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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura acts as surprised seeing Dharam remarried. She asks why did he remarry on Shravan’s marriage day. Dharam says it is his wish. She asks who is the girl. He says she will know soon. Shravan says he wants to know right now.

Gopi does not find Meera in her room and worriedly inform family that Meera is missing. Ahem asks her not to worry, he knows Meera will come back soon. Gopi says he does not know Meera well, else he would not have backed Kokila and locked Meera alone. She shouts that nobody cares about Meera and were only concerned about Vidya, etc..etc..

Gaura smirks looking at Dharam and performs his and his bride’s graha pravesh. She asks bride to kick kalash and get in. Bride does same. Shethen asks to keep her feet into kumkum water and

then enter home. Bride does same. Shravan fumes seeing this drama and says Vidya we should go from here. Gaura stops him and asks where is he going. He says he does not think he should stay here even for a second. She says we can talk calmly and he should think of Vidya and not stop her graha pravesh. She orders servants to bring another kalash and kumkum water and smirks.

Kokila continues crying and tells Kokila that she always accepted her decisions, but this decision went wrong and she should have listened to her. Kokila asks her to calm down, nothing will happen to Meera and she will be back soon. She asks Jigar and tolu/molu to call Meera’s friends and enquire where Meera is. They start calling Meera’s friends.

Dharam tells Gaura that she did her bahu’s graha pravesh and now her saas will do Vidya’s graha pravesh. Bride removes her pallu/veil and Vidya is shocked to see Meera. Gaura also acts as surprised. Meera asks Vidya why is she surprised, saas performs bahu’s grahapravahesh and now she is her saas. Vidya says this cannot happen. Gaura says she cannot believe her Dharam can do this. Meera asks her to stop her melodrama as this is the truth now. She says she is Suryavanshi bahu now, Dharam Suryavanshi’s wife and Shravan Suryavanshi’s mom. Shravan asks her to stop her misbehavior. Gaura asks Shravan to calm down as relatives are watching them. Relatives discuss that they heard sisters can be devrani/jethai, but did not see sisters are saas bahu.

Gaura asks Vidya to calm down and not overreact, else Meera will win in her plans. Meera hugs Vidya and says she is her saas now and not sister, she should follow her should be under her pressure always and this is her fate now. Vidya sadly steps into kumkum water and enters house. Meera asks her to touch her saas/sasur’s feet now.

Precap: Vidya tells Meera that she will inform mama, papa and daadi and calls Gopi.

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