Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi throws away koki’s tea from her hand. Hetal-bha-koki shocks at gopi’s behavior. Gopi says koki that she has mixed naphthelene balls in tea other than sugar. Koki and others shock but koki yells at gopi saying, though i mix anything in my food, its none of your business and you better dont forget that you are just a care taker of vidya in this house. Do not try to become a family member if you try il forget that you are vidya’s mom. Koki leaves from there angrily. Radha who was standing outside the room comes in and taunts gopi saying, this was the result for doing which wasnt allowed to do. All remain calm but gopi gets hurt and leaves.

Here in urmi’s house, Dhaval says kinjal to take out his white shirt as he will be wearing

it for a party in the evening. The couple find few red spots on the shirt. Kinjal gets hyper and walks out. Kinjal comes to urmi and yells at her for washing dhawal’s white shirt with her sarees. Both start arguing about washing and clothes. Finally urmi taunts kinjal-dhaval that she is taking care of her family and dhaval isnt earning that much to spend on a costly shirt. Dhaval gets hurt and leaves from there. Later, kinjal gets call from hostel saying pappu cant study in the hostel anymore as he has done some dhamaka in the hostel. Kinjal pleads them but principal doesnt allow. The princi asks kinjal to inform modis as well.

Gopi sits near mandir crying thinking of koki’s words. Parag who was passing from there walks to her and consoles her not to leave the hope. And says to make ahem love her as in the past. As ahem was the one who has missed her a lot. Gopi says she would get back koki-ahem’s love again. Radha over hears and gets angry. Later, Kids while playing break the flower pot, gopi scolds the kids sweetly. Koki comes there and mutters about irresponsible rashi. Gopi says she would call but koki asks radha to call rashi. Radha tries calling but it will be switched off. Rashi in the box will be yelling for help. Later kids will be thinking koki will be scolding gopi and radha is trying to get good points. They find radha going to koki’s room and think of keeping an eye on her. Radha goes to koki and says she might be nervous because of gopi. Radha says she would bring tea for her but tolu comes with tea. Koki wonders with tolu’s behavior. Koki thanks him but rejects to have it. Radha says she would bring headache medicine but molu comes with medicine. Koki thanks him and feels happy with his love. Radha says she would bring oil for her, but vidya comes there with oil. Koki asks radha to leave. Radha thinks of spoiling the plans to unite ahem-gopi-koki.

Hetal will be trying for rashi but her mobile will be switched off. So she calls jigar and tells him that rashi hasnt come home yet and asks him to find out. Jigar assures that he would take care and hangs on. Gopi-meeti-radha in hall, Ahem calls modi bhawan and says he will be coming home now for some red color file and asks meeti to search for it.

Radha blackmails urmi that if she doesnt help in sending gopi away from modi bhawan, she would reveal the truth of exchanging money from their home.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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