Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 28)


RECAP-Jigyasa’s rage….Gopi slips from stairs…aarav lifts gopi…


The episode starts with Gopi rushed to hospital.Aarav asks wardboy to bring a stretcher.Wardboy and nurse brings stretcher and puts gopi on that.Kokila and hetal cries and thinks hope gopi will gain consious.Rashi and paridhi consoles them.Madhuri prays to god.Aarav feels a relation with gopi…and also thinks how can be gopi related to him.Doctor and nurses takes gopi to emergency ward.


Urmilla receives a call from kokila about gopi’s accident.Urmilla gets shocked hearing.She screams saurav,jeetu ji…Jeetu asks why is she shouting…Aashni and jigyasa comes downstairs and says may be she became mad!!!…Saurav shouts at aashni.Aashni smirks.Urmilla says everyone about gopi.Everyone gets shocked.Saurav,urmilla and jeetu rushes to hospital.Jigyasa asks aashni who is gopi???….Aashni says she is my sister in law..i mean momji’s daughter.Jigyasa does hmmm….


Shah family comes to hospital.Urmilla looks at aarav and feels pity for aarav.Aarav is shown sitting in a chair.Kokila hugs urmilla.Urmilla scolds kokila that “aap log meri beti kaa dhyaan nahi rakh sakte”….Rashi says dont say like this mom…Urmilla stops.Kokila cries worriedly.

Doctor comes.Aarav and kokila asks about gopi.Doctor says she had a minor head injury.Everyone gets shocked.Doctor says not to worry she is consious now…one of you can go and meet.Aarav forward his foot but kokila says i will go.Aarav stops.Kokila enters in the room.Gopi smiles and hesitantly says maaji!!…Kokila hugs gopi and says ahem doesnt know anything…but he had some hidden feelings for you.Gopi smiles.Kokila says aarav brought you here.Gopi says maaji i am happy that he had still feelings for me.Kokila smiles.Gopi smiles too.SCREEN FREEZES on gopi’s facing.

PRECAP-Aashni falls on cowdung…Some kids laughs at her…Kokila asks aarav to feed gopi as she is busy in baa’s massaging..aarav agrees…Baa and kokila smiles as its their plan….Aarav feeds gopi with his hands….Gopi feeds it…HAMDARD SONG PLAYS…..

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Sarayumane

    precap… haha, superb update

  2. Nandhini

    Good one but its little shorter than the previous updates….funny precap….wish the same thing happens to jigyasa too….

  3. M.Shakaib

    Superb ff

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