Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premila and Krishna hug Mansi and wish her happy birthday. She says Ahem had come. Mansi asks how can he come. Mansi rushes to Jaggi’s room and shouts at him to wake up. He says how shameless she is to enter a man’s room like this. She shouts that he came to her as Ahem and asks where did he hide Ahem’s clothes. He reallizes he is still wearing Ahem’s pant and says why should he get up. Gopi with Urmila enters and asks how can she enter Jaggi’s room at night like this. Mansi says he had brought her favorite perfume and bouquet wearing Ahem’s clothes. Jaggi says he is sleeping here, how can he come to her room. She says she has proof and takes Krishna and Premila to her room. Urmila and Gopi hide Ahem’s clothes. They all 3

enter Mansi’s room. Mansi shows gift box and card. Urmila silently drops bill, picks it and says Mansi bought these gifts herself and is acting. She reads note written by Jaggi and says Mansi has even written a poem for herself. Mansi thinks how can this happen.

Urmila scolds Jaggi that Ahem never used to write poems. Jaggi says all his effort went in vain. They go out and Urmila and Jagggi insist Mansi to cut the cake as they are hungry. Krishna opens cake box and Mansi is shocked to see Manshi written on it like Ahem used to write on her birthday. She goes aside, calls bakery and asks about cake. Baker says Krishna had ordered it, but a well built man wearing specs and formal suit and guided preparing cake personally. Mansi smiles and thinks Ahem came back.

Gopi and team get back to room, call Vidya and Meera and discuss that Mansi is shocked seeing Ahem and says they are like brahmastra for them. Meera says Ahem always used to prepare cake for Mansi and celebrate her birthday. Jaggi says Mansi will be shocked now. They all go out but are surprised to see Mansi cutting cake happily. Mansi cuts cake and feeds everyone

Meera gets fever and feels uneasy. Dharam notices it and thinks she must be acting. Vidya sees that and gives her water. Dharam thinks she is really not well.

Precap: Jaggi acting as Ahem’s spirit with smoke around him says Mansi that he came back and asks to hug him. Mansi gets very happy. Premila smells smoke, opens windows, and looks shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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