Which recent show won your interest?

Audience has got good variety of drama recently with three fiction shows releasing. Zee tv has got the new show Mahek, which brings a tale of a simple home maker. Sameeksha Jaiswal plays the lead character of Mahek. Mahek is a very positive girl and masters the great art of cooking. The show depicts her life journey with her magical culinary skills.

On the other hand, Star Plus’ Naamkaran brings the tale of a little girl Avni, who fights to get her Naamkaran done. The story is very promising with natural performances. The show moves at a good pace and does not have shocking twists. It is a pleasant and peaceful watching experience. The show stars Viraf Patel, Barkha Bisht and Arsheen Namdaar as the prime characters.

And tv’s Badho Bahu was much in news because of reality show superstar Prince Narula’s tv debut. The concept of a handsome wrestler and overweight girl’s love story beginning after their marriage is very much different. Rytasha Rathore stars as the lead character Komal who is given nickname of Badho bccause her huge personality. All the three shows are much very different in their concepts. Every story will leave an inspiration for the viewers. Which recent show won your interest? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion on the shows.

  1. Definitely namkaran . Nice show . Looking forward to it

  2. naamkaran is going a bit good

  3. badho bahu is awesome and prince u r awesome too???

  4. NABANITA626

    Namkaran is a very good concept respect to the others….

  5. badho bahu and mahek…………………….awesome

  6. I dont know about namkaran, badho.. am just watching mehak and I like it it has a good start ……hope zee tv dont spoil it in future…….hoping for good ..
    “zindgi ki mehak ” is a best new show for me

  7. Devga

    Without doubt its NAAMKARAN…..
    But doesnt mean others are nothing…. Infact all three are unique and awesome…. Grt going…… BUT NAAMKARAN HAS A CONNECT TO THE HEART….



  9. I really don’t understand why people think cooking for loved ones as domestication .feminism means right to choose what u want here the girl loves cooking for loved one it’s her choice that’s feminism if she thinks that her identity why should society say do that do this then only u will get identity .people should read Sudha murthy Infosys founder wife she also choose to be a homemaker when given a choice to run a company or house and she choose being a Homemaker now how does that make her less femininity .its about choice and nothing else…feminism doesn’t mean hating other gender ,it’s just choosing what u want if she chose to be a homemaker respect it .identity comes when u stand for yourself irrespective of what u do ,there are many who are working and still struggle to voice their opinions and similarity there are many homemakers who voice their opinions at home and play a important role in nurturing young minds at home .

    1. Totally agree with you

    2. Absolutely! Just earning money is not identity. It’s a woman’s choice what she wants to do: that can be a home-maker or a job. A woman plays a v.important role in a family too.


    Even I really don’t understand why its so hard for people to understand what others are saying why they keep pestering their views on others .those people only see glittery world of tv and of those people with golden spoon .not the reality where number of girls are forced to do domestic work instead of studies where number of girls are taunted that they only belong to kitchen ,where god knows how many girls have burn their talents in stoves .tv and other media should work to brong the change not to promote this but max shows just show their protagonist being homemakers like how many shows show girls building their own identities intead of being someone wife .for being really independent one needs to be economically independent .if you’re are able to stand on your feet then who will stop you from raising your views .every girl should be motivated to make her identity but these serials just demotivate showing domestication of females.feminism is standing for you ownself making world know you by your own name not as someone’s wife .for nurturing young minds it isn’t necessary to be at home as. Values are caught not taught

    1. Leave that to the woman- it’s her choice and happiness! Wherever and whatevr makes her happy, that’s her identity.

  11. Namkarann is awesome… And natural

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have not followed all the shows yet but I have seen episodes of naamkaran and mahek, naamkaran is just amazing and unique really nice and sometime diff in tv so that’s interesting and as for mahek it’s not bad but i can’t find anything special in that show maybe i maybe wrong depends how these shows turn up in the upcoming episodes and bado bahu reminds me of dum laga Ke haisha and i must say prince is perfect for the role of the lead guy and bado bahu also shows that it’s not necessary all heroines r zero figure so that’s good too
    My vote goes for naamkaran among these three shows

  13. Badho bahu. I really love badho acting. Her ekspression very natural. Prince acting is awesome to his debut. I dont know prince before because i live in Indonesia. So i like his acting and not his popularity.
    This story have vision and universal. Love is not about body but mind. If your heart and your mind is beautyfull, you will look beautifull. I heard that many woman get anorexia and billumia because affraid being fat. They think that beautyfull woman is about her face and body. It is not true. I hope many people can understand vision from this film. It is no ordinary film. I think badho is beautyfull because their hearth and love to her family. She always help people in her village. And she is inteligent when answer pandit ji in ep 1. I cant patient to watch next episode. And i want to know the step Lucky understand about true love is. Isnt about looking but heart.

  14. I hope more people can support badho bahu. This film have vision to respectfull your self although people no love you because your body. This awesome film. Good acting. Fullmeaning film. Have good vision and universal.

  15. thahaan fan shruti

    i love only thapki pyar ki thahaan is my fav couple they are so cute hey fatarajo your ff is good i am waiting for this but if i had to choos from these 3 shows i would choose mehak

  16. Tiyasa

    Namkaran has a good concept……

  17. mahak is really very good concept .the girl who has a very good culinary skills

  18. Namakaran is quite interesting. ……

  19. Badho bahu

  20. Naamkaran

  21. Badho bahu is superb show..komal acting is nice

  22. jaano na dil se door i like that serial very much

  23. badho bahu.

  24. naamkaran is very good show to watch

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