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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya tells Tolu and Molu that she didn’t show her report card to her mum because of them. Tolu and Molu tell her that they failed in the exams and Vidya scored 90 percent. Tuitor hears them and gets an idea. He tells Meera that he will be back. He goes to Rashi and says he felt bad after knowing about the marks scores of her children. Rashi tells him that they didn’t fail. Tuitor says, he heard them talking. Rashi gets shocked and goes to her kids room. She sees their score card and shouts at her kids. Kokila, Gopi and Hetal come there. Rashi says, they failed and she won’t spare them. Kokila tells her that there are other ways to make them understand. She accuses her for their failure. Rashi says, she won’t spare them. Hetal asks her to think about the future.


gives the kids responsibility to Gopi. Tuitor thinks Gopi will he infront of his eyes and he will stay at Modi Bhavan. Rashi thinks everyone blame her for everything. She says, what she can do if her kids are not studying well. Tuitor comes and tells her that he can try to make her son walk on the right path. Rashi asks what? Tuitor says, he can teach her sons. Rashi agrees and asks him to teach Tolu and Molu. He gets happy. Rashi thinks her sons will come on top in the next exams.

Madhuben cries and tells her brother about Urmila throwing her out of the house. Kinjal supports her and Madhuben deserves to be out. Urmila’s husband announces that Madhuben won’t go anywhere. Madhuben smiles. Urmila is shocked.

Next morning, Rashi gets the kids ready for school. Gopi comes and sees her. Rashi gives them chocolates. Vidya thanks her and says Maasi you are the best. Rashi hugs her. Tolu, Molu and Meera hug her. Rashi says, she loves them very much. She goes to the kitchen. Gopi comes to Rashi and says I think we shall clear the misunderstandings. Rashi says, everything is clear and asks her to go. Kokila and Hetal overhears. Kokila asks Rashi, what is the matter. Rashi says, I didn’t do any mistake and asks her to make Gopi understand. Kokila gets angry. Rashi asks her till when you will scold me.

Urmila opens the dish and sees the bowl having a ration list. She calls Kinjal. Kinjal says, nothing is left. She asks her to give the money to buy the ration. Urmila asks her to get money from Dhawal. Dhawal gives money to Urmila. Kinjal gets annoyed.

Kids come back home. Rashi says, she wants them to do top in the class. They nod. Meera and Vidya smiles. Gopi comes to Rashi and says Tuitor said that he can’t come today to teach the kids as his leg is paining. Gopi offers to teach them. Rashi says no need and goes. She calls the tuitor. He picks the call and says he can’t come to teach her sons with broken leg. He says sorry. Rashi says, but….He asks her not to feel bad. He says, your kids are bright and anyone can teach them. He disconnects the call. He says, his acting was successful and removes his bandage. Rashi calls Urmila and tells him that she is worried about Tolu and Molu’s studies. Urmila tells her that may be Gopi asked Tuitor not to teach them. Rashi doesn’t believe her. Gopi comes and says she have full faith that they will secure good marks. Rashi says no need and leaves. Gopi asks, where are you going? Rashi asks her to shout if she doesn’t want her to go.

Kinjal is cleaning the house. Urmila tells her that she needs money and would asks Dhawal. Kinjal asks her to not to take any penny from Dhawal. She asks her to kick Madhuben out of the house.

Kokila wonders where did Rashi go? Tolu and Molu comes. Tolu says, he have a injury. Hetal takes him inside. Ahem and Jigar comes. Kokila tells Jigar that Rashi went outside without informing them. Rashi says she is here.

Rashi tells everyone that Tuitor will stay at their home and can teach their kids whenever they want to study. Ahem doesn’t agree. Tuitor gets tensed.

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  1. Hi guys …!!!!Nice to see you all again after a long time….These days na this kokila is doing more…….over action what’s the need for to blame Rashi for everything… I think she want concentrate on her daughter than on her daughter in law …….might be this writers may have written only taunts than script so they r always focussing on taunting everyone….. This masterji is another waste character he looks like comedian n they r creating him as a villain….. Now Rashi is about to quit the show at least now they can focus on Rashi n jigar…….always they will be highlighting kokila n gopi only leaving all others aside…..idiotic serial…..

  2. I poop on statues in temples

    1. Idiot….. If you are using my name try yo post the comments in a descent way….what’s hells wrong with you why r u saying like this idiot…be ashamed of yourself for saying such vulgar things idiot….idiot…..

  3. Is that all u can poop in temple come get a life

  4. dont know what to say, cant say were the story is heading to, if there is a story at all. The last week all episodes were boring. pls if there is nothing interesting other than showing anyone who comes into modi house want to harm some one or the other , making a joke of all relations it would be good if the serial is shut down. There is too much negativity in this show now. Instead of showing hw meera is coping in school, you are showing the teacher is behind gopi, bakwas hai. The boys instead of becoming a bit good they are back to were they were. Story is very much were it started. the same old kalakri and same old gopi gawar only thing is she has more dialogues now

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