Sadda Haq 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu calls Samir. He says I covered your mistake again. I settled everything with your dad. He knows who is right and who is wrong. Sanyu says what happened? He says why you wanna know. You can’t handle everything.Sanyu says at least tell me. He says you made a lot of mistake and I have covered up you a million times. If you want respect for whole your life stay quite and don’t call at home.

Sanyu calls ankit. he says you have done what you had to. Sanyu says whats happening ? He says shut up we will manage everything and you stay there. Maa doesn’t even want to talk to you. Stop annoying us and don’t show me your face till wedding. SAnyu wonders what happened there? What must he have said to papa.

Agarwal is signing some papers. he is applying

for lone. Lawyer says why are you placing this house as security why not your factory. Agarwal says that would ruin my name. Ankit says sanyu called she wanted to talk to maa. ANju says I forgave her all the time and today we have lost our house and respect due to her. what she thought she will shed some tears and I will pardon. I will not cover her up this time.

Sanyu calls anju. She says whats happening there. Please maa talk to me. She doesn’t pick up the phone. Randhir is looking at time. Sanyu sees the paper. It has headline of Renuka’s divorce case. she worries for Randhir.

Sanyu is sitting on stairs Randhir comes there. She goes and hugs him. She is in tears. She says I know every advise is useless but you know what happens is for our own good. He says nothing happens for good. There will be no relation, no emotion no expectation for me. No family for me. SAnyu says I will always be with you trust me. He says I don’t wanna trust anyone. These words mean nothing to me nothing at all. Sanyu goes to solve the question.

Anju calls sanyu and says why were you calling? She says why you signed fake on papers? Why should I forgive you for putting us to shame. SAnyu says I wanted to expose reality of Samir. Anju says who asked you to judge him? We have chosen him for you. He is right and you are wrong.
Anju says it I should never have supported you in all your wrongs whims. Your dad has to suffer because of the fake signature you did. Sanyu says what happened to dad maa? Anju is quite. She says come back home. Sanyu says I can’t come maa. I have exams and dream team how can I leave all this. Anju says I don’t wanna listen anything come home and that’s my final verdict. Anju disconnects the call. sanyu says what has Samir said to papa. What is he doing. She calls Samir but he doesn’t receive the phone. Sanyu is really angry.

Scene 2
Harsh says in court she did everything for money. She has extra marital affairs. Renuka says he is a drinker he could never become a good husband and dad.
Lawyer says just one image can’t be the proof against her. Judge gives his verdict. He says it has been proved that harsh is not a rightful father and husband. Even if renuka had affairs that doesn’t prove her wrong. renuka will pay 15k monthly to harsh and he will be sent to rehabilitation center. Harsh says I don’t want her money. I want my right.

After session harsh hugs randhir and says I lost everything. Randhir says I won’t let anything happen to you dad. Don’t worry. You can’t give up like this. I will be a successful man. He says like your mom? You will leave me like her. Go I don’t want anyone. Randhir says I will never leave you, why you don’t trust me? Harsh says can you promise me that you will ruin this woman’s life? Randhir is quite. He says I promise you I will. Now this status quo and money is the most important thing for me. Harsh hugs him.

Randhir goes and hits the man. He says you did all this. Its because of you that my family is destroyed. Cops stop randhir. enuka says there is no difference between you and hrsh. Randhir says I am gonna destroy you renuka.

SAnyu is calling Samir again and again. He says picks and syas I was in a meeting. sanyu says what I had to ask is more important than that. tell me what have you done? what is papa doing. they are not telling me. SAmir says thye know its not right to tell you. I heard you are coming home tomorrow. Our wedding date will be fixed. SAnyu breaks her phone in anger. Vidushi ays I could have helped you in packing your stuff why you broke that phone. She starts packing sanyu’s stuff. Sanyu says I am not going anywhere. I will make everything all right. SAmir can’t torture me and my family like this.

Precap-randhir says you are fake like everyone. You left me in most difficult part of life. He reads sanyu’s letter she says I am going to take the biggest decision of my life. Parth says go to her nd help her. she needs you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meera

    absolutely adored PSB’s acting during the high family court drama… :-):-):-) kudos PSB!!! Harshi was no less tdy…Sherni Harshi is back..
    Vidu – u r impossible!
    precap – excited.. for 12th special epi… that letter to PSB – was it sanyu’s???

  2. Amit

    After watching the episode today it made me sad….but the precap is awsum
    Randhir was not able to save his family but the least he can do is save sanyukta’s family
    Parth hats off right time right advice… Randhir helping her will make things better between them and maybe sanyukta’s dad will also look at randhir with new perspective and realise he was right about sameer…..
    Sandhir Ftw.

  3. jyoti

    Lekin muze lagta haiikiisanyuukii family usekabhi support nahi karege. After breaking engagement she has to choose college otherwisw leave the college permanent ly….

  4. Woowwwwwww!!!! Vry nyc epi…finally.. πŸ™‚ mujhe lagta hai..rd vil hlp sanyun..widout knwing to ger fmly…shayad!! πŸ™‚

  5. MDH

    As of now we have seen RD always tried to helped Sanyu with a good perspective (may be the way was not accepted in some cases) ,

    This Time Rd definitely go to save her but its request to RD , this time pls don’t go with any sampl/Drug in yor pocket.

    Expected something good to be happn.

  6. @sc, ftw is for the win.
    Seriously guyzzzz aajka epi ws tooooo gud. Especially psb and his puppy dog wala face.
    Excited fr sunday!
    Welcome back, AN! Me missed u!

  7. AN

    thanks missed ya too Aparna(ranyuktha),nupoor and all other sandhirians !!!
    aaj ke epi bohoth bohoth bohoth hi achi thi …
    i jus hope ki spcl epi mein sabkuch teek ho i mean pechli baar ki tarah koi gadbad nahi hona chahiye

  8. ray

    reaally good timing pirth……..
    samir ..the great cheater
    ….after seeing the precap..I can say
    …….now its really going to be interesting……very interesting….

  9. nid

    m so happy When Only Love Remains…ordered it on thursday n aaj delievered bhi ho gyi!!Yayyy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  10. Wow u gonna read it!
    Me too wanna read but mom wont get it fr me…..she says i wont understand it. But atleast i can try no? Read it and tell me how u like it,nid!
    Ps- ur name is nidhi, right? Can i call u that?

    • nid

      Well ye main nxt month se start karugi coz abhi m reading dd’s another novel “you we’re my crush” or bhi bhut sari novel pending padi hui h,bt me tumhe padhkar jaroor bataugi Ok
      n yea u cn call me nidhi πŸ™‚

  11. sanyu

    Aaj sabse accha point mujhe shirtless rd lga

    Haayre main besharam ho gayi

    Besharmi k liye maafi chahti hun

    • nid

      Just go to “” or “”u ‘ll find all sadda haq episode there n u cn download it!

    • Meera

      if u like to watch Sadda Haq daily episodes in YOUTUBE, then open Youtube,
      select β€œchannels” (there will be videos and channels given therein) and type
      smruti shah…. u can watch the show in parts…..

  12. @jyoti,
    Haan, well if u know how to download youtube videos then u cn download, otherwise search in google na u will get it.
    R u new here? Coz i dont seem to hv met u yet….if u r, WELCOME TO TELLYUPDATES and if u r not, well, friends?

  13. Iss week me kono spoilers aaenge ka?
    Haha dont worry, me did not suddenly bcum bihari. Was watching jhalli anjali just now so thats why…(inspired frm VP)
    By the way, this weekend target is slightly low. But guyzzzzz,

  14. Samairaa

    hey i think in previous episode ( wich contains pic ) in last scene sanyu called rd and and they talked about hurting each other and in that scene they were in same room or different ( confused because of the pic )

  15. jyoti

    Thanks all how suggested me….my tv waching has stop becoz finally after 6month my clg has start…and I miss this show very much

  16. nila

    Hi….sorry wo I had to complete the holiday homework and I also fell ill and mom didn’t allow me to use mob now only I touched the mob as mom gave permission……I too missed u all a loads
    Coming to sadda haq ….once again falling in love with sandhir :-*

    Love PSB’s new look he is looking handsome even my friend had the same hair cut and this hair cut suits both PSB and my friend

  17. nila

    Hhhuuurrraaaayyyyy !!!!!
    Tooti engagement chomu gaya baad mein….I was showing my whole teeth aftr reading the spoilers
    Kitne didnoin se ka intezaar tha

  18. MDH

    Sorry Harsita, due to heavy Traffic its got let , hoevr whole day is yurs.

    Happy Happy Returns Of the day.

  19. j

    *happy birthday dear HARSHI*
    may god bless everyday of ur life wid…
    a ray of sun,
    a glint of joy
    and a drop of luv….

  20. [email protected] changer

    *happy birthday dear HARSHI*
    may god bless everyday of ur
    life wid…
    a ray of sun,
    a glint of joy
    and a drop of luv….

  21. Wow gc di! What a lovely mssg!
    A RAY OF SUN-she herself is one. So bubbly and outgoing, she IS the ray of sun in the life of all d ppl she knows and those that know her.
    A GLINT OF JOY-Sadda Haq is her joy. She had said tht in one of her interviews. So may her glint of joy continue to give her and us noy for as long as she wishes
    A DROP OF LOVE-we fans are ready to provide an ocean of luv, drop kya cheez hai! But on a serious note, i, u, and we all wish that she may find love when she wishes for it, be it frm those she luvs, those who luv her or a certain someone she may love πŸ˜‰

  22. [email protected] changer

    ha @pradipt ye @nupoor chhota packet bada dhamaka hai…….

  23. Kya yr tum log bhi kuch bhi bolte ho….i just wrote wht i felt.
    Gc di, aap bhi begali ho kya? Aapko samajha pradipta di ka mssg!
    Pradipta di, ki na tumi o. Kichu u bolcho!
    Ok, bye going to watch spl epi!

  24. anamika


    • anamika


  25. vaishnavi

    Today’s episode was awesome. I loved it. Sanyu rocked in today’s episode.waited for this moment.very happy for SANDHIR : ) : )

  26. Aishwarya

    Plz aiba dr update the special epo soon I couldn’t see it….I juzt saw it at 8:58 and it was awesome sanyu juzt confessed infront of her and family and samirs family that she loves randhir shocking everyone..including randhir….and in the precap she throwed the engagement ring at samirs face …and said his family to return her papa’s money ..else she would file a dowry case on them…wowwwwwww

  27. Aparna

    Atiba plz update Asap. N thanx anamika and aishwarya for sharing that awesum parts of epi here. I cudnt watch it at alldue to that damn entertainment movie.

  28. [email protected] changer

    plz plz plz plz plz post the todayz epis wu plz ….

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