pyar se catch karege na us k sath hum bhi gir jayege…..

  10. AN

    aaj ki epi was fab i luved it jab vardhan maya ko indirectly neecha dekha raha tha aur maya ne DT ke todi taareef ki !!! lol!!!

  11. game changer

    most popular romantic scene of hindi serials as well as movies
    rat ka time hota baarish horahi hoti hai hai ladka ladki kahi car se ja rahe hote hai tabhi raste me car kharab ho jati hai dono car se bahar aakar jungle me aajate hai hai tabhi unhe ek hut dikhta hai aur wo waha jate hai phir dono lakdiya jama krte hai aag jalate hai….aur us k baad jo bhi hota hai wo mai nahi dekhti…..guyz agar hum log aise jungle me kho gaye na to zinda rahege bhi ya nahi pata nahi.

  12. AN

    aaj ki epi was fab i luved it jab vardhan maya ko indirectly neecha dekha raha tha aur maya ne DT ke todi taareef ki !!!

  13. nila

    I agree with everything u told @GC I literally laughing while reading ur comments….

    Pata nehi kab precap wala scene ayega really very excited and scared for it 🙁
    Promo sounds very interesting hope everything happens according to promo

    Coming back to epi …… Its was nice loved the jatakas given by dream team and Vardhan sir to The Dayan Dean
    I agree with u meera Di saare characters ko importance dena chayie khaas kar Parth ko as he is the parallel lead par jab dethe hain tho lead ko storyline se nikhal dethe hai
    Sorry everyone for long post

    • AN

      true!! when parth is given importance then it becomes too much after sm time … sanyu is being given too much importance nowadays though she’s the main character … kaustuki and sahil hasn’t
      got a chance to proove themselves ……

  14. nila

    Coming to Param bhaiya bechare itne mehnat kar rehe hain propose karne ke liye baapre ……ALL THE BEST bhaiya haan bolwa ke rehena Sanyu se

    (if u dont read the ff then plzz ignore…..and if u feel ki mai khud ko kuch jyaada hi bhaav de rahi hu by thinking ki ppl notice my ff enough to be unhappy about me not posting it,thn also i m sorry)
    Aaj ka epi was gud,par koi sandhir nahi tha….bas starting me thoda tha.
    COMMENT FROM PIYU DIDI: Hi guyz,i m back……hope noopur isnt boring u all with her ff…and epi was really nice,that look on maya’s face was priceless! And those flashbacks she had!omg! Rofl!!!!! 😉

  16. nid

    Hi to all sandhirians,n tdy’s epi ws nice..
    cultural fest hone wala h fite me n sandhir ka dance bhi,hope ki iss bar dono ka dance better ho

  17. AN

    nupoor mein kal tak wait karungi and it isn’nt boring at all for me !!!
    mein cultural fest nahi dekhpaungi kyunki mujhe ek class mein jaana hai my bad luck aur upar se mein youtube par bhi nahi dekh sakthi hoon…. 🙁 🙁

  18. my life has taught me a valuable lesson, which cannot be denied or forgotten in this time!
    maggi can never b made in 2 minutes

  19. Hahahaha how Cheezy!
    I was expecting words of wisdom to drop frm that cmmnt and what i get is a joke!( dont take me seriously,just kidding-just read soomany fanfics toh mood acha hai)

  20. @AN,
    If u want i can give u a sort-of written update on Fridays episode update if u want………if i get to see it coz u know my mom will be home. I decided to risk it,thogh. SHQ ke liye kuch bhi!
    And guyz, i will post tomorrow,pucca.
    Tab tak ke liye, ek ROMANTIC os aa raha hai!(not written by me,unfortunately)

  21. Here is the one shot! Enjoy,till then i will think of the nxt pt of ff!
    Besharmi ki height

    Everyone was present in the lab..pairs were sanyukta-randhir, kaustaki-jignesh, vishushi- parth..everybody was trying hard to complete but someone was just chilling and staring her princess..
    Randhir was done with his part and sanyukta was left with a little of hers..randhir kept his hand on her hand..sanyukta could not help just smile…
    Sanyu- yeh kya kar rahe ho randhir??
    Randhir:(making a puppy face) mahool (surroundings) Thoda romantic bana raha huin..
    Sanyukta- Acha!!aur abhi agar Vardhan sir aa Gaye na toh saara romance ban Jana hai..and giggled

    And from behind vidhushi shouts- yaar I am tired now.. Kal Subah karungi..
    Kaustaki- me too…
    Jignesh-chalo fir hostel Mein chalte hai..
    Parth- Chal jiggi main bhi chalta huin Tere saath..
    Jiggi- chalo parth bhai..randhir bhai aap nah jaa rahe??
    Randhir- tum chalo main aata hui..
    Kaustaki-aur sanyu tum bhi aa Rahi ho na??
    Sanyu- Haan aati hui..
    And they left.. Only sanyukta and randhir were present in the lab..
    Randhir comes from behind and hugs sanyukta from behind..and rests his chin on her shoulder!!
    Sanyu- randhirrr!!!pls mujhe yeh complete Karne do
    Randhir- kisses on her neck and says toh kar ko Maine kab mana Kara..
    Sanyu- toh tum mujhe irritate Matt Karo..
    Randhir- leaves her and says theek hai main jaa raha huin and leaves from there..sanyu tries to stop him but he ignores her..

    Next day in canteen

    Randhir ignores her and sanyu is trying hard to talk to him..
    Sanyukta(sits in the table and keeps her hand on his hand) sorry.. Ab maaf bhi kar do..
    But randhir gets up from there and goes to the library and sanyu follows him..(randhir is not angry on sanyu he is just acting)
    Randhir is standing and reading a book or acting to read a book..and sanyu comes from
    Behind and checks her surroundings and then hugs randhir from behind just the way he did..
    Sanyu- I love you
    Randhir can’t control his anger any more and turns around and hugs her..
    Randhir- I love you too..
    Sanyu- itne Nakhre Kyu khate ho??
    Randhir- tunhara yeh cute as face dekhne ke liye.. wiase (breaks the hug and hold her by her waist) Abhi time Acha hai..koi hai bhej nahi library main sirf tum aur main..sooo
    Sanyu:(understanding his intentions ) ssooo??
    Randhir- Ek sorry kiss toh Banti hai..
    Sanyu- besharam!!!
    Randhir leans forward and pecks on her lips..
    Sanyu: randhir tum na bilkul besharmi ki height par ho..
    Randhir:kisses on her cheek..and sings saara night besharmi ki height..
    And they both giggle..

    So here it ends I hope you like it ..

  22. game changer

    haha shrox i think samidha ko us k question k ans mil gaya.waise shrox 13 varsh ki aayu me prem jaise kathin vishay k baare me itni jiggyasa….to 18 me kya hoga…. just kidding

  23. Samairaa

    Hey Randhir didn’t say i love you to sanyu
    my unit test is next week so wont be able to comment i wish i will be able to read the update 🙁 🙁 🙁

  24. aanya

    nice thing but do some interesting between sanyu and randhir sameer ko khallash karo i wanna see them with a great love story and also a engineer so keep it up guides its very nice you know i miss sadda haq because of my coaching

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