Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa tells Hetal and Jigar that she thought of some plan. Mansi reminds Meera that she always protected her when Ahem scolded her. She says I spoiled my relation with you and apologizes. She says she took out her anger on her. Meera gets a call, so she goes to pick the call. Kinjal comes and asks Mansi to convince Meera. She says there is puja tomorrow and everyone will try to make Ahem and Gopi do the puja. She asks her to do something. Jigar comes to meet Baa. Baa refuses to talk to him. He asks what you will wish for this year. Baa tells that she won’t tell anyone except his dada ji. Jigar says it is impossible to win. Ahem comes to his room and sees Gopi standing on the table. He asks her to get down and says you are no longer younger now. Gopi gets down and reminds him of his age. Ahem

says I am more fit than you. Baa prays to Kanha ji and tells about her wish to see Ahem and Gopi doing the shraddanjali together. Kinjal hears her and thinks to ruin her plan.

Mansi apologizes to Ahem and asks him to understand her situation. She says I am living with you since 10 years and there is no name for our relation. I am feeling as if I went far from you. What should I do in this situation. Ahem looks uninterested. Gopi hears them. Mansi says I don’t like Gopi around you. I feel hurt bring a human being. She promises not to leave his hand for others like Gopi. Ahem looks on shockingly. Baa asks him to come for Puja. Dhaval asks Kinjal how are you? She says she is fine and collides with Urmila. Urmila taunts her. Kinjal asks Mansi, did you tell Ahem that you won’t leave him like Gopi. Kinjal gets happy and thinks her plan will work. Kokila asks everyone to sit. Pandit ji asks elder son Ahem to do the puja with his wife. Ahem refuses to let Gopi do the puja with him.

Ahem asks Pandit ji, can I do the puja alone. Pandit says no. Kokila asks him not to be stubborn. Ahem insists to do puja alone else he won’t do. Mansi says she will sit with Ahem in the puja. Everyone get shocked. Kokila asks how can you sit with Ahem? Mansi says we love each other a lot from our heart. She says you are mistaken. Kokila asks her to keep quiet. Pandit ji asks are you married? Mansi says no. She says but I am living with him since years. Ahem asks her to stop. Baa asks Ahem to fulfill her wish. Ahem apologizes and refuses to do the puja. Gopi says you will do the puja. Mansi asks will you sit in the puja forcibly with Ahem. Gopi says I didn’t say that. I just said that Ahem will do the puja. She asks did you read Ramayan and tells about the incident. Rashi and Tolu tell about the incident. Meera asks what is all this?

Gopi brings the bag and tells Pandit ji that they will keep Ahem’s wife belonging instead of her. Ahem is irked. She keeps her stuff beside Ahem. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Mansi is shocked. Gopi tells Mansi that she is always near to Ahem. Mansi says you said wrong. You are far from him even now. Gopi asks her to see carefully. Mansi sees Gopi’s reflection in dupatta’s mirror and gets irked. Gopi tells about her strong relation with Ahem. Meera gets someone’s call. She goes outside to attend it. Mansi picks Gopi’s dupatta and is about to throw, but Gopi holds her hand and asks how can you do this. She says you are guest of this house. Mansi says it is about her Ahem. Gopi asks her not to interfere in her family affairs. Kokila asks Pandit ji to continue Puja. Ahem tries to get up, but makes him sit and tells that Puja is not yet over.

Mansi says Ahem is here. Gopi asks her to pack her bags and leave as Ahem is here. Kokila and Hetal look on happily.

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    This series is so off topic..i think the director has forgot th purpose of this drama. .as we now that thr serial is name saath nibhana saathiya. .but the drama their shwing now is nothing to do with the serial name. .they should change the name to saath nibhana saas..ever time ahem behaves sooooo rudely to gopi and the writer shows her forgeving him eventually..this serial is teaching us nothing. Aftrr rashi aka rucha left i have stopped watching this serials.and i don’t get how the serial TRP is so high when in reality this serial adds so much tension to ourlife..after. radha died i tbougthought this serial was gonna improve..but. no!!! The same irritating annoying things are happrning in this serial..

  24. poppy

    Come on Gopi leave Ahem, you can do much better than him. You know that he is a dog.. and you are so much better than him.I your thinking of your in-laws and that they were good to you. But it is time to think for yourself and move on. If your in-laws loves you they well help you to find someone new. Let me tell you something Ahem is loving that two women is going after him. Maybe it is time that he have a b*t*h for a wife.

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