Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka telling Rags that it was fun to get Dadi’s band. Rags says if Dadi hears this, she will not leave you. Rags says but happened to Yuvraah, he always saves Suhani. Think if Suhani gets fair and Dadi likes her then. Menka says then we will be like Pratima. Rags says lets think something. Dadi sees them and Rags also sees her. Rags starts acting and makes Dadi hear that Suhani has done some magic on Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka fill Dadi’s ears against Suhani. Menka says she respects Suhani a lot. Menka says Dadi can cancel the family photographer as her mood is upset. Rags says even I don’t know she will come out of her room or not.

Rakhi asks Soumya how she keeps home, good or bad, and I have praised you, I said you do much work. Soumya thanks her. Rakhi says she will help her in cleaning the home. Spumya happily agrees. They start the cleaning. Suhani thinks what to wear in the family pic, she can’t wear transparent sarees. She says being married is a good feeling, if you have someone like Yuvraaj. She removes her saree pallu and Yuvraaj enters the room. He sees her and turns saying sorry, he will come later. She asks him to knock the door. He says first lock the door. She says its my first marriage so I don’t have experience. He asks her to get ready as photographer has come.

She says fine and stops him. She says I know whats in your heart, you supported me and the truth is something else. Maa told you love Dadi a lot, I don’t want any problem to come between you and Dadi, so please go and apologize to Dadi. He says fine. She stops him and gets closer. He asks what is she doing. Suhani asks him to make a wish with the eyelash. He asks her to lock the door and change. Her pallu gets stuck in door and she thinks Yuvraaj caught it. She turns and laughs on her imagination.

Rakhi talks nonstop and makes Soumya work. Bhavna talks to Suhani and says I came to our house and thought to call you. Suhani asks about Amit. Bhavna says no, he is travelling a lot, so I was bored there. So he has sent me here. Suhani says I wanted to meet you, but its family pic time here, I will come home later. Bhavna tells Lata and Pankaj that they are taking new family pic with Suhani. Lata is happy. Pankaj smiles. Lata asks Bhavna for how many days Amit has sent her here. Bhavna asks why, do you want me to go. Lata says no, just asking.

Bhavna says he will call me when he comes and leaves. Lata tells Pankaj that she asked as her inlaws did not like this. Pankaj says if Amit has sent her with his wish, why will they think this. Everyone get seated on the chairs for the family pic. Suhani comes there and everyone look at her. Dadi comes. Suhani asks Sharad to come in the family pic. Sharad makes an excuse. Suhani insists. Dadi says he is not part of our family. Sharad feels bad.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to be quiet as she is new and does not know anything. Sharad leaves. Dadi asks Rags to sit somewhere else as Suhani will sit beside her. Suhani smiles and Rags is angry. Suhani sees she forgot to wear sandal and quickly comes back wearing it. The photographer asks them to smile. Soumya does all the work. Rakhi makes her work in her stories and makes Soumya do everything, and just relaxes. Rakhi says I m my brother’s fav, he loves me a lot and he can’t love you more than he loves me. Soumya says its fine.

Krishna calls Soumya and Rakhi takes the call. Krishna says I m coming back in some time and gives the message. Rakhi says fine, I will tell her. Rakhi says some other message. Soumya asks how can I go to market leaving this work. Rakhi makes her go to act like working when Krishna comes. Dadi asks Suhani to show her feet. She says your feet are so bad and insults her again. Dadi says I will call a parlour lady. Dadi says you are our bahu and have to do what our bahus do. Yuvraaj tries to speak but Dadi leaves. Rags smiles.

Suhani laughs and Dadi asks her to behave well.

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