Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren reminiscing Sundanda’s words that Ankita took care of him when he was mad and Ashi belongs to both him and Ankita. He thanks her for telling him about Ankita. He hears Ankita singing son for Ashi and making her sleep and thinks Ankita loves everyone a lot, now she will get Ashi’s love and he promises. He stands in a balcony and looks at moon. Ankita comes and stands next to him. He asks when did he come. She asks what is he thinking. He says he is just looking at moon. He says she would have felt bad when she left him and asks why did not she inform him that she was carrying his child. Ankita says he does not know how he was reacting to other circumstances and was very happy marrying Pari, forgot everything. She told him when he was mad that she is carrying his child, but when he became well, he alleged her of having an affair with someone. She says even if she would have informed him, he would not have believed him. She says if he would seen in her eyes, he would have realized she was telling truth. She says when he came to banaras, she thought he came to take her back, but he instead said he will help her if need be and left. She says her child was the reason for her to live, but Rushali snatched even her child. She says he had a child with him and was there when Ashi told him dadda for the first time and when she went to school for the first time, but she was not there. She says she a lot of things in 5 years and asks if he can return her 5 years. Naren apologizes for his mistake.

Ankita says her dad went missing when he heard bad words about his daughter, says she knows he did not love her at all and loved only Ahana. She loved him instead one way and lost everything, now he can give her one thing. He asks what. She requests him to give her daughter Ashi. She touches even his feet. He turns his face back. She says he is very selfish and does not want to lose Ashi. She goes back and cries hugging sleeping Ashi. A marathi.. song plays in the background.

Manav asks Teju about Archana. She says she has gone to Bangalore. He says he is missing kids a lot. Teju says even she is missing Ashi and Vaishnavi. Pari comes there and says she made a mistake and apologizes them. She says she was selfish as every person and thought she would lose Naren, so she kidnapped Ashi. Manav says she herself ruined her life by her repeated mistakes. She asks him to talk to Naren and ask him not to divorce her. He says Naren loved you unconditionally, but you betrayed him. She says Ankita ruined her life and is getting divorce because of her, she is even staying with her husband, says Ankita is a very low-grade woman. Manav gets angry hearing that and tries to slap her. He says he knows what is Ankita and if she would have tried to understand her, she would not have told this. She says soon Ankita will unite back with Naren. Pari says she will not let this happen and will not divorce Naren.

Ankita dries Ashi’s hair after bath. She then goes to Naren’s room and sees Sunanda there. Sunanda says she wants to give her something and asks Ashi to tell what she taught her. Ashi calls her Aayi/mom. Ankita gets happy.

Precap: Naren and Pari promote Dil Se Naache India Wale dance reality show.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sad that pavitra rishta is coming to an end.Will miss it.

    1. Me too 🙁 :'(

  2. dammmmmmmmmmmm it

  3. Eagerly waiting to watch the last episode….
    It’ll rock when ankitha and naren would unite together once again… 🙂 😉

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