Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2013 Written Update

Kinjal curses herself and thinks that atleast she was getting a gold necklace. She worries that Koki is her mother and if she gets angry she (Kinjal) wont get even the gold necklace. Meethi comes out of MM. Meanwhile, Kinjal thinks how to escape and wonders where is SB. She sees a ladder and thinks of using it to get down but the ladder is way below reach. Meethi sees her trying to get off the terrace railing. She yells in fear and runs inside ignoring Kinjals call for help. Kinjal is annoyed with her.
Ahem calls up Koki from RN and tells her that Kinjal is not there. Koki is shocked and others are worried. Meethi comes running in and tells all that Kinjal is trying to jump off from the roof as Ahem overhears the commotion from the phone. All run off outside and

Koki takes Meera with her. Dhawal asks Ahem and he replies there is some problem and they all leave for MM. The others reach Kinjal and see her hanging from the balcony. They are all shocked and call her. Koki asks if she is doing this for a diamond necklace. Kinjal thinks to take advantage of this. She agrees that she is trying to commit suicide for a diamond necklace. Koki tells her to stop and agrees to her demand. Kinjal is happy. Koki tells her to come down carefully and Kinjal agrees. She tries to climb up but slips and all yell in fear. She holds on to a railing and calls for help. Koki tells her not to worry. Parag tells Meethi to get a mattress so that she does not hurt herself if she falls. Meethi gets mattresses and lays them down. The others (Gohem, RaJi and Dhawal) arrive and they are shocked to see Kinjal hanging. Ahem runs as Kinjal calls for help. Rashi asks how this happened and Ahem scolds her not to waste time in all this. Dhawal asks how to help Kinjal and Ahem decides to go to terrace. He bangs on the SB house door calling out to her along with Jigar and Dhawal but Jigar tells them that the door is locked.
Ahem hangs upside down from the balcony door as Jigar and Dhawal hold his legs. Ahem asks Kinjal to give her hand but Kinjal is unable to. All look on scared.
Koki is worried and she decides to call up SB but she does not pick up. Jigar tells Ahem that they have to go to Kinjals aid immediately and Ahem agrees. Kinjal is barely holding on and Jihem and Dhawal try to break open the door. SB sees them and stops them. Ahem tells her that Kinjal is about to fall from her balcony and SB complains that Kinjal is trying to trap her by commiting suicide from her house. Koki scolds her to stop wasting time and open the door. Jihem and Dhawal rush to the terrace and Dhawal holds out his hand and asks Kinjal to give her hand. But Kinjal is not able to reach. Kinjal cries that she is slipping. Ahem tells Dhawal that he will try and he leans out from the balcony but he is about to slip too and Kinjal is unable to reach his hand too. Ahem tells Jigar to hold him and he hangs upside down from the balcony as Jigar and Dhawal hold his legs. Jigar tells Kinjal to try to reach Ahems hand. Ahem asks Kinjal to give her hand and Kinjal manages to reach his hand. All are relieved. Ahem hurts his hand but still holds on to her and brings her up. All heave a huge sigh of relief. They rush to the terrace. Ahem asks Kinjal if she is ok and she hugs him crying. Koki comes to Kinjal and Kinjal hugs her crying. Koki asks her why she was trying to end her life for a diamond necklace. Kinjal apologizes to Ahem but Ahem says its not her mistake. Kinjal cries that she would have died if her brothers had not saved her. Ahem tells her not to talk like that and Kinjal hugs him. She sees that Ahhem has hurt his left hand and tears off her dupatta and ties it on his hand. She promises him that she will never trouble her brothers. Ahem smiles and asks her if she will tie him rakhi and she agrees. All are happy.
Radha shows Gopi a saree and tells her that Rashiben is so good; she gifts her new sarees. She taunts Gopi that she never gives her anything. She shows her some more sarees and Gopi thinks worriedly that these are Rashis old sarees.
Kinjal ties a rakhi to Ahem on his right hand as all watch on happily and Goshi tie a rakhi to Dhawal. Kinjal ties a rakhi to Jigar too. Radha ties a rakhi to Dhawal. Hetal tells Ahem that both his hands have rakhi. Ahem looks at his hands and agrees happily.
Next day in MM
Rashi sees an ad about a saree sale in newspaper and notices that today is last day for sale. She thinks that she has to go to there today and worries what to do. She opens her cupboard and sees loads of sarees. She wonders where she will keep her new sarees. She thinks of making place for her new sarees and removes sarees from her cupboard. Radha walks in and Rashi tells her happily that she was going to come to her. She shows her sarees and tells her that they are for her. She compliments her that she looked beautiful in a saree on nagpanchami so she decided to gift these to her. Radha is overjoyed and praises Rashi. She complains that Gopi only scolds her and praises her (Rashi) that she is so caring She asks her if she can take the sarees and Rashi agrees happily Radha leaves and Rashi is happy.
Urmi is still in bed and calls for Kinjal and asks her to get tea. MB comes with tea and sees Urmi lying down with eyes closed. She dips Urmis finger in hot tea. Urmi wakes up screaming at Kinjal but is shocked to see MB when she opens her eyes. MB scolds her to wake up and start doing housework. She leaves and Urmi curses her. She thinks of taking revenge from her.
Back in RaJi room, Jigar asks Rashi why she is so worried. Rashi says nothing but Jigar insists. She shows her cupboard and cribs that she has no sarees. Jigar is confused and asks her that till a day back there were so many sarees. Rashi lies that Radha liked her sarees and since she has no good clothes, she (Rashi) gave them to her. Jigar praises her and tells her to buy new sarees. Rashi is happy. He removes cash from his wallet and gives it to her. He teases her that she does manage to be good at times and Rashi thanks him.
MM kitchen
Ahem enters calling Gopi and asks her if she has seen his phone. Meera says hello from behind and Ahem turns to see her holding his phone to her ear. Ahem smiles at her and tells her that she took his phone. He goes to her and asks for his phone and Meera returns it. He picks her up and kisses her. He asks her if he can go to office and Meera says no. Gopi tells her to let him go and they will play with maasi (Radha) and Ahem puts her down. Gopi hands over his tiffin and he is about to go but Meera holds on to his hand stopping him. Ahem tells her that they will meet in the evening and Gopi tells her to let go. She leaves his hand and waves him goodbye and Ahem leaves.
Radha is admiring herself in the mirror holding a saree and Gopi enters with Meera. She asks Gopi how is it and Gopi is thinking. She praises her. Radha shows Gopi a saree and tells her that Rashiben is so good; she gifts her new sarees. She taunts Gopi that she never gives her anything. She shows her some more sarees and Gopi thinks worriedly that these are Rashis old sarees. Radha tells Meera that they will play together and Gopi is thinking worried.
Rashi is arranging her dressing table and Gopi comes marching to her. She tells Rashi that she has done a wrong thing. She tells her that she gave her old sarees to Radha saying they are new. Rashi drops her cream tube in panic and stammers that Radha liked them and she is her sister so she gave them to her. Radha comes there calling Rashi and tells her that she forgot to thank her. Rashi tells her to return the sarees as Gopi did not like that she gave them to her. Radha is annoyed and asks Gopi why she is never happy for her and does not like her closeness with Rashi. She tells her to let her know and she will leave and go back to her parents. Gopi is shocked and Rashi is worried. Radha leaves from there angrily leaving Gopi shocked and in tears. Rashi apologizes and tells Gopi that she did not mean it. She says that Radha must have misunderstood but Gopi keeps watching her tearfully.

Tomorrows Precap
Radha is ironing clothes and her phone rings. She is about to hold the hot iron to her ear but a hand comes in between the iron and her cheek to save her.


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