Bandhan 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Darpan, raghav and pinky come home. bhao stops them on the gate. darpan says pinky relax we will handle it. Raghav says swipe your tears. bhao says where are you coming from at this time? darpan says pinky was upset so we thought we should take her out for ice cream.
Bhao says go and rest in your room. Pinky hugs him. Bhao says ria take her to room. Ria takes pinky to her room. Bhao says to raghav i want to talk to you about something important. I feel like pinky is getting older, we need to arrange her wedding as soon as possible.

Pinky says to ria i can’t marry. He wont let this happen, he wont let me live. ria says pinky relax, tell me who is he? Why are you so scared? Pinky says he is my bf. He is so dangerous. he wont let me marry anyone. Ria says no one can harm you, don’t worry. we are all with you. he wont do anything. trust me. go and sleep i am here with you.

darpan calls dev and says please come to temple tomorrow,i need to meet you. she hangs up when she sees raghav coming in.
Raghav comes in the room, he says darpan. Darpan ignores him. He says if you want.. she sleeps on her couch. Raghav lies down on his bed. He sees darpan sleeping. He recalls how she saved pinky. He says i don’t know where you were going but you forgot everything to save pinky. if you didn’t reach on right time, my sister wont be saved. He covers her with a quilt. He says thanks and comes back to his bed.

Raghav says to servant if pandit jee needs anything do let me know. Darpan is in temple. she texts raghav to come to temple. darpan says i couldn’t meet dev yesterday please send him here today. dev is standing behind her. he says darpan? she turns back. Dev recalls her as a bride. Dev says you are raghav’s wife? she says yes. he says oh i misunderstood. She says no you are right, i am darpan and raghav’s wife as well. Raghav wonders why darpan called her in temple. He says to pinky if baba ask about me tell him i will be back in few minutes. darpan says i was unaware of my past for 10 years. ganesh helped me in recalling it all. then i met raghv and pretended like he loved me. he thinks i have killed naraini. you know i have not killed her, its vishwas rao. he wants to punish me for something i have not done. He doesn’t know his dad is responsible for all this, you know all the reality? will you help me please? i have to prove myself. i have to expose vishwas rao. Raghav is on his way to temple. darpan says please say something. Dev swipes her tears, he says i will help you. Raghav comes there. darpan says raghav is coming tell him all the truth. please tell him that i am innocent. He says don’t worry. Ragahv walks up the stairs. he says why have you called me here? dev turns back raghav is shocked. he says dev kaka? darpan says raghav yes dev, this is why i texted you. you asked for proof against vishwas rao? here is the truth in front of you. the man you prostrate before, dev will expose him. raghav says what is she saying dev kaka?

Precap-dev calls and says i will tell bhao everything, he gets hit by a truck.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plzzz don’t let dev die in the show he struggles so hard to become good and do the right in the process of it all he loose his wife .the ratings would drop if dev is killed off let all three raghav ,darpan and dev bring justice to the truth. The main theme of the show is ganesh sab .but the serial keep showing ganesh is week u see the cast praying to him over and over but bad always prevail .there should be more darpan and raghav elder brother he seems to be very kind and caring brother than raghav .this would make raghav jealous and boost the ratings of the show

  2. What do u people think is going to happen 🙁 :-[
    Please reply anybody

    1. Nxt mnth ths serial..gng off air….i think thts better…

  3. this storyline is going nowhere what I would really like to know is what is really going on because the writers are just starting storyline without ending it and starting another and another and another now all of a sudden another storyline is starting with pinky and her abusive boyfriend what is really going on with these writers and their bad scripts we all know that Mahesh story was not told justice has not been served then ten years after another storyline with darpan/ria starts and still no justice just torture for her by bhaos son raghave now another storyline with pinky is in the making writer I feel like screaling shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt come end this damn shitty serial now because this story is very nonsensical and is pure shit so do the right thing now

  4. Oh so it’s going off air how wonderful?!! we the viewers have being spare from this rubbish

  5. I love this serial and its going off air well i really hope before it goes off air they unite darpan and raghav and vishwas rao gets killed . I only have one confusion where is kajri aunty and why is dev going to be killed he brings suspense to the shiw

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