Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Meera dare not to misbehave with Ahem as she does not like anyone misbehaving with her husband. Meera angrily walks out. Guests asks Vidya is Gopi is her mother. Vidya looks at Gopi and tells guests it is a personall issue and asks them to continue enjoying the party. Mansi tells Gopi that Meera did wrong and even she did wrong by scolding Meeera as Meera is a very short tempered girl and would panic. Gopi says if she had stopped Meera when she overreacted, she would have changed by now. Mansi says Gopi that Ahem and she are very close to each other and engagement is just a formality, so she should stop thinking about Ahem now and move on in life. Gopi says her Ahem is so good that anybody would love and want to stay with him and says Ahem loves only her

and nobody can deny this fact.

Tolu/molu tell Baa not to worry much as Meera and Vidya will bring back Ahem to Modi bhavan for sure.

Meera yells at Gopi that she came back to ruin their life and asks to keep away from her and her family. She says she has only 4 members in her family, Ahem, Mansi, Vidya, and she, so Gopi does not have any place in their lives. Ahem comes and asks her to language. Meera calms down and says she will go and get ring. He says he wants Gopi to bring engagement ring. Gopi feels devastated. Ahem ask her to do it for his happiness. She starts walking with tears running down her cheeks. She reminisces him telling I love you once. She picks ring with great difficulty and gives it to Ahem. Mansi smiles as Ahem tries to put ring in her finger. Kokila comes on time and throws ring on floor. Ahem is shocked to see his mom. Meera and Vidya identify her. Kokila tells guests that engagement will not happen here, so they should leave. She says she is Ahem Modi’s mother and Gopi is Ahem’s wife and as per law until wife is alive, husband cannot remarry. Meera and Vidya emotionally hug her. She identifies them. Meera says she missed her a lot. Mansi gets irked seeing all this. Kokila says she is seeing them after 10 years, but each moment she used to remember them. Meera and Vidya ask them to promise she will not leave them. Kokila says her grandchildren have grown up, she has to go but with a promise that she will take them all home.

Precap: Ahem tells Kokila that he does not want to become another Parag and be under his wife’s pressure whole life. Kokila is shocked to hear that.

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  1. jelly

    yeh serial hai ya khichdi?sab kuch mixed mashed served…Sony have faith.Dukh mein bahut takat hoti hai.You just have to channelize this strength into living a better life.

  2. dhawal

    rajna, u r a v. good girl. I feel some strong divine connection with u. I m a v. good n obedient boy. I live with my aunty in rajkot. Will u be my friend?

    • sonydcurz

      even I am the Christian and my father and mom are pastors. but my problem is very so can’t commit suscide here so I want commit out of my state like I need some famous suscide spots.

  3. dhawal

    rajna,my frnd. U r v. lucky. I have 4 cousin sisters, 2 died-rashi n radha. Now gopi n pari r alive. I stay with my psycho aunty who lost her memory. I need support now. I am always sad rajna

  4. sonydcurz

    sorry Sara I can’t explain my sutution because it was long story from small age problems problems so its not one problem to explain so I think to leave this world and be out of this problems.

  5. dhawal

    sony my dost ur condition is more pathetic than mine. Take my chawl bt dont take ur life dost

  6. sonydcurz

    hmmmm problems are problems when we can’t bear better to end it is more than hell to me every day every minute every second.

  7. dhawal

    sony keep faith in god. He will help u. See how rajna n i believe in god. God helps all good persons.

  8. sonydcurz

    till now kept faith in god but now no more I think so but I think even god can’t help me in this stitution because I always used to pray in problems but when I m in happy I left him so I think he left me now.

  9. dhawal

    rajna my friend did u make fake friendship with me? Young sir, can u tell me what will happen to my gopi sister?

  10. dhawal

    cowards die sony n swara,pooja, rajna, etc r sure u r brave at heart. Atleast listen to the ladies dost

  11. pooja

    if u dont tell ur problm how can i solve it. Mark my words, i helpd many poor depresd fellows.

  12. YASHU

    i’ll translate to english
    kindly keep this site pure as ghee. Children will get wrong ideas. Sonydcruz tell your family. If they dont understand you, how can u expect someone else to do? Or get engaged. It made many disappointed guys come back to life.:)

  13. sonydcurz

    I m sorry Yarr yashu I m in lot of depression I have no friends Yarr so thought to share my depression here I am sooooo sorry if hurt anybody but this is real anyway thank u guys.

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