Ek Boond Ishq 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 24th March 2014 Written Update

rudra is doing drama infront of dadu’s pic that why di you left me, tara comes down with luggage, rudra says she is going too soon, jairaj and all comes there, tara says rudra and nando’s luggage is being packed, she gives them change and says take it you will need it, she says now leave from here, she says its my goodness that i am not throwing you out, baba ask what is this, tara says you stay out of it, its decision of queen of this house, jairaj says one side you call me baba and otherside you are doing this with my brother, i will talk to lawyer. they leave from there, tara says to rudra why are you standing here go from here, nando says i will check room once. jairaj calls lawyer, lawyer says we cant do anything, nimmo says calm down, sit.
rudra says we should have

pressed that tara before, nando says we have to think something, rudra scolds her, nando taks out hunter.

Scene 2
jairaj says to nimmo that its because of me that tara is doing all this, wish i would have known about tara. nando beats herslef with hunter, rudra ask what are you doing, she says tara will melt by seeing that you are hurting me for her decision, she shouts rudra dont beat for tara’s decision, rudra says you have guts.
tara talks with mj’s pi that threw rudra out of this house today, now i will make upn with baba. nando comes there and shows wounds by hunter, tara ask who did it, nando says rudra beat me because of your decision, tara says i told you he is wild animal. lets go and show this to baba, nando says even then we will thrown out of house, he will beat me more, he was saying that he will divorce me, tara says that will be more good, nando says what kind of sister you are, living luxurious life style and you are destroying my life, tara says try to understand get freedom from him, nando says he will kill me or i cant bear divorce so i will kill myself, you will be responsible for that, tara is tensed.

Scene 3
rudra says to jairaj that i never thought this day will come but its good to leave this house, jairaj says dont go or take me with you, rudra says we cant give everything to tara you have to stay here. nando and rudra starts leaving, they are about to go out but tara says stop, tara says you can stay here, rudra says you are doing charity on us, i cant see this much insult, nando says stay here, they go inside, tara thinks that for my own i have to bear enemy. all goes in room, rudra says nando you nt only played game today but i came to know how to handle this tara now.
meethi sees her and adi’s pic, he comes and says everything is same, she says no there is change, i feel alone, i feel i have left something here so came in this room, she says but i know truth, in graveyard court you and meethi were standing close, adi says nothing like that, she says enough and leaves from there.

Scene 4
kala is fuming that she was throwing me out, my father was not mine then how can this girl can be less, i won today’s game btu have to play now. nando says what about promise you gave to me that you will give me adi, he says you threw meethi out so go to him, kalavati gives her pill and says give this to him then he will be yours.
tara comes to her room and see picture of kalavati there, rudra comes in and says welcome to court of kalavati, she acts as lawyer i have new case today, culprit is same like earlier case when mj was hanged, now for tara’s mistake her family will suffer, she tried to throw me out and for that sin she will be given strict punishment, she acts as judga and says for tara’s sin her family will be given punishment of death, tara recalls how she gave this order to mj, tara says enough, kala says think about jairaj, he goes out in car and break fails then he will gone, then think about nimmo she is on stairs of mandir and someone throws her then she will gone, tara says no, kala says i am strict to my tongue i killed mj, so for your family’s safety let me live. she ask what do you want, she smiles evilly.
in morning, jairaj is about to sit on dining table but tara comes and says stop only owner can sit here so i will sit here, jairaj is stunned, he leaves his place, tara says 1st serve me the breakfast, jairaj says what is this, tara says i will do what i want and nobody will talk in loud infront of me, she ask fahim to serve her, all leaves from there. rudra says great performance tara, you saved jairaj’s life i will give you next task.

Scene 4
jairaj is with nimmo, he says i was wrong in understanding mj and tara, i took tara as my daughter but she broke my trust, she broke my business along with mj, i thought she was putting allegations on rudra in tension but today she proved that i was wrong her love was just fake.
nando mixes pill in tea, she ask rudra shall i give it to adi, rudra says stupid will he take it from you, she no, he says tara will give it to hi, you get ready like meethi.
tara says mj i insulted baba alot, i had to for his life. she recalls how rudra said to her that we will have show and its name will be “kisse bachayegi tara” (tara will save who?). it will be a simple game, for saving life of a family member you have to break his/her heart, if you dont manages to do it then he will be killed and the 1st one is jairaj, fb ends, she says i cant say sorry to him fro his life. rudra comes there and says you passed that level, he says in next game you have to give this tea to adi, she ask what you mixed in it, he says he will get dizzy drinking it then you have to make him meet meethi, she will come, she says you have to do this else you know how men are being crushed under truck, tara says no, give this tea to me. she

PRECAP- tara says to adi that drink tea before going, he says i can drink poison from you hand and takes tea, tara comes out, rudra says congrats you saved him, now game is taking good turn dont go anywhere..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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