Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Krishna brings Kokila’s kurta set for Dharam and gives it to her. Kokila says why did he bring it instead of sending it via servant. He says he would not have seen her smiling face then. She calls Pari, Jigar, Molu, Monica, but nobody comes out. She finds their rooms empty. Dr. Krishna says he saw Monica and Pari leaving in car. Kokila says they must have thougt she is unwell, so they left her. Dr. Krishna cheers her up with his talks. She asks if he would like to have tea. He says this is not tea time. She asks what it is then. He says even a water would be fine. She goes to kitchen to prepare food for Gopi.

Meera descends steps talking over phone. Vidya’s daughter comes running and comes in ehr way. Meera twists girl’s ears and scolds if she cannot see her or go slowly. Vidya comes running and requests not to punish her daughter. Meera warns girl if she does mistake again, she will put her in dark room. Vidya consoles baby and says aunty is angry on mamma and not her.

Gopi reminisces Ahem and walks back to her room and sits smiling. Dr. Krishna enters and says she must be smiling thinking of Ahem. Gopi bats eyes. He says he knew it, but he is trying for her since 5 years and she is still thinking of Ahem.

Kokila goes to kitchen to prepare food for Gopi and does not find anything. She checks fridge even fridge does not have cooked food. Dr. Krishna continues flirting with Gopi and takes her pic. He says her sari color is looking pretty as she is wearing it and not otherwise. He says why aunty is taking so much to bring food and goes to kitchen. Kokila slips and he holds her. She says hey krishna bhagwan. He says he is here. Kokila smiles and asks who is with Gopi. he says real Krishna bhagwan and says all utensils are empty, he will get pizza for Gopi. Kokila says she does not eat outside food. He asks her to play antakshari while he prepares aaloo matar for Gopiji. Kokila sings song and he prepares alooo matar. Gopi reminisces Ahem starts walking.

Precap: Kokila and Dr. Krishna don’t find Gopi in room and search her in whole house. Gopi walks out of house reminiscing Aham.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. fan

    waiting for dharam’s birthday party . everyone will be present there . waiting for flashback , why meera is angry on vidhya

    • Isaaq

      I feel like slapping Paridhi. She has no sympathy for Gopi and Kokila. Gopi lost her husband, Paridhi is still torturing her???

  2. Rianaa

    Not at all a nice ep….its rubbish….whole ep. was rubbish except koki n krishna scenes and gopi n krishna scenes….Meera’s behaviour is confusing how can she scold that vidya’s daughter for whom she tried to kill dharam….its annoying…and paridhi how mean???…she is doing this all bcoz monica is encouraging her……

  3. koi bara reason hoga jiske lie meera asa behavior karraha hea..kiuki she loves vidya’s daughter more than vidya..I think meera ko sab ne blam kia hoga ahem ki modh ke lie..that’s why she can’t talk directly with koki and gopi..and vidya nebhi eahi kia hoga..because meera thori jiddhi hea par jisse pyar karti hea uske lie kuch bhi karcakti hea..

  4. Ineya

    Who does Meera think of torching a little girl and if she anger of the baby being a girl and wanted a boy well Meera is a girl and most of her auts love her and she dose want to be born a boy

  5. God dammit.. After the leap it has turn worst.. Can’t see it anymore.. Only reading written updates now i think even it is waste too… even YHM is good than this.

  6. roopa

    has meera forgotten her own past when she used to sell flowers on the streets and how she was tortured by many? why can’t she think about it before scolding the little girl???

  7. keerthi

    after a leap this show is so horrible to see but krishna,gopi n kokila scenes r somewhat nice

  8. pari miss

    saathiya after the leap turned so horrible how can meera yell like that to kid whom she always fought against naiya from taking it. I think meera hates all her family members except monica and pari. But where is hetal baa and parag chirag. usually in a leap they show the supporting cast but here they first showed the leading actors. how many years of leap did the show take.

  9. Savi

    This show flop since they are all turn out to be rude and pack of anger now
    And being ungrateful toward Gopi when she has always been there for them.
    Gopi should move out with Kokila n the new doctor start a new chapter why has the other moved one n not her?

  10. tina

    stopped watching the serial..only reading updates now…so much of arrogance and torture. why did even jigar change?what happened to mota bhabhi,baa and urmila?? why is tolu living separate?? so many unanswered questions

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