Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Mera and Vidya doing garba with family and discuss that their good upbring is paying off. Madhuben silently leaves and gets into room with a bag. Sona follows her and tries to peep in via window.

Urmila and Gaura’s verbal argument starts. Gaura shouts she will punish her. Urmila asks just like she punished Meera with rats. Gaura says she knows her well. Urmila says very well. Gaura says she is bound by her son’s promise, else she would have shown her true colors. Urmila says even she is bound by Kokila’s promise, she would have shown her madness. Pandit asks everyone to stop garba and come for pooja. They both stop fighting and join family.

Madhuben adds gun powder mixed cow dung cakes in stove and thinks today Modi family will blast.

Gopi tells panditji that her maaji came back safe, so pooja is for her. Kokila says she wants Gopi and Ahem to sit in pooja. Gopi insists Kokila to sit in pooja. Madhuben thinks Gopi herself is doing her work easy and soon Kokila will blast.

Sona goes to Madhuben’s room and finds gunpowder and cow dung cake there and realizes that Madhuben wants to blast stove. Kokila is about to burn cow dung cake when Sona comes running and throws gun powder mixed cake away. Kokila falls down and Gopi gets her up. Cake bursts. Whole family is shocked to see that.

Sona’s pallu falls. Everyone ar shocked to see her. Madhuben starts alleging Sona. Sona says how shameless she is, she did this. Madhuben says she brought cow dung cakes. Sona tells Kokila that she tried to even kill her and she helped Premlatha. Gopi as dumb as usual shouts she will not hear anything against her maa and asks why did she come back even after kicking out. Sona says to show evidence against Madhuben and says she will show evidence now. Tolu shouts they don’t want to see her proof, drags her out of house, locks door from inside and shouts not to come back again.

Gopi cries leaning on Kokila’s shoulder. Gaura tells every time there is a drama. Meera says whatever enemies try, they cannot harm Modi family and will fall on their face flat, she knows better than anyone else.

Precap: Madhuben tells Gopi that because of Kokila, she killed her sister Radha. Gopi asks what is she telling. Madhuben asks why is Kokila standing silently then.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nice episode????✊✌??????

  2. end this please or separate meera and dharm shamless people

  3. Shivam saxena

    I think the kokila is silently standing there, where madhu ia reacting she is not real kokilaa#

  4. unnecessary drag kr rahe h gopi sasauri ko ek bar evidence dekhna chahiye tha but 5-6 episode aur badane k chakkar me gopi sasuri ka bematlab ka rona dhona shuru ho jata h

  5. Gopi always over action.

    1. I agree Naina, Gopi acts like she is God and thinks she is always right

  6. Gopi is always on top of her game. She is the reason why this is the best show on Star Plus.

    1. Yes john I totally agree with u I love gopi’s action its awesome…

  7. Wondering how this serial is still on air.. Almost all character is over acting and loud make over.. Story line sucks

    1. Me too! I am also wondering why this show is still on air.

      1. U both r ryt.. Even i think the same..

  8. Sona ki innocence bhakisab log jaan payege ki nahi?
    Pareedhi ko vapas layiyena . Uski bina serial me kuch adhooriya rahthi h.
    parivaar ki ek muky sadhasy kahani me h e nahi .ye tho acha tho nahi lag rah rahe h. Kamse kam vo parivaar me kisee se phone karthe huye tho use dhikayiye na.use gar me nahi aana h tho math laayi ye ga.
    Dharam ko akal h ki nahi? Vo apni betti ki umr ki lad ki ke saath saadhi kese ki aur jab us ladki kudi iss rishthe se chud kaara denne ko thayaar h tho vo uski peeche hi kyoon padi h? I am sure that its not true love. True love tho use dhurga ji se hona chaahi ye.Aur aghe se meera ko betti jesi dekna chaahi ye . ………

  9. worst serial in the world I request everyone to stop seeing this bullshit blo*dy b*t*hes kokila and gopi

    1. I agree 100% Alice, Saathiya is the worst show on Star Plus. I stopped watching a long time ago.

      1. If saathiya is the worst show and stopped seeing it why r u reading the updates and after reading mostly y did u comment…and by the way that’s not the over action this is the best show where every character justify their roles through their actions and dialogue delivery u ppl if u don’t have any interest read and leave or don’t even open the link but don’t try to speak against the show sry if it hurts u…



  10. Lmao Alice — how comes kokila did not allow Sona to show her evidence

    Normally kokila would allow this
    What crap – one minute they have full make up – then on another day they don’t have any

    Just a joke — ??

    1. I agree Saathiya is a joke, the show needs to finish, it’s been on so many years now

  11. such a pretty young girl meera,marrying to dharam is not acceptable by viewers and it is so awkward and their relationship is quite unnatural.even though after realising her mistake,why meera is feeling so much painful in trying to make dharam and durga is too complicated and unnatural.

    1. Its not complicated at all she also loves him a lot..

  12. I think kokila suspects madhuben and that’s why she never let sons show evidence. But still 1 chance should’ve been given. I don’t think it’s fake kokila, otherwise madhuben wouldn’t have done what she did.

  13. Y they don’t want to see proof

  14. This serial is getting old!! Ye serial ko khatum karo, please. Ye serial ek drag on hai. Bandh karo is serial ko!!??

  15. Dharam is good but bring a better pair for Meera.

  16. Dheera are the best couple in sns….Love their jodi a lot…Plz don’t seperate them they look sooo gd together…Love them a lot…

  17. Gone completly overboard in stupidity.

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