Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 7

Dadi comes back to the Modi mansion. She realises everyone isn’t here. She gets tensed. She goes upstairs. She knocks on Gopi’s door. Gaura and Paro are alerted. Gaura quickly puts a veil over Paro. Gaura opens the door.
“ Gaura? Why are you taking so long? The pandit is waiting. I’ll bring Gopi down to the mandap.” Dadi says. Gaura gets worried.
“ No no, I will bring her down. She is my future bahu.” Gaura says. She wipes her forehead. Dadi gets suspicious.
“ And you are my bahu so you listen to me.” Dadi says and she takes Paro away with her. Dadi takes Paro with her downstairs. Gaura fumes and throws her phone on the floor.
“ Why does this buddhiya ruin my plans? Where is Shagun?” Gaura shouts. Karunesh tries to calm her down.
“ Gaura, don’t worry. Paro will get married to Ahem and Gopi will be out of our lives forever.” Karunesh says.
“ I hope so.” Gaura gets worried. Gaura tune plays.
Downstairs, Dadi places Paro on the mandap where Ahem is also waiting. Dadi turns around. She sees the reflection and notices that it is Paro under the veil and not Gopi. Dadi is shocked. Dadi alerts Sindoora.
“ What happened?” Sindoora says.
“ That isn’t Gopi. That is another girl. Gaura has swapped the brides.” Dadi says. Sindoora gets shocked.
“ Where is Gopi then?” Sindoora asks.
“ She must be somewhere here. Lets check upstairs.” Dadi says. Both go upstairs. They search through the room. They couldn’t find her anyway. They see the closet but it has a lock on there.
“ Where is the key?” Sindoora asks.
“ Gopi is in there. I know. Gaura must have the key.” Dadi says. “ You must get the key from Gaura and then somehow we swap the brides.” Sindoora and Dadi go downstairs. They see Gaura. Sindoora sees the key on Gaura. She intentionally bumps into Gaura and grabs the keys. Gaura gets angry but calms down.
“ Rashi, you need to be careful next time. I could have fell.” Gaura says and leaves. Sindoora and Dadi go back to the room. They open the closet but are shocked. Gopi isn’t there.
“ Where is she?” Dadi panickily says. They notice the window is open and ropes on the floor.
“ Shes escaped.” Sindoora says.
“ She cant be far away.” Dadi says.
Gopi is seen near the courtyard. She was about to enter the Modi mansion to stop the wedding.
“ Today, I will expose that Gaura and her evil son.” Gopi says. “ I will tell Ahem everything.” Just when Gopi is about to tell, a man grabs her. Gopi screams. Gohem tune plays.
In the house, Ahem hears Gopi’s screams. Ahem senses her. He thinks something is wrong. Gopi continues screaming. Gohem tune continues playing. Ahem gets up from the mandap and runs outside. Gopi was gone. Gaura comes running.
“ Ahem what happened?” Gaura asks.
“ Nothing. I thought something wrong was happening.” Ahem says and he goes back inside. Gaura laughs evilly. Gaura tune plays.
“ Poor Ahem. His Gopi was screaming for his help but still he couldn’t save her.” Gaura says. She rings the goons. “ Take her away far from this place.” She puts the phone down and goes back inside. Dadi and Sindoora were watching everything.
“ What shall we do?” Sindoora asks. Dadi is frustrated.
“ This Gaura has made it so hard for me. But I have one last plan.” Dadi says. She rings her men and then finally puts the phone down.
“ What did you do?” Sindoora asks.
“ You’ll see.” Dadi says evilly.
Gaura gets a call. “ Hello?”
“ Madam, we have your daughter Shagun. Release Gopi and we will release your daughter.” The man says.
“ What rubbish? My daughter is at her in laws right now.” Gaura say.
“ Madam check your phone.” The man says. Gaura checks her phone and is shocked seeing a photo of Shagun tied up on a chair. Gaura gets scared.
“ Please do not do anything to her. I will release Gopi. I will tell my men.” Gaura begs.
“ Meet us at the warehouse near the market.” The man says and he cuts the call. Gaura rings her men to release Gopi and bring her back.
“ But Madam, she isn’t here anymore.” The man says. Gaura is shocked.
“ What do you mean she is not there?” Gaura shouts.
“ Madam, we cannot find her anywhere.” The man says.
“ Find her! Or I will get you all killed!” Gaura shouts. Dadi and Sindoora are listening. Dadi is also shocked.
“ Sindoora, if Gaura doesn’t have her and we don’t have her, then who does?” Dadi says.
“ Maybe she ran away.” Sindoora says.
“ With so many people around, I don’t think she ran away.” Dadi says. Sindoora goes to the restroom. Paro is with Ahem on the mandap. Paro feels uneasy and gets up.
“ Beti, you cannot leave the mandap. It is inauspicious.” The pandit says.
“ Sorry pandit ji but I really need to go to the restroom.” Paro says and then leaves to the restroom. She enters the rest room. Sindoora sees her there.
“ So you have come then finally?” Sindoora says. Paro removes her veil and laughs evilly.
“ Sindoora Di.” Paro laughs and hugs Sindoora. Dramatic background music. Dhin dhin tanana music plays.
“ Modi family doesn’t even know that this wedding was just a trap. Today, Gopi and Ahem will die. You and I are Radha’s elder sisters. You became Ahem’s girlfriend and I pretended to be Rashi. We both planned for this day.” Sindoora says.
“ That old lady though?” Paro says.
“ That buddhiya is just a pawn in my game. She doesn’t know that we sisters will destroy her along with the whole Modi family. Only then will Radha get justice. I will burn this house into ashes and I will shed each and everyone’s blood. I wont spare this family. And my revenge shall start by Gopi and Ahem’s death.” Sindoora says. Vamp tune plays. Both sisters laugh evilly.

Precap- Paro purposefully lets her veil come off. Ahem is shocked seeing her and asks where is Gopi.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that Dadi found that its paro n not gopi.oh no gopi got kidnapped.but loved dadi’s trick to release gopi using shagun’s kidnap.but gopi isnt there?then where? liked ahem hearing gopi scream.sad that he couldn’t find out that she is in danger.shocking that paro and sindoora are sisters who want to take revenge on modis.which actress is paro?

    1. Riana

      She mentioned its Adaa khan in the previous episode

    2. Riana

      Paro’s role player

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanks for telling me

      2. Jasminerahul

        so it means both in kasauti n SNB there is Ada

    3. Isaaq

      Yes Ada Khan is in both fan fictions. Initially, Leena Jumani (Tanu) was supposed to play as Paro but since in Naagin 3, Amrapali Gupta is to enter as the main antagonist, I thought Ada Khan (Shesha) and Amrapali Gupta would make a great duo against Gohem.

      Leena Jumani along with other actresses who have played negative roles might enter the ff in future seasons. Sindoora and Paro are currently the main antagonists. Gaura and Dadi are secondary antagonists.

      It’ll be similar to Naagin storyline. Sindoora and Paro, Like Bela and Vish, and Shesha and Shivanya, have entered the Modi mansion to destroy their sister Radha’s rapist and his family. It is possible that either Paro or Sindoora become positive later on.

      Gaura Or Dadi may become the Yamini of the ff. This ff is still based on BALH but it has slight alterations. I want to make this ff as fun as possible.

      1. Isaaq

        Because it’s so intense this season, there is literally no idea as to what will happen in season 2.

        This sister duo will try their best to separate Gohem but will fail. Eventually like Shivanya and Rithik fell in love and ram and priya fell in love, Gopi and Ahem will fall in love as well. Hence why I called Kasauti because their love will unite them against evil.

        Only time will tell who are going to be the main villains during this season??‍♂️

  2. Lol Sindoora had to be Paro sister they are both evil. And Shagun as Gaura’ s daughter wow. I loved it.

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